Becoming A Trend And A Favorite Of Many People, Here’s How To Create An Optimal Minimalist Living Room!

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Becoming a trend and a favorite of many people, here's how to create an optimal minimalist living room!

Even though it’s small, it can be optimal!

Since its appearance, minimalist houses have increasingly become a trend and have been chosen by many people. Especially for the interior of a minimalist house, most people focus more on the living room design. They choose accents that seem neat and simple, but still have their own aesthetic value.

The point is that minimalist living room inspiration is always interesting to look at! So, here are some things that Gmboel has summarized and Moms can do to make a minimalist living room more aesthetic and optimal in function. Check this out!

Living Room and Family Room

living room and family room

Not only does it function to welcome guests. Moms can also function the living room as a family gathering place, you know. Therefore, the living room is used as a place for various activities for the residents of the house. Moms can provide comfortable carpets, tables and cushions for various family activities and gatherings.

Maximize Free Space

maximize free space

Moms can use the wall shelf as a divider as in the picture. Apart from limiting the space, this partition also functions as a place to store items to make it look neat.

Moms can use it as a book holder, photo frame, or various other collectible items. Not only is it neat, but Moms will also get a living room that feels comfortable and spacious because it doesn’t look like there are a lot of things.

Choose wood material for a comfortable impression

choose wood material for a comfortable impression

Using wood material in every interior element is believed to make the space feel comfortable, you know, Mos. Starting from the plywood floor , walls, to furniture, it can give the impression of a natural and soft room. Moms can of course choose subtle colors and wood patterns to still give a minimalist and simple atmosphere to the room.

White Color Selection for Airy Effect

white color selection for airy effect

One way to create a minimalist space is to choose wall paint colors that are hassle-free. Moms just need to choose various neutral colors such as white or black to give a simple impression. Of course, this color gives a spacious impression to the room.

Lighting and Fresh Air from the Core

lighting and fresh air from the core

If you have a terrace at the back of the house with green plants and open space, then you can make an ‘open’ living room to make good use of that area.

Moms can apply the use of aluminum sliding doors so that fresh air can circulate inside the house and can reduce the use of lights. 

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