12 Best Container Garden Ideas

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best container garden ideas

Best Container Garden Ideas – Landscaping is the main thing that makes our home a real home. For those who are deprived of the opportunity to plant a garden on the ground, it is easy to get the feeling that something is missing in the living space outside the walls of the house.

Luckily, plants don’t have to grow on the ground to be big, strong, and beautiful. Surely someone has a plan on how to achieve the desired aesthetic, whatever it may be, through innovative container gardening.

So don’t rush to doom yourself to a bland, lifeless landscape, check out container gardening ideas for any space, style, and occasion.

Container gardening in the yard

container gardening in the yard

Whether you’re a tenant, don’t have much yard space, or just love the look of lush potted plants, garden containers are a great addition to any yard.

Arrange plant containers to give the appearance of a crowded flower bed. It doesn’t matter if all containers fit together. In any case, one can come to one theme – unity in color, material, or form.

Which plants you will grow in your yard depends mostly on the area and your personal preferences. Rest assured that containers can contain annual flowers, vegetables, and even perennials, just like on the ground.

Container gardening of a balcony or roof

container gardening of a balcony or roof

There are many advantages to city life, you can’t argue with that. But they do not include the availability of space and resources for a large garden. Fortunately, container gardening provides excellent opportunities for growing plants.

Arrange the flower pots in the most appropriate way in the space available. If you use your balcony or roof solely for landscaping, feel free to place them anywhere you like. Otherwise, invest in space-saving supplies such as racks and hanging pots.

Remember to invest in a fast and efficient watering method. If there is no running water on the balcony or rooftop, then you will probably have to carry buckets of water for a container garden!

Container gardening on the veranda

container gardening on the veranda

When designing an outdoor veranda, we usually think about how to furnish it with furniture and everything you need for a grill. But the veranda is the perfect place to start container gardening from scratch. Place symmetrical plant pots on the sides of the stairs leading to the veranda, the space in front of the entrance will become more hospitable. You can hang containers like window sills along the railings, adding color and life without losing floor space.

To prevent wooden boards from being damaged by water, consider placing clay pots on a stand or shelf. Lift containers for vegetables and herbs for convenience.

Growing flowers and ornamental plants in containers

growing flowers and ornamental plants in containers

When growing ornamental plants in containers, don’t limit your choices to annuals. Many flowering perennials feel at home in containers. All you need is the right soil mix and watering regimen.

From an aesthetic point of view, the choice of container is as important as the plant itself. A simple glazed pot is always good. But don’t be afraid to add a unique container to your favorite ornamental plant.

Some plants need a special container to look their best. For curly, put a support grid; many species can be given an unusual shape with a little patience. Plants that hang over the edge are best suited for hanging planters.

Growing herbs and vegetables in containers

growing herbs and vegetables in containers

Whether you consider yourself a home chef or not, growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs is a wonderfully rewarding practice.

Make a rough plan for growing your chosen vegetables and herbs in a container garden. For example, you can save space by planting onions and zucchini together. These plants grow completely differently and will not interfere with each other.

Edible plants can also be used in ornamental container gardening. Use bushy herbs such as basil, and oregano as a filler when composing flower arrangements.

Growing plants from seed require a lot more time and space than buying seedlings, so keep this in mind when planning your container garden.

Indoor container gardening

indoor container gardening

Who said that the garden has to be outside? Gather enough houseplants and you’ll have your own container garden in your home.

If you place containers only on the floor, they will soon take up all the space. Instead, use shelves, window sills, and furniture to expand your garden structure. A wonderful way to arrange as many plants as possible in the house is macrame planters and hanging baskets.

If you’re not a fan of plain terracotta pots, invest in covering them so they blend in with your home decor. You can mix and match containers of different sizes, shapes, and colors for a boho aesthetic.

Container gardening on the patio

container gardening on the patio

If your patio serves as an outdoor living or dining room, arrange your potted plant collection exactly as you would do it indoors. Fill corners with large containers, and frame furniture. As the main element, place an echeveria or other succulent in a clay pot on the table.

You can line the edges of the patio with traditional earthenware pots, or use regular plant boxes as a border. To separate the patio area from the rest of the yard, plant small hedge-like plants, such as boxwood.

Even ornamental shrubs and trees can be grown in large enough containers on the patio. Citrus, eucalyptus, and hibiscus, are perfect for a tropical look. Plant rose and hydrangea bushes around the patio for an old English garden.

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Ideas for plant decoration in container gardening

ideas for plant decoration in container gardening

Throughout history, plants have been used as living works of art. The art of topiary originates from the Roman Empire, if not earlier. It is quite impressive how these trends have been preserved in modern landscape design.

A skyscraper-style hedge in a container garden is hardly possible, but what you can do will surprise you. Boxwood bushes are especially popular in potted topiary. This plant needs to be shaped every spring, after which only minor adjustments are needed to maintain its shape.

If you want your container garden to look like a work of art, a good base is a must. Purchase a set of compatible, durable containers to repopulate with your favorite annuals every year. In the winter months, replace flowers with dry branches, and plant herbs, and evergreens.

Tanks for container gardening

tanks for container gardening

Your containers serve as a decorative element in their own right, so get creative. For a rustic container garden design, you can use an old wheelbarrow, wine barrel, or pipe. Use an old pair of boots or a tire as an original farm-style potty frame.

Metal buckets with drainage holes made are a great alternative to plastic pots. You can paint almost any container to match your garden décor.

There are all sorts of custom pot ideas out there, but don’t neglect the basic needs of your plants. By placing a grow bag or pot in a temporary container, you will protect the roots. To avoid waterlogging, put pebbles at the bottom of the pot, under the soil.

Container gardening on the porch

container gardening on the porch

Arrange flower containers in several tiers near your porch stairs or as a group framing your front door. Although plants should be kept in the same color scheme, diversify the set of containers slightly.

If there are windows on the porch facing the entrance, add window sills to them. There are many types on sale, including modern ones, that will not damage the look of your home. You can populate window sills with plants autonomously or in relation to other ideas for container gardening on the porch.

Don’t forget to add a few hanging planters to your porch design if possible. Asparagus is an excellent container plant that creates a beautiful drape over the top. Ferns are especially suitable for a porch with little natural light.

Container gardening for small backyards

container gardening for small backyards

In a small yard, containers will fit a few more plants than in flower beds. Group all containers so that it looks like the plants are planted directly in the ground, or distribute them so that each one shines on its own.

To get the most out of small backyards, use all surfaces. Attach the plant pots to a vertical surface – to the fence, to the outside of the yard. Hang the containers on roof racks, on tree branches, or on a shepherd’s hook driven into the ground.

Some plants need a large, heavy vessel. Try to keep your container garden as mobile as possible. If your plans include wintering plants indoors, then the readiness to move is especially important. Before doing this, let the soil in the pots dry out almost completely to reduce the weight.

Vertical container gardening

vertical container gardening

Vertical container gardening has taken the farming community by storm, and understandably so. Whether you’re growing vegetables, herbs, or just potted plants for beauty, vertical planting takes up ridiculously little space. You don’t need a large greenhouse to enjoy the benefits of a vertical garden. Use a table or shelves to layer plants on top of each other. To free up even more space, hang your vertical container system from a fence or outside wall.

As for what can be used in a vertical system, there are many options. Many adapt old tables and shelves for a container garden. It may be necessary to apply a waterproof sealant to give durability to wooden things. For growing plants outdoors, you can buy specially designed systems for hanging and arranging.


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