How to Arrange Books On a Bookshelf in 12 Easy Steps

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steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

How to Arrange Books On a Bookshelf – For those who like to read books, they usually unknowingly participate in collecting books. Suddenly the bookshelf at home is full. You need a creative way of arranging a collection of books so that the bookshelf looks attractive.

Bookshelves are often an element of decor in a room or home. So, it is important to make the shelf look neat and attractive because it supports the impression you want to create in your personal space.

The important thing is to organize bookshelves not only to be neat. You can also apply various fun techniques to make your book collection stand out. The bonus is that the bookshelf can be the background for your ootd photo!

Steps for How to Arrange Books On a Bookshelf

It’s time to rearrange your book collection so that the room looks more alive and in accordance with the impression you want to create.

1. Set according to color

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

If you have many books with colorful covers, this method is suitable for you to practice. Just group the books according to their respective colors, for example yellow, blue, orange, and so on.

What if the color runs out in the middle of the shelf? You can play with color gradations before moving on to the next color. So pretty, right, like a rainbow?

You can also arrange books according to the colors of the rainbow if you are confused about what color to start with. You can end it with a black to white gradient. It’s easy?

2. Set according to the type of cover

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

Books have various types of covers, there are soft covers and hard covers. Hard cover books are certainly bulkier with hard materials and usually consist of two layers. While the cover of a soft cover book or known as paperback is made of thick paper.

To organize them, group the hard cover books together, then arrange the rows of paperback books in different sections. This method will make your shelves look neater.

If you want, you can remove the outer layer from the hard cover book to make it look more classic. However, still installing the outer layer makes the rows of book collections more colorful. See other articles: shelf decoration ideas.

3. Do not be vertical monotone

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

Want the shelf to be the center of attention from any room at home? Arrange books horizontally and vertically alternately on one shelf.

Messy, huh? You can always combine other techniques to keep it looking neat and artistic.

For the center shelf, uniform the arrangement of books on each shelf to rest the eyes.

4. Arrange from high to low

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

The size of the book is very diverse, ranging from height, width, thickness, to the size of a pocket book. Maybe there are only a few books that are exactly the same height.

You can arrange books from the highest to the lowest size like steps. It must be visually tidier because nothing suddenly stands out on its own in the middle of a shelf! See other articles: example of editorial article about education.

5. Add decorations

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

So that your bookshelf looks interesting and not monotonous, why not add your favorite decorations to display together?

You can display table decorations, hanging decorations, statues, photos, art prints, and so on. Personalized bookshelves like this are suitable to be placed in the room or in the reading corner.

6. Monochrome minimalist style

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

If you want to follow a minimalist design style that uses only one neutral color, arrange your books in reverse. What you are showing off is no longer the back of the book, but the pages of the paper.

All paper is more or less the same color, namely cream to white. Even an old book, the pages of the paper turn dark yellowish beige. That way, all the color tones will be the same and you can have a minimalist style book arrangement. See other articles: modern bookshelf ideas.

7. Arrange by genre

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

A book genre usually has the same cover decoration atmosphere, so it still fits when juxtaposed with one another. Organizing books by genre will also make it easier for you to find them whenever you want to read.

You can group books according to genre, for example fiction, mystery, non-fiction, history, poetry, fantasy, romance, and so on. Just follow the book category as on the Goodreads website.

8. Group by alphabet

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

Surely you always remember all the titles of the books you want to read, right? The easiest way to organize books is to group them by title.

Collect all the books according to the first alphabet of the title. Don’t forget to divide each group of the alphabet so you don’t misplace the book! See other articles: how to start your own clothing store.

9. Align the books

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

You can also arrange books by playing with the height of the books, but without making them like a ladder order. The goal, you will get a book with a visual average height.

Try arranging books that are the same height on one side, then stacking another stack of books horizontally (perhaps the shortest book at the top). You immediately get all collections of books almost the same height.

If there is no suitable book to ‘patch’ a horizontal stack of books, you can display various decorations on top of the book. What’s important when you look at everything is parallel. Yep, the rules are flexible!

10. Cover with container

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

Sometimes the collection of books that we have is not just reading books. However, there are also journals, bound books, and so on.

Put all journals and other paper files in the same colored folders and store them neatly on the shelf. Choose a neutral folder color to make it look clean and don’t forget to label it so it’s easy to find. See other articles: geometric wall paint.

11. Distinguish according to the author

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

If you like reading books, it’s not unusual to have several favorite authors. You can also group books based on the first letter of the author’s name. It must be easier to find him again, right?

You can stack books by combining vertically and horizontally for one author. Your bookshelf still looks artistic.

12. Separate according to the condition of the book

steps for how to arrange books on a bookshelf

If you and your family have liked to collect books for a long time, of course there will be many books with various conditions. How to combine an old book with your favorite novel?

Start by grouping old books, books that are in normal condition, to books that are still very smooth. From here you can find out the collection of the oldest books to the newest. You can also use a shelf containing old books for photo spots.

There are various creative ways to organize books at home that are fun and creative. In addition to looking attractive, you are also easier to find the book you want to read. So the more excited to read, right?

Which technique do you want to organize your book collection using?

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