How to choose the right exterior paint color

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Everything related to private housing will certainly make you interested. One of them is when you will choose or determine the paint color for the house.

Unfortunately, choosing a paint color is also not an easy thing. It takes a lot of consideration before determining the color that will stick to the walls of your house.

If the indoor area or the inside of the house is quite slick using neutral colors, it might be different if it is for the outside of the house.

The reason is, the outside is what others will see first. So, don’t be surprised if you need a lot of consideration to choose it.

So that your house looks neat from the outside, what paint colors should you choose? Let’s look at the steps on how to choose the right exterior paint color in this article!

Steps for how to choose the right exterior paint color

1. Follow the natural color of the housing material

how to choose the right exterior paint color

One thing that must be considered when choosing an exterior paint color for a home is the level of color creation.

It is highly recommended that you do not need to create complicated colors because this will actually give a full impression of the appearance of your home.

It should also be realized that in fact the house already has natural colors such as the roof of the house, wooden window frames, the bricks.

Actually, you can take advantage of these colors so that the appearance of the house actually looks more natural.

2. Choose a color according to the texture of the building

how to choose the right exterior paint color

Every part of the house, such as a supporting wall or building, already has its own style.

Likewise with the wood on the window and door frames, as well as other parts such as gypsum which is thick with its texture and carvings.

You should use the texture of each of these parts as a reference so that the paint colors you choose can seem more natural.

That way, the outside appearance of your home will look slicker.

3. Adjust with interior paint

how to choose the right exterior paint color

Adjusting the exterior paint color and indoor or interior paint color is the simplest way.

The reason is, after all, there must be a correlation between the two as a continuity between the outer and inner spaces.

For example, if you choose light colors such as white or light brown, for example for the indoor area, the outdoor paint color must also be around that color.

Especially if your goal of using light colors is to make the indoor area of ​​the house look wider, this should also be applied to the outdoor area.

4. Choose bright colors to make the house look more festive

how to choose the right exterior paint color

For those of you who do have a cheerful character, there is nothing wrong with choosing cheerful colors for your home.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and look different because bright colors are currently in great demand in minimalist home designs.

In addition to giving a festive impression, you will also get an image of a fresh and elegant home atmosphere.

As long as you can mix and match bright colors well, you don’t have to worry about being seen as tacky or anything like that.

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5. Choose the paint color for the outside of the house using the hit color method

how to choose the right exterior paint color

In addition to the bright colors that you can choose from, the hit color method can also be a unique thing in your home.

So far, houses in several countries tend to use the same paint color combination.

In fact, hitting colors can be a surefire solution to create a unique and authentic impression of the house you live in.

Collision several colors also require its own expertise, because, in this method, carefulness is needed to see a good color combination.

So even though the colors clash, it doesn’t mean that the paint is mixed and matched carelessly.

Yup! Choosing a paint color for the exterior or the outside of the house is not an easy matter.

In addition to the knowledge needed in the field of architecture, you also need to have sensitivity in choosing the right color.

Don’t let your place of residence look unattractive because of an error in choosing a house paint color.

Make sure that the method of choosing the paint color for this outdoor house is right so that the results can be maximized and beautiful to look at.

Hopefully, the article steps for how to choose the right exterior paint color are useful. If you have difficulty designing interior & exterior designs, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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