7 Decorating Tips For Small Or Large Bathrooms

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decorating tips for small bathrooms

Change your bathroom decor so it no longer looks gloomy. It’s so easy!

The bathroom certainly cannot be separated from everyday life. In fact, the bathroom is not only often used by residents of the house, but also by visiting guests.

Usually the cleanliness of the bathroom will be a reflection of the owner of the house. Therefore, it is very important to keep the bathroom clean.

decorating tips for small bathrooms

A clean, healthy, and well-lit bathroom will certainly be comfortable to use. Well, if you are bored with the same bathroom conditions, maybe now is the time for you to decorate the bathroom.

A beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to use expensive furniture, you can really decorate a minimalist bathroom that is comfortable and anti-gloomy.

Bathroom Decorating Tips

Decorating the bathroom can be a headache. Well, you don’t need to worry, Gmboel has summarized tips for decorating a minimalist bathroom to make it more attractive.

1. Adequate lighting

bathroom decorating tips

The first step you can do is add sufficient lighting in the bathroom. Installation of lights at a certain angle is highly recommended in decorating the bathroom.

You can put a lamp on the wall to give it a luxurious touch. In addition, it is recommended to use lamps with warm colors to give the impression of relaxation.

bathroom decorating tips

Tips: Avoid using lights that are too bright because they will make the eyes uncomfortable.

2. Plants will give a fresh touch

bathroom decorating tips

To give a touch of life to the room, you can always rely on plants. Ornamental plants can not only bring a natural feel from nature, but are also good for health.

However, one thing you should pay attention to is the type of plant used, the size of the plant, and also the care.

bathroom decorating tips

If you have a bathroom that is not too big, maybe you can put mini-sized ornamental plants in pots. You can also choose succulent plants that are easy to care for. See other articles: artistic bathroom design.

3. Add a mirror

bathroom decorating tips

If you have a bathroom that is not too big, adding a mirror is the most appropriate bathroom decorating tip!

By placing a mirror in the bathroom, it will not only be very functional but will also make the room look wider.

bathroom decorating tips

For those of you who like anti-mainstream designs, choose a mirror with a unique shape. Guaranteed, your bathroom will look more alive and artsy.

4. Choose a bright color

bathroom decorating tips

You can present the addition of bright colors in the selection of paint colors, wall tiles, or wallpaper on the bathroom walls. As much as possible, the colors presented in the bathroom decoration are bright colors.

Installation of wallpaper is enough on only part of the wall, so it will not be full of impression. In addition, you can also combine bright color wallpapers with soft colored wall paint. Guaranteed, your bathroom decoration will be more eye catchy!

Tips: Avoid choosing dark colors so as not to seem gloomy and damp. See other articles: bathroom color design.

5. Add storage

bathroom decorating tips

Is your bathroom space limited? Try adding multifunctional storage in the bathroom.

You can put a small cupboard on the bathroom wall to store various equipment ranging from medicines, mustache trimmers, or medicines. Of course, it not only gives the impression of being spacious and neat, but also aesthetically pleasing.

bathroom decorating tips

For those of you who want to present a minimalist and rustic theme in bathroom decorations, you can really choose wood color storage.

Tips: Avoid placing large storage if you have a small bathroom. This will only make your bathroom look cramped and full.

6. Present the sensation of a spa in the bathroom

bathroom decorating tips

Are you a fan of spas? You can really bring the sensation of a spa into your bathroom decor by putting colorful stones.

Not only does it provide a natural touch and relaxation, you can also manage to bring a little touch of luxury to the bathroom decor. See other articles: bold brights color for bathroom.

7. Give it a touch of art

bathroom decorating tips

The bathroom is no exception to be the right place to display your favorite art. Starting from photos, paintings, to typography you can add in bathroom decorations for a maximum touch of art.

Even though your bathroom is small, it can really be made more attractive with the addition of a touch of art.

bathroom decorating tips

What needs to be noted is that the artwork that you display has been protected with a frame so that it doesn’t get wet from splashing water.

Well, those are some tips for decorating a minimalist bathroom to make it look more attractive and also not boring.

However, one important thing to note is that you have to keep the bathroom clean to avoid piles of stains and unpleasant odors.

Of course, you don’t want it when your friends come to your house and use the bathroom, but it turns out that your bathroom stinks!


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