7 Pictures of Modern Desk Design

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modern desk design pictures

Modern Desk Design – The table is one of the must-have items in your home. This fairly basic presence of furniture makes the house more complete. So that the designation in each room of the house is appropriate, you are better off choosing a different table design. Already have a choice?

Modern Desk Design

Here are some choices of modern desk designs with a very stylish appearance. Read this review to the end, then you too will get an interesting and appropriate design inspiration to choose from.


modern desk design pictures

The table with the letter “TABLE” like the picture above is very interesting, isn’t it? This table design is perfect if you add it to your living room or family room. The unique shape and color are a bold enough focal point for the room so you don’t need to add extra decorations anymore.

Modern Dining Table

modern desk design pictures

Most dining tables have classic and common features and designs, but there are also those with unique and unusual designs. Like the shape of the dining table above, for example. There is a kind of nuance full of intrigue emanating from the colors used.

Although it looks simple, this dining table looks very stylish and sleek. The rectangular shape that is not too big coupled with a glossy top finish is the point of attention of this one table.

Coffee Table Agua

modern desk design pictures

This coffee table has a perfect appearance thanks to the various elements it combines. The bottom of this table design uses three pieces of stone made of cardboard, the shape is oval, the texture is smooth. Meanwhile, at the top, clear glass is chosen which allows you to admire the overall shape of the table.

Ripple Table

modern desk design pictures

One word from this table, unique! Why not, even though the design of this table is simple, the material and the top surface that looks like rippling water are very different. This choice of the desk can make your workspace look sophisticated and modern.

Modern Desk Design

Cut Table

modern desk design pictures

This table design will certainly give a very big impression on your home. Simple as well as innovative, that’s the goal of the creator of this truncated table. If needed, these tables can be combined into a single group. Very interesting!

Tetra table

modern desk design pictures

Tetra or four was taken to be the name of this table because of its design which has four protruding parts. These additional features can be used very easily, just pull the surface from the inside out. Looks traditional like a typical Japanese table but is also very modern right?

Concerto Table

modern desk design pictures

The design of this table is inspired by the shape of a piano concerto. Even though you can’t play it like a piano, music can still come out of this table. How come? Because the table is equipped with an iPod dock and speakers that can be used whenever you want.

How interesting are the designs above?

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