It’s Not Just A Matter Of Building A House, Moms, Let’s Also Prepare For The Maintenance!

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After building your house, don’t forget to think about maintenance costs, Moms!

Everyone feels a sense of joy and relief, especially Moms who have just succeeded in building a dream house. However, don’t get too excited just yet, hehe. There are many things that must be prepared for maintenance, you know.

Building a house is not an easy matter because it certainly requires a lot of money. Therefore, don’t chase cheap costs, Moms miscalculate the design and end up choosing materials that are less durable. Below, Gmboel reviews several things that need to be considered in reducing home maintenance costs.

House design

The main expenses for a long-term residence include electricity, water and other building maintenance costs.

At the start of construction planning, it would be better if Moms thought about calculating the number of light points and whether or not there is a space cooling system so that monthly costs can be saved.

Sustainable Cheap

It would be better if the room design received light from natural lighting, especially for rooms that are used throughout the day, such as the family room and reading room.

Kitchen and bathroom areas should receive direct sunlight in the morning or evening to reduce humidity and prevent the appearance of mold.

Special Room Category

Wet areas should be collected in one zone. Not only does this reduce pipe costs, this will also reduce the electricity load to draw water from the source. As far as possible, gray water waste is processed and can be used again to water plants.

Moms no longer need to use air conditioning. This can be circumvented by designing a spacious room with lots of open spaces without partitions and a cross ventilation system that can facilitate air flow.

During the rainy season, the eaves area should be designed with a concept that is long enough to reduce the flow of rainwater. The continuous presence of water can shorten the life of wood and cause mold and mildew to grow, you know, Moms.

So, those are some things that Moms can do to prepare so that the house will last longer because it is well maintained. Hope it inspires. 

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