Which is better, mounting the TV on the wall or on the table, Moms?

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Which is better, mounting the TV on the wall or on the table

Which one is better to choose?

The latest TV technology can indeed provide freedom in terms of placement. If the old model TV requires a table as a support, the latest TV can be attached to the wall and there are even brackets that allow the television to be rotated up to 180 degrees.

LED TV If Placed on the Wall

wall mounted led tv

For Moms who want to create a modern minimalist home concept, placing an LED TV by attaching it to the wall is the right choice so that it will show a room that looks spacious and neatly arranged in the area around the wall.

So what are the advantages?

1. Makes the room look more spacious.

Of course, the room in the house looks neater and more spacious if you put the TV on the wall. Usually this method is applied to narrow spaces, such as private rooms.

2. LED TV can be viewed from any angle.

This is the reason many people prefer to place their TV on the wall so that it can be viewed from any angle without having to worry about reducing the picture quality.

3. Reduce the risk of falls.

If you have small children, you will certainly worry about their safety. Even though you have direct supervision from nearby parents, it is safer to place the television on the wall so that the chance of it falling is smaller.

But you need to pay attention to screen sizes of more than 60 inches, it’s best not to place it more than 1 meter above the floor, Moms.

LED TV If Installed on the Table

led tv mounted on the table

However, if Moms still want to use a table as a base for placing the LED TV, there are also several advantages that will help highlight the concept of the room. Here are some of the advantages of placing the TV on the table.

1. Looks more elegant and dashing.

Moms will see the LED TV standing firmly, especially if the colors of the television and table are very contrasting, usually white will be chosen to emphasize the appearance of the TV itself, Moms.

2. More durable,

Moms, of course you want your TV to last longer than the manufacturer estimates, right? Mounting the TV on a table will make the TV last longer than mounting it on a wall because it will not be affected by the surrounding temperature.

So, those are the advantages and disadvantages of installing an LED TV on the wall and on your table, Moms. I hope this helps! 

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