70+ Pictures of Luxury Minimalist Interior Design

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luxury home interior design

Tired of the same-looking house? Let’s take a peek at the family’s dream luxury home interior design inspiration here!


Home Interior – Building a beautiful house is everyone’s dream. In order to make it happen, not only the exterior side needs to be considered but also the interior design of the house.


Did you know that interior design consists of so many styles that of course adapt to the tastes and character of each homeowner?


You can use interior design services if you have sufficient funds. These services will make it easier for you the process of designing your dream home. However, if you want to be more independent in your creativity, then you can choose the following home interior design as inspiration.


Come on!



3 Types of the Best Home Interior Designs

Minimalist Home Interior

1. Accentuate the Wood’s Original Color

Minimalist Home Interior

Having a minimalist home does not mean limiting yourself to being creative. You can carry the simple beige and gray concept for the interior of your interior.


Give a neutral coloring to the residential walls with beige paint. Likewise on the floor. For furniture, you can give natural coloring or light gray. These colors are perfect for all seasons.


2. Serve Shades of Light Gray and Wood Brown

Minimalist Home Interior

Playing with color theory seems to be your perfect solution to realizing your dream home. One of them by carrying the concept of simple and light gray elegance.


You can give a light gray feel for a residential design that looks wider. Combine also with ornaments of a similar color.


You can give wall decorations in the form of paintings or interesting portraits of a landscape in the wild. Also, provide a window design that extends down to the bottom which is still a favorite for minimalist residential owners ranging from type 45 to type 36.


3. Combine Chocolate and Ivory White

Minimalist Home Interior

Make no mistake, you can still build a warm and luxurious atmosphere in your minimalist home.


One of them is to give coloration all light brown and broken white, especially in a narrow room like the kitchen. You can turn your dream kitchen into an exclusive in-house cafe.


Provide an LCD television that makes the family more relaxed and enjoy the afternoon. Add a few pots of ornamental plants to make the air in the room cleaner and healthier.


4. Serve the Elegant Scandinavian Nunasa

Minimalist Home Interior

Even though it only has a minimalist residential size, you can still apply an interesting interior concept. For example, by applying the Scandinavian design style which is still popular today.


This design is considered very representative of the lifestyle of the homeowner, which is practical and of course elegant. This interior style is synonymous with a clean and anti-over-decoration impression.


5. Elegant White

Minimalist Home Interior

The all-white nuance is still his favorite residential interior design. Especially for those of you who live in densely populated urban areas, the all-white nuance will certainly make your residence seem wider.


Especially if you provide furniture that is not too dense. Add some of the most used furniture. For example, sofas and televisions in the living room.


To be more complete, you can provide a window that extends to the bottom. This window will make it easier for you to see outside more freely.


6. Simple Monochrome

Minimalist Home Interior

Who says the monochrome color theory isn’t great? To make your dwelling look wider, you can give it an all-black and white feel.


Especially if you apply it in the living room. Especially for this room, you can get rid of the ventilation by filling a special part of the wall with an elongated window. This can make your room look more spacious.


7. Vintage

Minimalist Home Interior

Not only is the Scandinavian feel a favorite, but the vintage style is also still being loved.


Generally, the interior style of this residence is dominated by a variety of soft colors such as light green, pastel, and white to light gray.


This style also often utilizes a number of feminine motifs combined with some furniture.


8. Elegant Classic

Minimalist Home Interior

You can apply a classic elegant style to the interior of your home. This style is not only suitable for large houses but also for minimalist homes.


You can apply this design by uniting the dining room and kitchen. Besides being able to give a broad impression, this method is also fairly practical for easy access.


9. Bring the Natural Atmosphere

Minimalist Home Interior

Bringing a natural atmosphere into your minimalist home can certainly be one of the best inspirations. Especially if you have a minimalist 2-story residence.


You can place a bonsai ornamental plant in the middle of the room to liven up the natural atmosphere.


Also, provide furniture with real wood colors. If necessary, you can also provide a kind of chandelier with a dim bulb.


10. Mix White and Light Gray Shades

Minimalist Home Interior

For those of you who like everything simple, then you can try using this interior inspiration. Touch white and gray as the dominance of your dream residence.


To make the feel of the house feel wider, then you can fill one part of the wall with windows. You will get this bright impression if you provide a simple explanation.


