12 Best Bedroom Paint Two Colors Ideas

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Have the plan to paint the house? Read this article to the end to find out the 12 best bedroom paint two colors ideas!

bedroom paint two colors

Are you bored with plain bedroom paint and that’s all? You can try to be creative by using 2-color bedroom paint, so your room can look fresh and not look boring.

It should be noted that combining 2-color bedroom paint needs to be considered in terms of composition so that the colors can look suitable and liven up the atmosphere in the bedroom. The following is a complete discussion.

Bedroom Paint Two Colors

1. The Combination of Peach and White in a Narrow Bedroom

bedroom paint two colors

So that a narrow bedroom can appear spacious, you must use a combination of bright and lively colors. One bright color combination that is suitable to be combined is peach and white. The combination of these two bright colors will reflect more light to all corners of the room.

The result, a narrow room, will feel more spacious. You will also feel comfortable in it, without the need to feel bored with monotonous wall paint. If your room is small, be sure to paint the ceiling white.

2. Paint the Bedroom Pastel Colors

bedroom paint two colors

There are lots of pastel colors that you can try to apply to the bedroom. Actually, what is meant by pastel colors?

Pastel colors are a combination of basic colors that have been added to white so that the color can look paler and softer.

Pastel colors that are suitable and can create a shady room atmosphere are a combination of pastel pink and pastel peach.

3. Bedroom Paint Design 2 Colors Gray and White

bedroom paint two colors

If you are interested in bringing up monochromatic colors in your room, the color combinations you can try are gray and white.

These two colors when applied correctly will make the room atmosphere look more beautiful than using only one color.

To make it look more attractive, don’t forget to complement the two colors with furniture that has the same color.

4. Combination of Blue and Pink Paint

bedroom paint two colors

Colors have different psychological qualities and cannot be mixed arbitrarily. Blue and pink are opposite color combinations. The two colors reflect a unique personality and are not the same.

However, blue and pink are very suitable to be applied to the bedroom. The atmosphere of the room will look more alive and will not look boring.

5. Beautiful Black and White Color Blend

bedroom paint two colors

If you don’t like bedroom paint that is too colorful, try a combination of black and white 2 bedroom paint.

The two colors will complement each other and create a beautiful contrast in the room.

Use a matching color combination on the bed cover in the bedroom and other bedroom accessories.

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6. Luxurious Burgundy and Beige Color Game

bedroom paint two colors

The combination of 2 bedroom paint colors of burgundy and beige is very luxurious and can create a romantic impression. If you are a newlywed couple, then the choice of this two-color combination is the right one.

Burgundy can keep you energized, while beige acts as a counterbalance by calming your eyes and allowing you to rest comfortably in your room.

7. Create a Shady Room with Aquamarine and White

bedroom paint two colors

Do you crave a shady and calming beach atmosphere? So try using a combination of aquamarine and white wall paint.

The aquamarine blue that looks like the blue color of the seawater in the sun, and the white color that looks like the foam of the waves reaching the beach.

It will be easier for your body to relax and allow you to rest in peace.

8. Eliminate the Boring Atmosphere with Peach and Black Paint

bedroom paint two colors

Peach is versatile, warm, and easy to pair with almost any color, but when you go for a bold color like black, the results are stunning.

Black almost instantly adds a modern touch to a beautiful peach bedroom. In addition, the black paint that is shaped in such a way makes the accent wall stand out and adds style to the room.

9. Contrast Blue and Orange Color Combination

bedroom paint two colors

For those of you who have a creative soul and dare to mix and match two contrasting colors, blue and orange are worthy for you to try to color your bedroom.

You can paint light, warm orange on the wall above your bed, and blue on the wall opposite your bed.

Thus, the blue color will give you peace of mind before going to bed, and the orange color will energize you when you wake up.

10. Embrace Luxury with Purple and Yellow Colors

bedroom paint two colors

Purple is a color that is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and a sense of calm. So that the bedroom does not look gloomy, combine the purple color with a bright yellow color.

The two-color combinations will complement each other and create a luxurious and bright bedroom atmosphere.

11. A Warm Red and Yellow Color Combination

bedroom paint two colors

Bold and passionate are the first impressions that red and yellow give off. The bedroom that you color with these two colors will provide warmth and enthusiasm for you during your activities in the room.

The combination of these two colors should also be balanced with yellow furniture colors to give the bedroom a luxurious Bohemian impression.

12. Green and Yellow Colors So The Room Looks Fresh

bedroom paint two colors

If you crave a room that gives joy and freshness, it’s not wrong if you choose green and yellow colors to be applied to the sides of the walls of your bedroom.

Yellow is the right color to make the bedroom look bright and can look more spacious. The green color will create a fresh and natural-looking room atmosphere.

Those are the 12 best bedroom paint two colors that can be an inspiration for you. Hopefully, this article can be useful, especially for those of you who want to change the appearance of the bedroom to make it look attractive and not boring.


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