The Best Way to Store Microwaves

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how to store microwave

Microwaves are quite commonplace for people to own and use to warm and even cook food. Often people place it on a counter or kitchen island, but actually there is another place in the kitchen to put the object. Where is the spot about?

Among the four storage spots below, there is one that is considered the best and ideal for placing a microwave. Want to know where? Check out the review until the end!

How to Store Microwave

Upper Cabinet

how to store microwave

Placing this food heater in the cabinet directly above the stove is a classic design choice and is often done by people. This is a smart way to save space in the kitchen, especially if your cooking space is small.

Freeing the countertop area from this item will make the cooking area more spacious and free. Even placing it on top like this can keep children from reaching it.

Under Counter

how to store microwave

The counter table in the kitchen can be modified in such a way that it can be used as a place to store a microwave. The placement is indeed good, space-saving, and very simple. But for those of you who often feel sore, of course this will be annoying. Even families with small children must be extra careful if they want to apply this one storage design. See other articles: kitchen equipment storage ideas.

Hidden in the Cabinet

how to store microwave

If you can find a microwave that is the right size, neither too big nor too small, keep it in a cupboard in the kitchen. Its hidden location will make the kitchen look more simple and minimalist. When going to use it, just open the cabinet door wide.

Built in the Cabinet

how to store microwave

If you want to keep this object exposed and also save counter space, a built-in design like the picture above is suitable as an option. Place the microwave at arm’s height for easy activity. Besides looking seamless, this design makes this food heater more accessible and easy to clean.

This placement design is perfect for those of you who don’t use the microwave very often in their daily cooking activities. It’s okay to combine or place this thing in a kitchen cupboard with spices or other utensils. It will be well cared for and maintained. See other articles: ceiling design.

Which is the best?

how to store microwave

Have you chosen a placement design that you like and that fits your heart?

Wait a minute!

Based on a survey from the Apartment Therapy website, the built-in design is the most popular and applied in the kitchen. The reason is because of its simple placement and easy access so that it can be used every day.

Hopefully our review was useful for you all, yes.

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