11. Serve Dark Gray Shades

Minimalist Home Interior

All-gray shades are always attractive to dominate a minimalist residential interior. This muted color tends to be neutral, which can give the room an airy impression as well as brighter.


You can apply this kind of design, especially in the living room. Also, give an all-white framed window to give a clean and tidy impression.


12. Monochrome

Minimalist Home Interior

Giving a monochrome design to the interior of a residence will certainly make you feel more comfortable.


This kind of design also makes the house seem more modern and attractive. If you are proficient in designing then you can try to apply it in your home.


For example, by placing task lighting or a kind of special lighting lamp. Don’t forget to adjust the color with monochrome shades.


13. Present a Modern Minimalist Look

Minimalist Home Interior

Of course, a modern feel is the best way for those of you who want to have the most up-to-date residence. With nuances like this, of course, it will make the interior of your home look more dynamic and vibrant.


Even though you use muted colors, you can still give a modern impression from some of the furniture. Pair it with bright white, black, and a hint of silver.


14. White Canvas

Minimalist Home Interior

You can make white the basic color for the interior design of your home.


In addition to being a neutral color that is suitable to be combined with other colors, white is also very suitable to be applied by those of you who want to bring a contemporary feel to your home.


White can eliminate the feeling of stiffness and can strengthen the effect of the minimalist interior of the house that you can display.


15. Modern White Canvas Interior

Minimalist Home Interior

White has long dominated the classic interior style. The all-white walls are certainly able to present a simple, elegant appearance for the residents of the house.


To make your dream residence seem wider, you can add a number of pieces of furniture such as standing lamps, and rattan chairs to monochrome-themed paintings.


Give a touch of wood floors so that the appearance of the residence is more stunning.


16. Minimalist Black and White Interior

Minimalist Home Interior

Monochrome shades can certainly be accepted by anyone. These colors also show that you are open enough to receive guests without compromising family privacy.


The support of a number of furniture with matching colors can also give a comfortable and elegant impression to the interior of your residence. Add general lighting such as a tabular lamp to make it even more beautiful.


17. Minimalism with a Touch of Orange

Minimalist Home Interior

Imagine the spacious impression of your residence with this kind of monochrome theme. Instead of having limited space, you can actually combine them at once, namely the kitchen, dining room, and family room.


Make the room look like a simple cafe. Add some modern furniture to complement the interior of your home.


18. All-White Atmosphere

Minimalist Home Interior

White can always give the effect of infinite dimensions. You can highlight a number of furniture with the dominance of white in the interior of your residence.


For example, by placing a gray sofa based on this kind of wood sheet. Complete the interior of your dream home with adequate lighting.


19. Combine Classical and Modern Shades

Minimalist Home Interior

If you want to try to apply a classic as well as a modern concept, then you can imitate this design. Make sure you make white the base color of the interior.


Then, combine it with other muted colors such as gray or wood brown to accentuate a classic impression.


Touch the lighting with public lights and don’t forget to provide a number of ornamental plants to refresh the residence.


20. Luxurious White

Minimalist Home Interior

Home is a place to come home to after a long day of activities. It can be said that the home is the most effective stress medicine. Thus, you need to design the interior of the residence as comfortably as possible.


For example, by giving the dominance of white in each room. Besides being able to give a warm impression, white is also suitable to be combined with other accents.


Luxury Home Interiors

1. Emphasize Modern Impression

Luxury Home Interiors

Highlight the modern impression of your residence with a number of mainstay furniture. For example, by placing a chandelier with a simple design.


Also, give a sofa in a similar color to the walls of the house. Also, maintain a number of furniture with the original color of the wood.


2. Focus on the Gray Color

Luxury Home Interiors

Give an elegant impression to the interior of your home by carrying the concept of an all-gray room.


Also, add a number of silver accents and wall paintings with abstract themes. Eliminate room ventilation by offering long windows that touch the floor.


3. Make Ivory White Your Primary Color

Luxury Home Interiors

White is still a favorite for a number of people. This is because white is perfect for adding any accent.


Especially if you want to make the interior of your home more classy. Just with a little touch of black and silver items, it certainly brings an elegant impression.


4. Classic Light Grey

Luxury Home Interiors

If you are a fan of muted colors, of course, this design can be the coolest inspiration. Especially if you want to favor a classic impression.


You can give a touch of classic furniture such as display mannequins that increasingly give an artistic impression.


