8 Shoe Storage Ideas to Save Space in the Bedroom

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shoe storage ideas for bedroom

You don’t have to worry anymore if you have lots of shoes.

It’s simple, it’s impossible, right, we only have one shoe? Sometimes we can even have a collection of shoes more than we need.

If you are in a boarding house or a small room, how do you store it? Can’t you put all your shoes on public shelves? Surely you want to keep it in the room so it doesn’t get dirty or lost.

If your room is narrow, this will definitely be an obstacle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t store your shoes in the room. Gmboel.com will help give you inspiration for shoe storage in a narrow bedroom.

Recommended Shoe Storage Ideas for the Bedroom

There are many choices for those of you who live in a house, apartment, or boarding house. You can buy these shoes or make your own.

1. Shoe storage box under the mattress

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

This method is very easy, just put your shoes in the storage box and hide them under your mattress.

It’s easy? You won’t be able to see this box either when you don’t have to look for your shoes so it saves a lot of space!

2. Fabric Shoe Case

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

Shoe storage containers made of this fabric are sold everywhere, especially in online shops, with various designs; some are hung, some are placed on the floor, and can also be put under the mattress.

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

Usually for a hanging container, you can put it in a cupboard so it doesn’t take up space in your room.

What’s good about this shoe storage model is that because the material is cloth, the size will not be large so it can save space and it has been divided into several compartments to store pairs of shoes, so you don’t have to rearrange them. See other articles: kitchen equipment storage ideas.

3. DIY Shoe Rack in the Corner of the Room

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

This option may be a bit difficult to find in stores, but you can make it yourself at home, so it’s perfect for those of you who like DIY (Do It Yourself).

You can use the corners of your empty room as a place to store shoes by making a shelf in the corner of the wall of the room.

The design will seem simple, minimalist but neat. Make sure you are careful when making it!

4. Stainless Clothes Hanger

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

You can use these stainless clothes hangers or towels that are often sold in the marketplace or furniture stores to hang your shoes, especially high heels.

You can put it on your bedroom wall and you can hang your heels there.

In addition, you can also use it to hang a small box or pocket to store your sandals and shoes without heels. See other articles: storage shelf ideas.

5. Small stairs

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

You can also buy a small ladder made of iron or wood, but which has a wide tread. Stepped on it you can arrange your shoes.

Usually if the ladder is made of wood, you can decorate it to make it look more vintage. Cool, right? Why not try?

6. PVC pipe

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

For those of you who like DIY again, you can use PVC Pipes. Choose a pipe with a wide diameter.

It’s okay if you want to paint and decorate the pipes to make them look beautiful, but you can also let them.

Cut the pipes, you can arrange and stack the pipes, then glue them together with pipe glue.

Then, just put your shoes in the holes of the pipe. You can put the pipes on the floor or stick them on the wall. See other articles: how to clean water pipes.

7. Use Basket

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

Just use small baskets of rattan or wood that you can buy easily everywhere. Arrange your shoes there and store them in your room.

You can put the basket under the mattress or it can be hung or stacked.

8. Small shoe rack

shoe storage ideas for bedroom

The easiest way, of course, is to buy a small shoe rack. Just buy a small shoe rack that you think is the right size to fit in your room. Then put your shoes on it.

Now there are so many shoe racks that don’t take up as much space as they used to. Sometimes a new model shoe rack is also multifunctional because you can use it to store other things. Interesting too, right?

It’s easy, right? There are many ways ranging from the usual way of buying a shoe rack, hanging shoes to making your own shelf. You can try whichever is right and comfortable for you.

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