How to make a Christmas tree with lights in easy steps

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how to make a christmas tree with lights

One of the things that are synonymous with the festivities and joy of Christmas is the Christmas tree. If in the past, people used real tree cuttings to be used as Christmas trees at home, now there are many types of Christmas tree creations in various forms of goods. As we will discuss this time, namely how to make a Christmas tree with lights.

Tutorial on how to make a Christmas tree with lights

Celebrating Christmas without special Christmas decorations and knick-knacks feels like something is missing. Owning and displaying a Christmas tree is not an obligation, moreover, the costs required to buy it are quite expensive.

However, you can try to make your own creations with how to make a Christmas tree with lights which are easy to do. Here’s a tutorial that you can emulate.


  • Decorative lamp (the size is free, can be small or large).
  • Paper pins/tacks/nails.
  • Wire.
  • Paper decorations in green or red (according to the Christmas theme).
  • Glue/double tape.

The steps:

  1. Make a frame that resembles the shape of a fir tree on the wall/wall of the house.
  2. Arrange paper pins or nails following the frame pattern.
  3. Add wire and attach it to the paper pins or nails that have been arranged.
  4. Add decorative paper along the wire.
  5. Install decorative lights according to your wishes, from the bottom to the top of the tree frame pattern.
  6. Don’t forget to arrange the cables and electrical connections.
  7. Do a test run by plugging in the power and turning on the light.
  8. Done.
how to make a christmas tree with lights

That way, no Christmas tree in its original form is okay. Apart from that, you can also add various other Christmas knick-knacks or accessories to add to the Christmas tree frame, from small bells, snowmen, gingerbread cookies, stars, and many more. The busier the decoration, of course, the merrier it will be.

If you really don’t have various forms of decorative lights and don’t have an extra budget to buy them, you can make these decorative lights yourself.

There are lots of creations to make decorative lights from various basic materials, as quoted from the book Art Creations for Christmas, by Fiona Watt. So, you can still try how to make a Christmas tree from the decorative lights that were discussed earlier. Good luck.


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