How To Turn A Small Apartment Into A Studio

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How To Turn A Small Apartment Into A Studio

We inherited very small apartments from the construction of the last century. And so I want a house of space and light. You can try to create a studio in a small apartment.

It is necessary to sketch out a plan and approve this plan with the housing inspection for supervision, which makes sure that nothing is done in the apartments on their own, this can harm the building.

After the document is in hand, you can go to the BTI with it and make changes to the plan of the apartment. The BTI will tell you what other documents are needed and which walls can be demolished and which not.

When all the documents are received, you need to write an application to the housing inspection and provide all the collected documents and a floor plan. Take everything to a one-stop shop and wait for a decision, which is usually made within 15-20 days.

Also, in the one-stop-shop, you need to provide all the data of the organization that will carry out the construction work. If there is no such agreement, then the one who submitted the documents for changes in the apartment will be responsible for all the work.

When a magazine for the production of repair work in the apartment is issued, you can find builders and conclude a contract with them for the execution of work. Now you can take the contractor’s license to the housing inspection along with the contract to start work.

When the repair is completed, you will need to provide the work log to the inspection, and she will check whether everything is done correctly. The journal must be kept in stages, in accordance with how the work on the restructuring of the apartment is going.

To turn an apartment into a studio, you need to work with your imagination or entrust it to the designer. Before demolishing the walls, you need to do the zoning of the apartment, clearly marking everything – from the work area to the recreation area.

Zoning can be done in the future both with the help of textiles and glass partitions, or you can buy modular furniture and divide the space with it. Mirrors, light and even different wall decorations – everything is in use, but when forming a studio, you need to have a clear plan and apply maximum imagination, and everything will work out.

As a rule, modular furniture is used in a studio apartment, it fits well, it can be controlled, if something is not to your liking, it is easy to rearrange. Furniture is best placed light and bright.

The bookshelf, which can be approached from two sides, looks easy and at the same time can zone the workspace. A loft bed is perfect, and under it it is convenient to organize a storage area. And there are a lot of such tricks.

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Most often, the kitchen is connected to the dining room or living room. But even a small one-room apartment is completely turned into a studio, connecting the entire space, such a studio is suitable for young and energetic married couples. It is convenient to meet friends and feel the revelations of a large open space.

If you decide to break everything and open everything, do not stop – perhaps wonderful changes in life await you.

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