Simple kitchen design for village

Simple kitchen design for village– Examples of simple kitchens in minimalist villages are numerous, but very few of us can design a simple kitchen to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. The kitchen is one of the family’s favorite places to gather at home. In the kitchen, a family usually cooks together or just makes a favorite cup of coffee.

In making a minimalist kitchen design itself, the dominance of wood is sometimes the main point in highlighting the impression of back to nature. Not only that, exposing wood will look very beautiful. Not only wood, usually to add an aesthetic and neat impression, rustic kitchens also often feature an arrangement of red bricks that is left without being covered with cement.

In addition to saving materials, it is also to make over your kitchen, so that giving exposed red bricks will actually look beautiful. With several examples that will be presented below, make sure one of them becomes your inspiration to get the rustic kitchen you dream of.

Example of simple kitchen design for village

1. Outdoor Kitchen

simple kitchen design for village

The simple kitchen example above will definitely remind us when visiting grandmother’s house in our hometown where usually the kitchen will open with a backyard full of grandmother’s collection plants. It is undeniable, a kitchen with a rustic feel often looks old-fashioned and boring, but with a neat arrangement with a little decorative touch, the kitchen in the style of grandma’s and grandpa’s homes in their hometown will look very beautiful and comfortable to eat with family.

The use of decorative items in the kitchen as above should not be too luxurious or flashy, this is because a touch of luxury will eliminate the soothing rustic feel. Enough with the chairs and wood / rattan that we have and clean and well-maintained kitchen furniture with a neat arrangement, it will still give an aesthetic feel to your kitchen.

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2. Kitchen with Unfinished Design

simple kitchen design for village

The example of a simple kitchen in the village above is an alternative for those of you who live in the village and have a separate kitchen from your main house. No need to worry because your kitchen will look cozy with an unfinished design like the one above. It doesn’t require a large budget to renovate your kitchen in the village.

By exposing red brick, wood and also the floor will give an aesthetic effect, but don’t forget to keep your kitchen utensils clean, so that when arranged it still looks comfortable and beautiful. Of course, by not forgetting to keep your kitchen clean so that your efforts to renovate your kitchen are not in vain, guys.

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3. Minimalist Wooden Kitchen

simple kitchen design for village

The design example above is an alternative for you who live in the city, the terrace of the house which is usually very close to the highway or complex road finally makes you rack your brain to build a garden behind the house. For those of you who have a garden behind the house, there is nothing wrong with connecting your home kitchen with the garden behind the house as above.

A simple kitchen that is minimalist but still comfortable to use by its residents, by using wood, you can make wooden windows like the one above, just like the feel of a community house in the royal era. The classic and unobtrusive looks make your kitchen one of your favorite places.

With windows that open from wood, the wind that blows will be more pronounced, so that cooking activities in the kitchen will feel cool. Not only that, the windows and wooden doors in your kitchen will be a place for good air circulation in your home.

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Hopefully the article simple kitchen design for village is useful. If you have difficulty designing interior designs, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

simple kitchen design for village