Recommendations for Simple Wooden Flower Shelf Models to Store Your Favorite Plants

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recommendations for simple wooden flower shelf models

Various models of wooden flower shelves can also add to the aesthetic impression in the room. Curious? Check out the simple wooden flower rack recommendations below, perfect for storing your favorite plants!

Having a lot of plants at home is one way to make a residence look alive. Especially if GMB friends have a variety of beautiful colorful plants, surely GMB friends’ homes will become more comfortable and beautiful. In addition, there are many functions of the plant itself, ranging from absorbing dust in the house, to helping the body’s health.

Stacking Flower Shelf Model

stacking flower shelf model

For GMB friends who already have various plant collections to decorate the new residence, GMB friends can choose a wooden flower rack with a stacking model. With a model like this, GMB friends’ flowers will be neatly and sweetly arranged, especially with a combination of soft pastel pot colors. 12 ornamental plants can be placed on a stacking model flower rack with a fairly small pot size of 15 cm in diameter.

Standing Flower Shelf Model

standing flower shelf model

Next, there is a model with a standing shape. This kind of flower rack is chosen for GMB friends who are happy with changing decorations regularly. The standing type wooden flower rack can be easily moved to every corner of the room in the residence. Apart from being easy to move, the type of wooden flower rack in the form of standing is also simple when mixed and matched with other interior furniture.

Multipurpose Small Flower Shelf Model

multipurpose small flower shelf model

There is something interesting again, GMB friends! For GMB friends who are happy with plant decorations that don’t take up much space, GMB friends can use a versatile model. A flower rack with a small size can be one of the interesting home interior decorations. Like being placed on the work table, or as a living room table decoration. Moreover, the simple wooden flower rack can store GMB friends’ cell phones! Very interesting, right?

Ladder Flower Shelf Model

ladder flower shelf model

Don’t think wooden stairs are only used to connect different floors of the building, GMB friends! Wooden ladders can also be used for flower shelf models. Well, for simple models such as the ladder model above, GMB friends can modify it into a wooden flower rack with smaller dimensions to make it look more beautiful. For example, it can be a decoration in GMB’s minimalist kitchen! Feels fresh and comfortable doesn’t it?

Swing Wooden Flower Shelf Model

swing wooden flower shelf model

Well, for GMB friends who are happy with the unique wooden flower rack model, there is a swing wooden flower rack model as above. Beautiful wooden flower shelves can be hung in almost all rooms in the house that require additional decoration.

Such as in the living room, bedroom or family room. Plants that GMB friends can choose to combine with this type of flower rack are Aloe, Rosemary or Peace Lily. The interesting thing that can add a feminine impression to the room is the hanging rope decoration which can be made with practical knots.

Wall Flower Shelf Model

wall flower shelf model

The wooden flower rack model attached to the wall is indeed a favorite for the residents of the house. Besides being more practical, this flower rack model is also pleasing to the eye.

See the example above! With the hexagon shape design, the minimalist house of GMB friends will look sweeter. Some recommended plants for the wooden wall shelf model are simple ornamental plants. Examples are Lavender, Chinese Money, or even Asparagus Leaves.

Corner Flower Shelf Model

corner flower shelf model

Finally there is a simple wooden flower shelf corner model. Flower shelves like this are usually placed in the corners of the room. One of the corner decorators of this room can also be combined with other interior items, such as photo frames or small clocks as timepieces.

The variety of uniqueness of the wooden flower rack above is very suitable for GMB friends to apply in GMB friends’ homes as a place to store GMB friends’ favorite plants. If GMB friends are still hesitant to choose it, GMB friends can mix and match with the pots that GMB friends have at home. The type and color of the flowerpot can be adjusted to the design of the flower rack owned by GMB friends.


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