8 Photos of Good Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms

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good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

gmboel.com – The bathroom is usually the narrowest room in the house. Especially if you live in a boarding house, usually the bathroom in your room is very small.

Even though your bathroom is narrow, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it with attractive colors. A small bathroom will look attractive and wider with the right choice of wall paint colors.

Good Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms Photos

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom doesn’t get sunlight. There are certain colors that can make your bathroom feel lighter.

1. Combination of white and gray

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

Everyone knows that white is the main color to make a room look bright, open, and clean.

The combination of white and light gray can provide a refreshing color. In addition, this classic color combination will look great when combined with various other textures of items in the bathroom.

2. Striking teal

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

Don’t worry about wearing flashy colors like teal (turquoise) for a small bathroom. Colors like this can make a narrow room look more trendy.

Try painting the walls and ceiling of your bathroom with a striking teal color, then combine it with ceramics and furniture of a different color. See other articles: bathroom decorating tips.

3. Yellow

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

Warm and bright yellow can provide a pop of color for a narrow room.

Because the basic color is warm, yellow is suitable as a wall paint color even if your bathroom doesn’t get direct sunlight.

No need to paint your entire bathroom in yellow, just use yellow to make stripes, or only use it in certain parts.

For a yellow bathroom, it’s better to use minimalist furniture so it doesn’t seem overwhelming.

4. Powder blue

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

If you don’t like colors that are too flashy, you can use soft colors like powder blue. The blue color gives a calm effect while making your room look bright and open.

A soft blue color like this is suitable for small bathrooms that are not exposed to natural light because it can make the room look bright and attractive. See other articles: artistic bathroom design.

5. Black

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

Don’t hesitate to give your bathroom a black color.

Don’t paint your entire bathroom wall black, but combine this black color with white or silver. You can also paint only one side of the wall black, while the other three walls are painted white.

So that the light can be reflected on your black wall beautifully and glamorously, you can add a metallic bathroom decoration.

6. Dark purple

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

Rich purple colors like royal purple will make a narrow room feel bigger.

This color gives a feminine touch. If you like the rustic style, you can use bathroom furniture made of wood, or with a motif that looks like wood.

In addition, so that the bathroom does not seem too dark, you can color half of your bathroom with white, and use white furniture as well.

The white tub, sink and toilet will add a bright touch without interrupting the elegant atmosphere of dark purple. As with a black bathroom, you can also add metallic accessories to reflect light. See other articles: bold brights color for bathroom.

7. Soft Green

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

You can show the nature lover side through the bathroom atmosphere, including the color you choose.

The soft green color will give texture to your small bathroom.

In addition, green can also provide a calm and calm atmosphere for your bathroom, especially if you combine it with white on the other side of the wall, or if you use white and dark brown bathroom equipment.

Dark brown will further emphasize the effect of nature in your bathroom.

8. Orange rustic

good paint colors for small bathrooms photos

For other colors that can have a natural effect, you can try a rustic orange color.

Try coloring your bathroom walls with a rustic orange color (unobtrusive orange) and installing dark brown bathroom furniture with wood patterns. This color will make the mood in your bathroom so natural and rustic.

To add contrast to the orange and brown wood, you can use white on the toilet and door. You can also paint half the bathroom walls white and half the walls orange. Very unique, right, the combination? See other articles: best colour combination for house exterior.

It’s not difficult to determine the color for your small bathroom. Starting from standard colors, bright, to dark, everything can be chosen as long as it is combined with the right color.


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