7 Simple Geometric Wall Design

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simple geometric wall design

Simple geometric wall design – No need to use many colors, geometric wall color patterns can also be made with only a combination of two colors. For those who need inspiration, you can look at the simple two-color geometric wall design paint ideas below.


If you are bored with plain wall colors, you can decorate the walls of your house with various patterns.


One simple pattern that can make a house look more attractive is a geometric wall pattern.


Basically, this pattern consists of straight lines that form several flat areas on the wall.


With the right color combination, surely the feel of the house will look much different.


Most people combine many colors in this pattern.


However, if you are confused about combining many colors, you can simply combine two matching colors.


Then, what patterns and colors are suitable to be combined in this geometric pattern?


Come on, check out some simple two-color geometric wall design paint ideas below!


Simple Geometric Wall Design Ideas

1. Diagonal Lines

simple geometric wall design

A simple geometric pattern can make a home interior look more elegant.


One example is to make a diagonal line like the picture above.


For color, use two contrasting colors that match.


As a means, choose a neutral color, such as gray, white, or black, to match it combined with various colors.


Meanwhile, one more color is your favorite color.


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2. Random Straight Line Pattern

simple geometric wall design

If you look closely, this straight line pattern does look messy, but that’s exactly what makes it look aesthetic.


This random line pattern seems to form several flat areas on the walls of the room, ranging from triangles, squares, to trapezoids.


In addition to combining two contrasting colors, a combination of two similar colors is also suitable for this pattern.


For example, dark blue with light blue, red with pink, and so on.


3. Mountain Pattern

simple geometric wall design

In addition to abstract images, geometric patterns can also form mountains.


Like the image above, you can draw several triangles to form a mountain pattern.


Some colors that you can combine for this pattern include white with gray, dark blue with white, and dark blue with yellow.


4. Large Geometric Cuts

simple geometric wall design

One of the best ways to apply two-tone geometric wall paint is to form a large flat area.


As the picture above shows, the triangular and trapezoidal shapes are very large.


This makes it easier for us when painting it.


Wall patterns like this are better colored using two similar colors, such as orange with yellow or red with pink.


5. Black and White Geometric Wall Paint

Black and White Geometric Wall Paint

Well, this one pattern is most suitable to be applied in the bathroom.


With a zebra pattern like this, the appearance of a narrow bathroom is no longer boring.


Moreover, with the addition of good light circulation, your bathroom will definitely look more impressive.


6. Wave Pattern

simple geometric wall design

For those of you who like to vacation at the beach, you will definitely like this two-color geometric wall paint pattern.


This wave pattern will make the room feel like you are in the middle of the sea.


Coupled with marine nuanced displays, surely the appearance of your home interior decoration will be more stunning.


How to make a wave pattern is actually almost the same as making a mountain pattern because it uses the same shape, namely a triangle.


The difference is the triangular shape that makes the wave image is made smaller and more numerous.


That way, most of the walls will look like the sky is wide and the image of the waves can be more striking.


7. Fir Tree Pattern

simple geometric wall design

Geometric patterns are not always identical to the flat planes we learn in school.


You can also modify it into shapes that are out of the box like the image above.


Straight lines that form like spruce will also make the room look more attractive.


For this pattern, you must use a contrasting color so that the fir tree pattern stands out.


Those are 7 simple geometric wall design ideas that you can imitate. I hope this article inspires you! 

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