5. Give it a Golden Chocolate Touch

Luxury Home Interiors

The luxurious interior is certainly closely related to a touch of elegant colors such as golden brown. To make the elegant feel more visible, you can strengthen it with matching ornaments.


For example, an additional beige sofa, a standing lamp, or a silver chandelier.


6. Present a Contemporary Feel

Luxury Home Interiors

Bring a contemporary feel into your dream home to further display the impression of luxury.


You can combine it with adequate lighting and furniture with classic colors such as dark red, wood brown, and dark blue.


7. Carry European Classic Style

Luxury Home Interiors

There’s nothing wrong with bringing classic European style into your dream home. For example, by incorporating a typical 90s feel to the interior of the Titanic or houses belonging to Harry Potter players like this.


Guaranteed, it will make you feel more at home.


8. Vintage

Luxury Home Interiors

Vintage always prioritizes muted colors for housing. Not only suitable for small dwellings, but the vintage theme is also suitable for large houses.


Combine pastel colors with modern furniture. If necessary, you can provide a special wall for the window that seems to eliminate the boundaries between the interior of the house and the outside world.


9. Embed Nature Into Interior Walls

Luxury Home Interiors

So love nature and want to bring these nuances into your home? Easy! You can pour your imagination into residential walls with a natural theme.


For example, by making one area of ​​the room wall a canvas with a river view. To make the feel of nature even more lively, add some ornamental plant pots.


10. Spill Broken White

Luxury Home Interiors

Broken white can be the best color inspiration for those of you who want to give an elegant impression to your home.


Also, play with the choice of general lighting in the room so that it looks brighter and more luxurious.


Place a number of sofas with dark or neutral colors to make the atmosphere more comfortable.


11. Combine White with Ceramic

Luxury Home Interiors

The combination of white with all-ceramic furniture can also give a luxurious impression to your residence, you know!


Especially if you can combine it with other supporting colors that can maximize the appearance of your home interior.


12. Use a Firm Accent

Luxury Home Interiors

You can also add bold accents to strengthen the luxury of your interior. As is the case with placing a brightly colored sofa and a wall painting table that contains feminine elements.


Also, give a wooden floor that looks shiny when the lighting is highlighted.


13. All-Wood Interior

Luxury Home Interiors

You should know that an all-wood interior can also make your dream house even more elegant.


Instead of being painted in such a color, you can keep the original color. This kind of all-wood interior can certainly make your home look more classic.


14. Spill White

Luxury Home Interiors

White spills are also still a favorite in order to give a spacious and luxurious impression to the dwelling.


One of them is by applying this concept to the kitchen space. Give a combination of furniture colors that are in harmony with an elegant impression such as gold, dark brown, or silver.


15. Show Bold Colors

Luxury Home Interiors

Those of you who like to play with colors can also create them in the interior of the house. Besides being able to give the impression of luxury, bright colors can also add to the impression of elegance.


Especially if you are proficient in placing various ornaments in the room. This is sure to be the perfect combination.


16. Classic Feel

Luxury Home Interiors

The classic feel is always interesting to look at. Especially if you apply it to your home kitchen.


This will certainly be something really unusual and can captivate every eye.


17. Present All-White and Modern Nuances

Luxury Home Interiors

Having a limited laundry room doesn’t mean you can’t give the impression of luxury.


Just combine it with an all-white color and the right furniture placement.


18. Provide Warm Lighting

Luxury Home Interiors

If you want to play with limited lighting, then combine it with sufficient natural lighting.


Add some furniture with beige color to accentuate the impression of luxury.


19. Provide Bright Lighting

Luxury Home Interiors

Giving a luxurious impression to the interior of the room can also be done by playing with lighting.


Place fluorescent lamps or similar downlights to strengthen the elegant impression.


20. Give the Room a Warm Feel

Luxury Home Interiors

Luxury doesn’t have to be glamorous. You can try to bring an element of luxury by including sufficient lighting in the room. Combine with classic dark brown ornaments.


Simple Home Interior

1. Modern Minimalist

Simple Home Interior

Add a modern feel to your dream home. You can place a number of wall displays that further beautify the room.


Don’t forget to match the primary color of your residential interior, OK!


2. Make One Room

Simple Home Interior

So that your minimalist home looks more attractive, you can unite three rooms at once, namely the kitchen, dining room, and lounge.


Give accent lights that focus on the center of the room.


