Storage Shelf Decoration Ideas That Make Your Home Feel Relaxed

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storage shelves design ideas
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Having a narrow house is simpler than that, maintenance is also relatively easy and cheap.

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But some people can not arrange the interior of the house on this limited land properly and correctly.

The results obtained actually make the house narrower and cramped because of large furniture or something else.

For this reason, this Guide will help you find smart solutions to overcome them.

The use of storage shelves can be the right choice to make the house look neat and wider.

Want to know the ideas?

Come on , take a look at the following interesting storage shelf ideas.

Storage Rack Type

Storage racks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions.

Storage Rack Material

For this type of storage rack based on the material, there are several common materials used, namely:

  • Steel storage rack

Steel shelving is one of the most commonly used forms of shelving.

This rack has advantages such as durable, safe, sturdy and slim.

  • Wooden Storage Rack

Wooden storage racks are indeed suitable for use in various places.

Wooden shelves also have properties that are sturdy, aesthetic and durable.

In addition to its advantages, which are almost everyone’s favorite choice, wooden shelves actually need extra care and are more expensive if you want better quality.

Storage Rack Function

For the type of storage rack based on its function, there are 4 types that you can choose from, such as:

  • Mobile Rack or Portable Rack

This storage rack is perfect for use in commercial spaces that have a lot of furniture.

These shelves save space and can accommodate more items or furniture.

  • Pallet Rack

Pallet racks are ideal for storing large items that take up little space.

  • Console Rack

This shelf serves to organize goods on a large and heavy scale.

This type of rack is suitable for use in warehouses.

  • Office Rack

Office shelves are the most popular form of shelving and are suitable for use at home.

Office shelves have different shapes and sizes and can be adjusted according to their size and function.

In addition, office shelves are also very suitable as home decorations.

Storage Area

If you want to renovate because the house looks increasingly narrow, it’s a good idea to first know the type of storage rack based on the main storage area in the house.

This primary type of storage can make a home more functional, flexible and comfortable.

Display Storage

storage shelves design ideas
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This type of storage rack is usually placed in the living room area , and is used to display some home accessories, books and important items that are often used.

This type of shelf is generally clear and has a variety of shapes and forms.

Hidden Storages

storage shelves design ideas
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If you don’t want storage shelves that are visible and distracting, then hidden storage shelves are perfect.

This type of hidden storage can make the house more tidy and spacious.

And get rid of items that are less attractive but still needed.

Frequently used areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Accessible Storage

Storing things does have to be in the right place, but it will be difficult if you are in a hurry.

Like a rain coat, many people put it in the closet along with other clothes.

Though it would be better to put it in a closet or storage shelf near the entrance for easy use.

Because basically the storage space has automatic limitations you need other storage.

After you have other storage, you should sort the important items where you can find them.

Additional Shelf

Throwing things away is the hardest thing.

But you also can’t just leave it like that without knowing where to store the right things.

Right now what you need is additional storage such as an attic , basement or garage.

This is the best area to reduce clutter in your home and make it more flexible.

Storage Rack Inspiration 

After knowing the types of storage shelves that can help you store all the furniture so it doesn’t fall apart.

Here are some ideas and inspiration that you can emulate using the right storage rack.

Come on , let’s go!

Kitchen Storage Rack

The kitchen is a place with a high level of activity.

Of course, you don’t want to have a messy kitchen every day.

Kitchen designs that have lots of storage shelves or hidden shelves can be the right choice.

storage shelves design ideas
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A lot of storage shelves in the kitchen can make the area look neat and clean.

If you don’t want to see things hanging or being placed carelessly, you can choose a special type of storage, such as storage racks for cooking and eating utensils.

Special Storage Drawer

storage shelves design ideas
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The internal storage above has a special drawer that has been organized according to the level of use.

Also supported by an elegant design and suitable for a minimalist kitchen .

Under Stair Storage Rack

storage shelves design ideas
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Make the most of your ladder by adding some storage shelves.

Besides being efficient, the use of stairs as a storage area is also space-saving.

Add a cupboard under the stairs to store tableware and kitchenware.

Storage Rack and Bed

storage shelves design ideas
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Have a cramped room?

How about you do some minor renovations and decorations to make the room look bigger?

Having a bedroom in a studio type apartment , might make you dizzy on how to arrange the room to get some privacy.

Making the bed higher can be at the same time adding some storage shelves underneath.

Storage shelves under the bed can serve to store your things.

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Wardrobe Replacement Floor Storage

storage shelves design ideas
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Don’t have a wardrobe?

Let’s start creating and using the floor of the house to be used as additional storage as above!

Storage Rack as a Divider

storage shelves design ideas
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If you have chosen a large sofa in the family room or living room area , you should avoid using large furniture as well.

In addition to making the house look cramped and unsightly, it also interferes with daily traffic activities.

Use storage shelves as well as bulkheads but still pay attention to aesthetics and function.

Storage Rack with Color Pattern

storage shelves design ideas
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The color game will make the room with additional storage shelves more attractive.

But it must be in accordance with the function and use, yes ..

How? Very practical and efficient right ? Especially if you can arrange and place the storage rack properly.

Good luck!

storage shelves design ideas


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