How to Choose the Right North Facing Room Paint Colors

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north facing room paint colors

Choosing paint colors for the bedroom can’t be arbitrary, because each color has its own impression that can affect the mood booster of the occupants. In fact, which direction the room faces, can also be an additional consideration according to Feng shui. For example, the north-facing room paint colors will be different from the south-facing room paint colors.

Does choosing north-facing room paint colors have to follow the science of feng shui? Personally, this is the choice of each person. There are people who believe in the science of feng shui, but there are also those who do not believe in the science of feng shui.

If you are one of those who believe in the science of energy flow, then according to the instructions, the recommended colors for a bedroom facing north are blue and black. According to feng shui, the bedroom located in the north of the house has the water element, and that element is expressed in black and blue.

But for those of you who don’t believe in the science of feng shui, you can be more creative in determining the north-facing room paint colors without any limiting barriers. You can use various combinations of existing colors to decorate the bedroom to make it more comfortable as a place to rest.

Basically, all colors are nice and beautiful according to their placement. So if you don’t want to be limited, you can choose some of the following color inspirations.

North Facing Room Paint Colors

1. White Color

north facing room paint colors

White is a neutral color that is perfect for paint colors for rooms facing north and also rooms facing other cardinal directions. This color will give a more open and bright impression. So that it will make you more comfortable and comfortable when you are resting.

This color is also very suitable to be combined with other colors so that the atmosphere of the room is more attractive and cheerful.

2. Yellow color

north facing room paint colors

Yellow is a color that has the effect of reflecting sunlight. This ability will make the bedroom brighter, and also feel more spacious. If your room is narrow, you can choose a slightly pale yellow color, for example, lemon yellow. Coupled with white furniture will add to the beauty of your bedroom.

3. Color Gray

north facing room paint colors

If you are bored with the monotonous white color, you can try gray. You can choose a lighter gray color so that your bedroom seems lighter, calmer, and also softening.

4. Blue color

north facing room paint colors

For those of you who believe in feng shui, then this blue color is highly recommended as a north-facing room paint color. The blue color that is identical to the sky and ocean will give the effect of brightness and also spaciousness in the bedroom.

In addition, the color blue also brings an element of calm and comfort. So, you can feel more calm, comfortable, and cool while resting in this room.

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5. Cream color

north facing room paint colors

If you have a bedroom that is not so big, you can choose this beige color to give a broad impression. This color can give a sensation that is more spacious as well as warm. The addition of other room decorations, it will make your room not monotonous and look more beautiful.

Those are some tips on how to choose north-facing room paint colors, whether in accordance with feng shui science or not. You can adjust it according to the beliefs of each conscience. If according to Islam, Christianity, and others, the choice of any color is basically permissible and flexible, because color has nothing to do with luck or anything like that.


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