3. Give a Broad Impression

Simple Home Interior

You can further expand your simple dwelling by placing windows on a full part of the wall of the room.


Combine it with a touch of muted colors and furniture of the same color.


4. Give Center of Attention

Simple Home Interior

Make the interior of the dwelling as attractive as possible. One of them by placing a television as the center of attention in a room.


Make it different as if you have a spacious room for visual pampering.


5. Black and white

Simple Home Interior

If you are lazy, maybe black and white shades can be the right solution.


Place a number of chandeliers to add a romantic impression. If necessary, also place a standing lamp.


6. Warm Color

Simple Home Interior

Using warm color shades like in this picture can also be a solution.


Just imagine, a family gathering place will be warmer with decorations like the picture above. Guaranteed, your family will be more harmonious.


7. All-Blue Shades

Simple Home Interior

If you are bored with muted colors, you can be bolder by adding blue.


In addition to looking fresher, blue also gives a calm effect to homeowners.


8. Shades of Red

Simple Home Interior

In addition to blue, you can also combine red as one of the interior inspirations of the room.


It doesn’t just have to be read as a whole! You can give red accents to some furniture.


9. Unite White With Nature

Simple Home Interior

Uniting the kitchen with nature using glass window bulkheads also seems to be the inspiration for your dream dwelling.


Add a number of all-white ornaments to make the room look more spacious.


10. Minimalist Kitchen

Simple Home Interior

Even though you don’t have enough space for the kitchen, you can still make it look spacious.


The trick is to create a window like an image above. If necessary, add a number of hanging ornamental plants to create a charming impression.


11. Place the Large Window as the Eye of the House

Simple Home Interior

Placing a large window on the side of the wall can be a great solution to beautify the appearance of your home.


Later the owner of the house seems to be able to immediately enjoy the scenery outside so freely.


12. Make Home Feel Like a Ship

Simple Home Interior

For those of you who live in the seaside area, then this interior design can be quite an interesting inspiration.


Place two window boxes as your vantage point to see the vastness of the ocean.


13. Play with Girly colors

Simple Home Interior

There is nothing wrong with combining bright girl colors in your dwelling.


For example, orange and pink in a number of ornaments. Also, give some ornamental plant pots to freshen up the room.


14. Play Mint Color

Simple Home Interior

Applying a mint color on each side of the room can certainly be an anti-mainstream option.


Not to mention if you are good at combining it with a chandelier like a blooming flower.


15. Give it a touch of art

Simple Home Interior

For those of you who are rich in imagination, then you can try to apply interior design.


Place a painting of a bird as a symbol of freedom in the room. Combine with the feel of an all-white room, yes!


16. Simple and Elegant

Simple Home Interior

Again, white is still a favorite. This time you can combine it with a casement window that makes fresh air easily enter your home.


17. Classic Minimalist

Simple Home Interior

Bring a warm feel to residential interiors with this style. Add a touch of awning windows enough for air change.


Also, present a number of ornamental plants to give a fresh effect.


18. All-Gold Shades

Simple Home Interior

Have a minimalist home? You can still look full of luxury. One of them is to give the gold color dominance in every corner of the room.


Even the floor, you can design it with a similar color.


19. Add Neutral Colors

Simple Home Interior

Blue is still a favorite color to bring a fresh feel. For example on the side of the bedroom.


Combine it with white primary color to make it even more presentable.


20. Unite the Kitchen Unit with the Back Garden

Simple Home Interior

Unite the kitchen with the back garden using a stationary window partition. This window allows you to freely stare at the back garden without disturbing wind gusts.


Luxury Home Interior Designs Pictures

luxury home interior designs


luxury home interior designs

luxury house interior

luxury house interior

modern luxury interior design

modern luxury interior design

luxury home interior

luxury home interior

modern luxury house design

70+ Pictures of Luxury Minimalist Interior Design

fancy house design

fancy house design

fancy house interior

luxury mansion interior

luxury house interior design

luxury mansion interior

luxury mansion interior

luxury mansion interior

luxury home decor ideas

luxury home decor ideas

luxury minimalist interior design

luxury minimalist interior design

Before starting to design the interior of the house, you can make a house plan design so that it can match the concept of the house you want.


The collection of home interior designs above hopefully can be an inspiration for you. The most important thing in building a house is to place yourself as the owner of the most comfortable home. Make sure everything is according to your taste, yes!


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