You must know, here are four mistakes when installing curtains at home!

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mistakes when installing curtains at home
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Before installing the curtains, let’s find out some of the mistakes that Moms generally make!

Almost every home uses curtains for protection and privacy. However, do you know that the curtains you installed are correct? In fact, there are many mistakes that are often made without realizing it when installing curtains at home. Citing from several sources, here are some of these errors!

Mistakes when Hanging Curtains

mistakes when hanging curtains

First, Moms can avoid hanging curtains so low that they almost touch the floor or even hit the floor. The correct installation of curtains is to install them over the window frame . Usually hung at a distance of 10 to 20 cm from the window frame .

Moms should also avoid installing curtains that are too high if the curtains are not long enough to cover the window area down to the bottom. Therefore, before Moms buy curtains, make sure to measure them first to get a curtain size that suits your home window needs. Generally, curtains have a length of approximately 150 cm to 3 meters, the most important thing is to adjust them to your needs, Moms.

Error in Curtain Rod Size

error in curtain rod size

Before installing the curtains, make sure the curtain rod is the appropriate size for the curtains to be installed. Make sure that the curtain rod you have matches the size of the window. Another thing to pay attention to is that sunlight cannot enter the window if the curtains are closed. Make sure that the size of the curtain rod and blinds matches the size of the window. If your window is large, you can use two curtain panels to cover it.

Mistakes in Paying Attention to the Curtain Rod Iron Material

mistakes in paying attention to the curtain rod iron material

There are various types of curtain materials that Moms can use, from colored, patterned, to different types of fabric. There are several types of curtain fabric that make the curtains a little heavier.

The mistake that is usually made is that curtain users do not pay attention to the strength of the iron curtain rod and the weight of the curtain being hung. Choose a strong type of iron curtain rod that can withstand the weight of any type of fabric, Moms.

Iron Curtains Before Use

iron curtains before use

One of the small mistakes that are often found is using curtains that are not ironed first. Curtains that are used before being ironed usually give a messy effect. For this reason, it is best for Moms to iron the curtains first before installing them on the window frame . 

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