6 Steps Minimalist Window Treatments

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Minimalist Window Treatments – Simple things that should not be missed for minimalist residential owners, namely the routine to take care of the glass windows of the house. In modern applications, house windows always explore the beauty of glass ornaments.


Often the window glass becomes dirty and dusty because it is exposed to pollution and flying dust. This is where the importance of carrying out the necessary care so that the window glass remains perfectly clear.

Not only on the windows of modern houses, buildings or shop houses, now also use glass more in certain parts of the building. In addition to looking elegant, the use of glass for ideal house windows also makes cleaning easier when compared to other materials.


However, unfortunately not everyone can care for and clean the glass. Sometimes the glass surface has stains that are difficult to clean and are allowed to accumulate. Then the stain is difficult to clean and makes it need special handling to care for and clean it. 

Simple and Easy Minimalist Window Glass Treatment Tips

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Performing glass window maintenance will be easier if you use the help of quality glass cleaning tools and liquids. To get a clean and shiny window glass appearance, there are some tips that you can apply, including:  

1. Use the help of a cleaning tool

The activity of caring for the window glass of the house is indeed a tedious job and most people are too lazy to do it. In fact, cleaning glass is easy when done with the right tools.

Just use tools to clean the glass such as glass cleaning spray which is widely sold at the nearest convenience store or grocery store. In addition, a bucket of water, a sponge or a damp cloth are useful for cleaning stubborn stains. If necessary, buy a rubber knife to clean stubborn dirt on hard glass. See other articles: minimalist window curtains.

2. Clean the Inside of the House First

Cleaning the glass starting from the inside of the house is highly recommended. This is because in general there is less dirt attached to the inner glass when compared to the outer glass.

The outside glass of the house is dirtier because it gets more dust and pollution. While the inside is only small dirt that will disappear in one wipe. So, prioritize the inside first.

3. Follow the Instructions for Use

The glass cleaning process will be maximized if you follow the procedures/rules for use in the cleaning liquid bottle. If you clean the glass using detergent, then choose a detergent that is suitable for the glass.


Using an inappropriate detergent will cause cloudy marks on the glass surface. As a result, the glass will feel more perfectly clear.

4. Start From the Hard-to-Reach Side

By cleaning the glass in the most difficult areas first, such as at high angles, the dirt will fall to the bottom and be more effectively cleaned later. If you start from the bottom while the top of the glass has not been cleaned, then the glass at the bottom will be exposed to dirt from above.

Therefore, to avoid double work, you should start cleaning from the top or hard-to-reach areas.

For the top, if you don’t reach it, use a chair or ladder that is strong enough to support your body. Make sure the stairs are safe to climb before starting to focus on cleaning. See other articles: big window design for bedroom.

5. Choose a Soft Fabric

To prevent scratches on the glass surface, use a soft cloth as a rag. If the glass is too dirty, then you should first clean it with soapy water.

Soft cloth can prevent scratches on the glass surface. In addition, it is cleaned with water so that the dirt that has stuck to the cloth does not stick to the glass surface.

6. Perform Maintenance Periodically

Set a schedule for when you will regularly clean and care for your minimalist home window glass. This is so that the stains do not accumulate and look very dirty. At least if you are very busy, schedule every weekend or two weeks. See other articles: window decoration ideas for bedroom.

How to care for the window glass of the house or shop above is fairly simple. If you want to clean the glass of a building or tall building, you should not do it yourself if you are not used to it. Just call a professional glass cleaning service to have it done properly.


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