How To Increase The Apartment By 1 Room

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How To Increase The Apartment By 1 Room

If you are not satisfied with the number of rooms in your apartment, then this problem has a solution. The example will be on an ordinary one-room apartment, but this solution works for any apartment: two-room apartments, three-room apartments, etc.

To understand the meaning of solving the problem, you need to turn to traditions. The fact is that when we receive guests, we always turn this into a feast. It is not obligatory to be a man and an alcoholic with experience.

Even if two friends met, they often drink tea, discuss problems, and have a snack on some kind of cake. Naturally, in the event of a big holiday, you gather guests to celebrate a birthday, for example, and they didn’t set the table, they simply won’t understand you.

If you take the tradition of cutting salad Olivier for the new year and not setting the table, this will be considered bad form. It turns out that people do not need a dance hall for balls (hall), and there is simply not enough space for a ball, but they need an ordinary dining room. Or alternatively a kitchen-dining room.

If you live in a one-room apartment

In the case when a person lives in an “Anushka”, then the only room turns into:

  • To the bedroom
  • Reception hall
  • A guest room in case guests stayed overnight
  • To the dining room during the holidays

As the saying goes, you can’t live like that. At the same time, no matter how small the kitchen is, a 2-bed and some minimal set of furniture will easily fit there. Moreover, you can show your imagination and place some cabinets like a regular kitchen set, or rather make them hinged.

If you request permission for redevelopment in the case when the load-bearing walls are not affected, it is quite easy to obtain. Extend the plumbing into the hall, put a stove there. 

There is no need to build additional walls! The room can be visually divided into a kitchen and a dining room using furniture. Of course, repairs will cost money, but in any case less than what is required to purchase a 2-room apartment.

How To Increase The Apartment By 1 Room

You can also place a sofa in the dining room. If one of the guests stays overnight, you can lay it on the sofa, and the hosts will go to sleep in their room.

It can be added that such a solution works absolutely for all types of apartments. If you have 2 or 3 rooms, then they can be turned into 3 and 4 rooms according to this principle, if 4 rooms, then into 5 and so on.

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Although you need to think and decide whether you need this or not, you need to do it yourself.


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