25 Pictures of Wooden House Designs

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wooden house designs

In ancient times, wood was often used as a basic material for making houses. However, there is an assumption that wooden houses are a reflection of the economic condition of their owners who are unable to build houses of brick or adobe. In fact, houses made of rare wood and designed with high complexity require no small amount of money.


Not infrequently, houses made of wood are often considered to have high artistic value because of their attractive designs and are rarely seen.

In addition, there are many more advantages of this one house.


Let’s look at a review of 7 advantages and 25 pictures of wooden house designs that you need to know and make reference as follows.

7 Advantages of Wooden House Design

1. Gives Off a Cool Natural Feel

Wood is a natural insulator that is very useful and effective in insulating hot and cold temperatures.

In other words, building a house out of wood can save more energy than brick or brick…

The reason is, you don’t need to turn on the heater or air conditioner often.

In addition, the pores between the wood and its thin design make the air circulation in the house better.

In other words, the house will feel cooler.

2. Earthquake Resistant Wooden House

wooden house designs

Houses made of stone or brick usually have relatively low durability as well as houses made of wood when facing an earthquake.

The reason is that houses made of bricks can experience cracks, even worse, collapse when shaken by an earthquake.

In contrast to wooden houses, the elastic properties of wood make this house more “resistant” to earthquakes.

3. Create an Artistic Impression of the House

Houses made of wood can be said to have artistic elements that cannot be obtained from ordinary houses in general.

Because. Natural wood material makes the house look unique.

Not to mention, the choice of certain wood with varied patterns can make the appearance of the house feel character.

If you have a high artistic spirit, wood that is carved at will according to creativity can be an interesting decoration.

4. Material with Good Sound Absorption

wooden house designs

If you crave a quiet residence that is free from noise, you might consider making a house out of wood.

The reason is, wood can absorb sound well.

Therefore, choosing a house with this material will be the right choice to create a quiet home.

5. Good for Investment

Besides being able to be used as a residence, this type of house can also open up new opportunities in the property business.

With an artistic side that cannot be obtained from normal living and a capable design, a wooden house has its own charm.

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to invest long-term by buying or building this type of residence.

6. Can adapt to the environment

wooden house designs

You can make the design as you wish because wood is blessed with the ability to adapt well to its environment.

It doesn’t matter whether the house is in a traditional or modern style, wood can be used for any desired residential concept.

In addition, houses made of wood tend to be easier to renovate.

7. Eco-Friendly House

Besides having an attractive appearance, houses made of wood are also environmentally friendly.

The reason, recycling can be done on the material.

If one day the house is demolished, the rest of the building can be reused for other purposes. You can also read other articles: wooden house interior design.

pictures of wooden house designs

If you are interested in building a house like this, Blog gmboel.com has prepared several wooden house designs that can be used as inspiration.

As reported by Own Wooden House, here are some examples of home models that can be used as references.

Unique and Beautiful Canadian Style Wooden House

wooden house designs

This Canadian-style house has a look that is not only unique but elegant.

One of its uniqueness can be seen from the log which is the main element in this house.

The large log size and the combination of dark and light brown colors make this house look like a lego house.

wooden house designs

In addition, one of the attractions of this house is its very symmetrical shape.

The only thing that distinguishes the two sides of this house is the different color patterns of the wood.

The non-uniform wood color pattern makes the natural impression displayed feels thicker.

wooden house designs

In addition to the outside, the inside was no less interesting.

The log pattern on the wall doesn’t just give it a unique look on the outside.

The log pattern that is formed in the house makes homeowners not have to worry about decorating the walls.

The reason is, the pattern itself is enough to “enliven” the contents of the house.

Moreover, the  pop of color produced by the red color on the sofa in the living room succeeded in becoming a sweetener in the midst of a peaceful and warm atmosphere.

“Sun” Wooden House

wooden house designs

The house which contains 3 studios and 3 bedrooms was built in Poland.

This house is a project with the theme of an ideal house to live in.

The impression of wood in a house usually exudes simplicity.

However, the facade of this house is surprisingly luxurious even though it is made of wood.

Apparently, the use of large glass in the front of the house is the key to why this house looks very modern.

wooden house designs

On the inside, you will find a completely different atmosphere from the outside.

The contrasting white tones provide the cozy atmosphere that every home needs.

Not to mention, natural light that can enter freely into the house because of the large size of the glass is another reason to like this house.

wooden house designs

One of the rooms of this house shows that this house cannot be far from wood elements.

The proof is that the frame and table, mattress and floor in this room use wood as the basic material.

In addition, this room does not require much decoration because the gray color combined with the color on the wooden furniture has filled the room perfectly.

The side yard of this house has multifunctional uses that can be used for various needs.

The large yard size provides plenty of room to host a barbecue party with relatives or friends.

Moreover, this large area can also be used for activities with your little one, whether it is used to play ball or chase.

In addition, the Jacuzzi  which is placed near the side yard can be used as a place to relax while watching the children play. You can also read other articles: beautiful wooden houses interior.

Tiny Wood House Design for Children’s Playground

Wooden houses are often made and intended for children’s playgrounds in the backyard.

The design chosen is not complex because generally the playhouse is made of a box.

To make it more interesting, add colorful decorative accents.

You also need to add some other games in the house so that the child will be happier.

Here are 4 tiny wood house designs for children’s play areas in your home:

wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs

Simple Wooden House Design

Even though it is made of materials with traditional nuances, a wooden house can look beautiful when made into a minimalist home.

Here’s the proof:

wooden house designs
wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs

Simple Small Wooden House Design

Wood is often used as a material to make a simple and small wooden house plans.

Generally people refer to this wooden house as a cabin or pavilion.

It contains only 1-2 tiny bedrooms, equipped with an open area for gathering and cooking, and 1 bathroom.

Here are some examples of small cabin wooden house designs:

wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs

5 Charming Traditional Wooden House Designs

Well,  for the design of this one wooden house, many people must have known.

Yes, traditional house designs made of wood.

These wooden houses are very suitable if intended as a resting place in a remote and comfortable location.

Some are inspired by traditional Indonesian dwellings, while others are inspired by Japanese houses.

Here are some sample designs for you:

wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs


wooden house designs

Well, those are various wooden house design for you to make reference. Good luck!

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