Difference between natural and artificial air sources at home, which is better?

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difference between natural and artificial air sources at home
difference between natural and artificial air sources at home, which is better?

Choose natural or artificial?

Air is an important element in a room, especially at home. The air in the house can come from natural sources, namely wind, and artificial sources such as air conditioning.

Air is very important because it is a source of human life, therefore it is very necessary to think about its quality so that the occupants of the house can stay healthy by breathing air that is safe for health.

Generally, there are two types of air sources in the house, Gmboel explains in detail below.

Natural Air Source

natural air source

The first is air that comes from natural air, namely wind. The movement of the wind is of course in accordance with the air pressure in a place. The presence of this wind will certainly be very effective in replacing dirty air in the house with new, much cleaner air.

Therefore, the function of the window, which is one of the designs of this house, is very functional for this, namely channeling natural air into the house. So Moms must routinely and must open the windows of the house in the morning to produce natural air changes.

Artificial Air Sources

artificial air sources

Another source of air is artificial air. Yep, the air in the house can also be produced from artificial air such as an Air Conditioner (AC) or fan. Of course both produce different air. Fans tend to only produce normal air, while ACs produce air accompanied by cooling which will give a cool impression to the room.

So, which one is better?

If you look at the efficiency and benefits, it is more advisable to use natural air sources rather than artificial ones. This happens because natural air circulation is environmentally friendly and saves electricity costs, saves maintenance costs, and is natural. 

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