4 Steps for how to grow strawberries from seeds in the house

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how to grow strawberries from seeds

Steps for how to grow strawberries from seeds – It’s hard to resist the deliciousness of strawberries. If you love this fruit, why not find out how to grow strawberries at home instead of buying them all the time? Not only does it look beautiful, but it also tastes fresh too.

It also contains a lot of vitamins C and E. So, there is no harm in learning how to grow strawberries at home. Want to know how easy tips for growing this red fruit are in pots? Read on here, yes, so you can immediately grow this healthy fruit at home.

How To Grow Strawberries From Seeds

how to grow strawberries from seeds

The first way to plant strawberries is by sowing strawberry seeds first. You can sow the seeds that have been removed from the fruit with a variety of media. Examples such as plastic, jars, and so on.

Wash the seedling media thoroughly, then place two or more paper towels into it. Wet the tissue with water, don’t let it flood too much because this will inhibit the growth of the strawberries.

After that, sprinkle the strawberry seeds on it. Do not be too close and too much, yes. Close the container tightly, do not expose it to sunlight. Check regularly, every three days. Well, sprouts will grow approximately two weeks after sowing. strawberries are ready to be moved into pots when the sprouts have grown to a length of 0.05–1 cm.

The Process of Preparing and Growing Strawberries

how to grow strawberries from seeds

Unlike dragon fruit, the preparation process is quite difficult because it requires a climbing pole, you only need to prepare a pot with a minimum diameter of 15 cm before planting strawberries.

After that, mix the sifted loose soil with strawberry fertilizer, namely manure, and charcoal. The comparison of the three is 2:1:1.

Fill the pot with soil up to 2/3 of the way. Leave the pot for up to a week to make it more conducive and moist as a medium for planting strawberries.

When finished, prepare the strawberry sprouts. Carefully remove it from the paper towel, then insert it into the hole in the pot. Fill one pot with a maximum of two strawberry seeds only, so that later the strawberry trees do not pile up on each other.

Cover the top with husk ash, so that the strawberries are not easily damaged. Water the plants regularly twice a day. Don’t water too often because the fruit seeds will wither and don’t forget to water, because the seeds might die.

Care and Harvest Strawberries

how to grow strawberries from seeds

After knowing how to plant strawberries, understand how to take care of the following that you should do to keep strawberries growing optimally.

Just like roses that have to be cut regularly if there are dry parts, the first way to care for strawberries is to cut or remove leaves and fruit that are not growing.

Then secondly, remove the weeds and leaves around the strawberry plants, then fertilize them. This is important so that your plants do not fail to bear fruit. Don’t forget to cut the plant parts that are too long.

If you consistently do these methods, surely the strawberries can grow well and give fat and fresh fruits when they are ready to be harvested.

Strawberries are ready to harvest after about four months of age. However, of course, you also have to look at the condition of the strawberries you plant: whether the fruit is red enough to be harvested or not.

The way to harvest it is to cut the top where the fruit hangs and not damage all the plants because later new strawberries can grow from there.


Do this process in the morning, because the strawberries harvested in the morning tend to be fresher. Moreover, the process of harvesting fruit in the morning feels optimal for you because the sky is still bright and you can clearly see the strawberries that are ready to be harvested.

Advantages of Growing Strawberries in Pots

how to grow strawberries from seeds

There are many benefits that can be obtained from growing your own strawberries at home using potting media. First, self-grown strawberries will certainly have a clearer quality. You can determine which strawberries are worth harvesting, and which are not.

Second, you can control the quality and cleanliness of the strawberries. The reason is, you can not use pesticides or other substances that are considered to reduce the quality of strawberries.

Moreover, you also understand very well the process of growing strawberries at home and how to clean the strawberries. Third, strawberries grown at home are fresher. You can eat it immediately after harvesting. It would certainly be better for your body, right?

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Benefits of Strawberries for the Body

how to grow strawberries from seeds

Why are strawberries good for consumption and suitable for you to grow yourself at home? What are the benefits for the body?

Teeth Whitening

Did you know that the liquid in strawberries can whiten teeth? To get these benefits, here’s how to do it.

Mash the strawberries until smooth. Then, apply to the teeth using a toothbrush or gauze. Then, let stand for 5-10 minutes. Gargle until there are no remaining strawberries. Do this twice a week, and over time, your teeth will glow whiter and stronger.

Healthy Body

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Therefore, regularly consuming strawberries will rejuvenate the skin, refresh the body, and make the immune system stronger.

The body will not be susceptible to disease and life will be more quality. The goodness of this strawberry is like the benefits that can be obtained from the toga plant.


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