Come on, let’s know the 5 causes of house damage, Moms, it could be anything from materials to natural factors, you know!

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Come on, let's know the 5 causes of house damage, Moms, it could be anything from materials to natural factors, you know!

Damage to your home can indeed reduce the performance of your appearance, Moms!

Damage that occurs to the house can indeed reduce the appearance performance, therefore one way of repair could be the way. Moms may think that small repairs are enough to make the house new again.

Thus, this opportunity can also be used to improve the interior to make it more contemporary. So, what are the common causes of damage?

Building Age

How long ago was the house completed? This can be a benchmark that shows the age of the building indicating the condition of the house you are currently living in. It is no longer a public secret that the quality and durability of home materials can decrease over time.

Moms can check the condition of the house periodically, for example every 3-5 years. Small damage may be able to be repaired by yourself, but if the damage is serious it can be overcome by replacing new building material components.

Behavior Towards Home Components

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How Moms and the residents of the house use and maintain the house they live in on a daily basis is the factor that most determines the condition of the house now. Without realizing it, the routine activities carried out greatly affect the condition of the house and the furniture in it. For example, the habit of slamming your body when sitting on a sofa has a big influence on the durability of the sofa itself. This also applies to other parts of the house.

Inappropriate Initial Design and Work

Poor design, miscalculations, as well as inaccurate and sub-optimal workmanship can be the beginning of damage to the house in the future. For example, the wrong ratio of cement mortar, wrong calculation of the slope of the bathroom floor, thoughtless installation of gutters, and so on.

Therefore, supervision carried out during the construction of a house to avoid undesirable things is also very important.

Mistakes in Selecting Products and Materials

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If a house that has recently been built is starting to look dull and damaged, perhaps the reason is because you chose the wrong product or material during the construction process. Therefore, check again whether the construction of the house has used products and materials that are appropriate for its function and use? One thing that can be used as an example is when using interior paint for the exterior walls of the house, the color fades more quickly and peels off more easily.

Natural Factors and Disasters

The most severe damage to houses generally occurs due to natural disasters such as tornadoes, heavy rain, landslides, earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as other things including accidents, fires or floods. This kind of thing cannot be avoided. One thing that can be done is to prepare emergency funds to immediately carry out repairs after a disaster.

So, those are some of the things that can cause house damage which is common. Therefore, it is important to prepare for all possibilities that may occur, including disasters ranging from bad habits to natural disasters. Hope it inspires. 

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