8 Bathroom Ideas That Make You Feel At Home, Decorated With Tub Plants In A Tropical Forest

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Bathroom Ideas That Make You Feel At Home, Decorated With Tub Plants In A Tropical Forest

So you feel more at home when you shower 🙂


In the world of architecture, there are various bathroom interior designs that can of course be adopted for Moms’ residence, such as traditional bathrooms, minimalist bathrooms, Scandinavian bathrooms, classic European bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms, and so on.


However, there are not many decorative elements that can be added to beautify a room that is made for self-cleaning. No need to be confused, Moms, some green plants can be used for bathroom decoration, you know. Below, Gmboel reviews several bathroom decorations that look fresher with the presence of green plants in them.


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bathroom decorated plants

Decorating your room with a tropical natural feel can be done by adding green plants to the bathtub area like this, Moms. Placing wood on it as a border across the brown bathtub area can also be used as a place to place ornamental plants and also soap and aromatherapy equipment.


Also place various green plants spread around it as well as on the shelves. The fresh feel of the bathroom will give a cool impression which will make you more comfortable.


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bathroom decorated plants

A pink bathroom like this can also be used as inspiration. It looks unique and different from the others, not only does it use a large plant in one corner of the room, this natural nuanced bathroom also has paintings that are deliberately displayed with the image concept matching the space.


If Moms is a lover of pink, you can really use this tropical forest style bathroom design. Not only fresh , but also pleasing to the eye. So you will feel more comfortable spending longer in the bathroom.


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bathroom decorated plants

Utilizing vines like this could also be an option. Place vine decorative elements on the bathroom shelf area and also on the glass. It looks different when Moms do routine activities such as washing hands, face and brushing teeth in this sink. You can really see the natural elements.


See Idea 4

bathroom decorated plants

Not only using vines, Moms can also place a plant in a pot in the sink area. It looks simple but is very capable of giving a fresh impression to this bathroom.


This bathroom design looks modern with the use of a sturdy cabinet that can be used to store towels and other toiletries. neater and of course has a natural feel.


See Idea 5

bathroom decorated plants

Like being in a yard filled with green plants, this bathroom design deliberately uses plant elements as decoration in one corner of the room.


By using a simple wooden ladder to hang various plants, this bathroom looks more cool and of course makes you feel at home.


See Idea 6

bathroom decorated plants

The look of this bathroom looks very simple and elegant. By placing several plants in one of the areas near the glass, this bathroom will have an orderly and neat pattern. Very suitable as a reference if Moms is a lover of neatness.


Not only do you use plants that grow upright in pots, but you also use climbing plants which create a more natural impression with a nature theme. Even though it is simple, this bathroom design has the right composition.


See Idea 7

bathroom decorated plants

If Moms don’t really like the presence of green plants in the bathroom, you can also use this idea. Yep, give access to the view by creating a special wide glass window to show the condition of the garden outside the house.


Still taking privacy into account, of course other people will not see our activities while in the bathroom because the garden is designed for spots and views that can only be seen from the bathroom, Moms.


See Idea 8

bathroom decorated plants

Almost the same as the bathroom idea in look 1, Moms only need to add vines to the side of the wooden area that is placed across the bathtub . Not only that, this bathroom design is also sweetened by the presence of paintings next to green plants in pots. Yep, the plants placed in the corner of this room further emphasize the natural elements of the tropical forest. 

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