4 Easy Tips for Choosing Living Room Furniture, to Add Coolness and Make the Atmosphere Cool!

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tips for choosing living room furniture
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Apart from its initial function as a room, it is also used to welcome guests.

To make the living room even cooler, a room theme is usually chosen with supporting furniture such as sofas and unique wall decorations. However, what is rarely done is Moms who pay less attention to choosing furniture that is not adapted to the activities in the room.

It is highly recommended to choose the design and style of furniture to suit the architectural concept of your home. So, here are some ideas and tips to make it easier for Moms to choose the right furniture for the living room at home so that the room looks cooler and more cool.

Proper Sitting Facilities

proper sitting facilities

Choose seating facilities in the form of chairs, sofas, or just pillows. For the design and function portion, Moms should choose furniture that meets the aspects of beauty and comfort. On the other hand, choose comfortable and soft furniture so that the occupants and family feel comfortable occupying a seat in the living room.

Coffee Table and Small Table

coffee table and small table

Usually this type of table is chosen to complete a living room. This table is usually chosen with an ideal height of 30-45 cm.

Functionally, this table is presented to facilitate serving food, drinks or other small objects. It is recommended that Moms choose a table shape, color and theme that is similar to the interior of the room.


The existence of partitions is an important element, especially for owners of open-plan living room types. Because there are no walls separating the living room from other rooms, the function of this partition is to create an impression of privacy for the occupants.

Furniture and Other Accessories

furniture and other accessories

To add a cool and cool impression, Moms can add a decorative table, display cabinet, standing lamp and other aesthetic elements. You can also apply paintings or statues according to your wishes to beautify the living room. Because its function is as a complement, the placement should not interfere with mobility and access in and out of the room, Moms.

So, those are some easy tips for choosing furniture to make your living room look cooler and look cool. Hope it inspires!

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