How to grow potatoes in a container in easy steps

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how to grow potatoes in a container

Steps for how to grow potatoes in a container – Growing vegetables at home do not always require a large area. You can also grow a variety of vegetables at home using pots.

One of them is planting potatoes. Planting potatoes in pots makes gardening easy for those of you who have a small house or a narrow yard.

In addition, when growing potatoes in containers, harvesting is made easier because all the tubers are in one place. In addition to pots, you can also plant potatoes in plastic containers or even burlap sacks.

The steps for growing potatoes are simple and can be enjoyed by the whole family, from planting to harvesting.

Potatoes in a container

The best potatoes to use for pot gardening are those that ripen early. Choose good quality and disease-free potato seeds.

Potatoes should ripen in 70 to 90 days. You can also choose different types of potatoes from the supermarket that you like.

Be aware that some potatoes take 120 days to harvest, so you will need a long growing season.

There are various methods and media for planting potato pots. Most potatoes are grown in garden soil, but a well-drained growing medium can also be used, and even perlite can be used to grow potatoes in pots.

If you’re using a plastic pot, make sure you drill some drainage holes or buy a plastic pot that comes with drainage holes.

A heavy burlap sack is an ideal container because it allows the soil to breathe and the water to drain.

Whatever type of container you choose, make sure there is room for soil while the potatoes are growing. This encourages the formation of more multi-layered tubers.

A place to plant potatoes in containers

Full sun conditions with six to eight hours of light and cool temperatures will provide the best conditions for growing potatoes in pots. You can choose to grow potatoes on your patio or kitchen windowsill.

You can also grow new potatoes in pots outside the kitchen or in a large 19-liter bucket on your patio.

Steps for how to grow potatoes in a container

  1. Make a soil mixture that can drain easily and mix it with a slow-release fertilizer. Fill pots or containers as deep as 10 cm with previously moistened planting media.
  2. Cut the potatoes into 2-inch or 5-cm pieces that have a few eyes on them. Small potatoes can be grown as is.
  3. Plant a 5 to 7-inch or 12.5 to 18-cm cut and cover it with 3-inch or 7.5-cm moist soil. Cover the potato container with more soil once the plant has grown to 7 inches or 18 cm.
  4. Continue to cover the small plants until they reach the top of the bag. The potatoes in the pot should remain well watered but not soggy.

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Harvest potatoes in containers

Harvest potatoes after the plant’s flower and then turn yellow. You can also harvest new potatoes before they flower.

After the stems turn yellow, stop watering and wait a week. Dig up the potatoes, clean the potatoes, and let them dry for two weeks for storage.

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