Create shades of white for a minimalist home. Here’s the Easy Way!

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The presence of white shades in the house will produce lighter shades that also seem spacious and airy. However, the application of white shades is not handled well, the room will seem boring because the colors are monotonous and there is no character in the room. Sometimes some people avoid giving too many accessories, so the house will look like a boring white box.

white minimalist home

So don’t leave your house just like an ordinary white box, because here are things that can make this white nuance more character.

Create contrasting shades

White is synonymous with a minimalist home style, but you can also add a touch of contrasting color in the room, so the house will seem more dramatic. Look for dark colored equipment that you can match the color with dark wood floors or carpet colors that match the furniture in the room. See other articles: minimalist house plans.


Black and white has been a classic and elegant color combination for a long time. The black and white monochrome color type will make the room more magnificent even though the room is small. A strong black color, so you should only use it as needed, so the room doesn’t look cramped. See other articles: paint colors for bedroom with black furniture.

Add an accent

Don’t be afraid to add color accents to a small white room. Just add a bright, lively accent color, and keep the rest of the colors neutral. Choose furniture with a simple model, if there is a window, add a window with a plain color, so the room will look spacious. See other articles: simple houses.

Colorful bookshelf

White bookshelves will look faint in a small room that is painted white too, because your view will not be disturbed. Basically, the book does have a cover with bright colors. To give the impression of life, arrange a collection of books, photos, and accessories with a unique pattern so that it looks more lively. See other articles: minimalist bedroom designs.

Add interesting patterns

If you want to create more new nuances without having to change existing furniture or colors, one other solution you can add is unique and interesting patterns. You can use a pillowcase with a unique pattern, or you can hang an interesting and eye-catching work of art. So your white room will not look monotonous. See other articles: country outdoor decorating.

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