7 Ways to Make a Soundproof Room With Easy and Simple Steps

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How To Build A Soundproof Room Within A Room In Simple 7 Steps

how to make a soundproof room

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Who doesn’t hate the annoying noise from outside the house? Fortunately, there is an easy and effective way to make a soundproof room. Want to know?

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Noise pollution such as noise is a major problem that may be experienced by many people, especially those living in urban areas.

Disturbances in-vehicle noise, engine roars, and various other sound sources are common among many people.

Although to a certain extent it can still be tolerated, surely many people prefer to silence the noise pollution, right?

The easiest and most effective solution, of course, is to make the room in the house soundproof.

About how to make the following soundproof room is easy to do yourself without the need for expert help, really!


Come on, see directly how to make a completely soundproof room below.

7 Easy and Effective Ways to Make a Soundproof Room

1. Find Out the Main Source of Sound Leaks 

The first way to make a soundproof room is to find out the source of the noise that is the main problem.

For example, whether the noise comes from outside the house or from inside the house.

If it is from outside the house, noise may enter through the windows.

On the other hand, if it is from inside the house, the sound can enter through the cracks in the door.

It is not impossible that the source of noise also comes from the ceiling of the house if there is another room above the room.

2. Close Gaps in Doors and Windows 

The next way to make a soundproof room is to immediately close the gaps in the source of sound leakage.

Usually, door and window gaps are a very troublesome source of trouble.

Try installing door draft protectors or weatherstrips to close gaps in doors and windows.

how to make a soundproof room
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3. How to Make a Soundproof Room Using a Thick Floor Carpet 

The next way you can try to create a soundproof room is to install a thick carpet on the floor.

You can install a thick rug pad-type carpet whose quality and material are effective at reducing sound.

This method can also be useful to muffle the sound from inside the room so it doesn’t leak out.

4. Install Carpet or Carpet Upholstery on the Wall

In addition to floor carpet, you can also coat the surface of the walls and ceiling of the room with carpet.

You know that sound can bounce off hard surfaces, right?

Well, the installation of this carpet is intended to reduce the reflection of the sound so it does not cause noise.

5. Try Using Sound Damping Wall Paint 

Did you know, it turns out that there is a special wall paint that functions as a silencer, you know!

One of the manufacturers of this sound-absorbing wall paint is Serenity Coating.

Paints like this have a special formula that can reduce noise by up to 30 percent.

So, apart from being a wall covering and room color, this special paint can also be useful for making a soundproof room.

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6. Installing Acoustic

Panels These acoustic panels are usually installed in music studios.

However, there is nothing wrong if you also install it at home.

Acoustic panels are one of the important elements that are made to reduce sound waves or sound reflections.

That way, the sound source will not bounce and cause annoying noise.

7. How to Make a Soundproof Room Using a Complete Insulation System

complete sound insulation
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This last method may be the most professional way compared to the methods above.

Insulation is generally done thoroughly with special sound-absorbing materials installed by experts.

In addition to dampening sound, insulators can also reduce solar heat so it doesn’t propagate into the house.

Currently, many modern homes have installed complete insulation systems in their homes.


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