5 Things To Look For Before Choosing A Bunk Bed For Children

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Bunk beds are often considered by parents who have more than one child.

Things To Look For Before Choosing A Bunk Bed For Children

Because adding rooms is certainly a new job that requires no small amount of funds. Not to mention if the land is limited. In conditions like this, a bunk bed is the most appropriate solution.

However, finding the most suitable bunk bed is also tricky. Many things must be considered, considering that this bed will be used by children. That is, security and comfort must be extra. But don’t worry, Gmboel.com will help you find the best bunk bed. Come on, see the full article!

1. Choose a bed made of wood

There are a number of bed options with different materials. Generally, the material is made of wood or iron. You should choose a bed with wood material. Because iron has a higher risk than wood.

Be it too sharp, slippery, or cold. While wood tends to be safer. Especially if the type of wood chosen is solid, such as teak for example. You can even use it in the long term, and pass the bed on to your descendants later.

2. Choose a timeless bed theme

Children usually have their favorite characters. Most likely they will choose the character to be the theme of the room. Considering that the bed can be used up to the age of 10-15 years, you should choose a neutral and timeless theme.

Because, in the next few years, children will definitely change their favorite character. Instead of having to spend money just to change the theme of the bed, you should try to talk about this with your child.

3. Adjust to the size of the room

Maybe you have found a bed that is suitable for your child. They also like the bed of your choice. But, make sure again that the size of the bed chosen is in accordance with the size of the bedroom.

Match the area and also the height of the room. Make sure the ceilings are up to two feet apart, so your child doesn’t get injured when they get up from bed.

4. Pay attention to access to the top floor of the bed

This often goes unnoticed. Even though the bed material and room size are appropriate and safe, make sure again that access to the top floor of the bed is also safe and comfortable.

Balance in children is not completely perfect. For this reason, make handles on the right and left sides of the stairs so that access to up and down children is safer.

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5. Make the bed multifunctional

Also, consider making bunk beds versatile. In addition to functioning as a place to rest, also take advantage of the empty space around it as a storage area.

For example, you can turn each step into a cupboard for children’s toys. Or if the ceiling of the room is high, leave enough empty space at the very bottom, and turn it into a study table.

Those are 5 tips that must be considered before you choose a bunk bed for your child. I hope this article is useful!


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