16 Simple Village Kitchen Design

simple village kitchen design

Simple village kitchen design – Are you looking for a simple kitchen design in a beautiful village that is far from tacky? You’re in luck. Take a peek at the inspiration in the article below!

Having a beautiful home interior design is certainly everyone’s dream.

The more beautiful and pleasing to the eye, the more comfortable we are to spend time at home.

This also applies to the kitchen.

A clean kitchen and a beautiful concept can make cooking activities more enjoyable.

Not only that, but its beautiful design can also make residents feel comfortable.

To get a comfortable kitchen design, you don’t need to spend deeply.

You can copy the inspiration from the simple kitchen design in the following village!

Examples of simple village kitchen design. Beautiful and Aesthetic!

1. White Ceramic Kitchen

simple village kitchen design

The simple kitchen design in this first village carries a minimalist theme.

The kitchen is clad in white by using several different elements and materials.

It can be seen, the kitchen counter is white, in harmony with the floor tiles and kitchen wall paint.

Meanwhile, the black accents on the carpet and the edges of the countertop add color, making the kitchen look less pale.

2. Narrow Simple Kitchen

simple village kitchen design

This minimalist kitchen design may not look like a village, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cheat!

The concept is suitable for a kitchen in a narrow house because it utilizes a corner measuring only 2 × 3 meters.

Utilization of narrow space is done by using wall furniture so that it does not take up much space.

Don’t forget to place a bright lamp or window next to the kitchen so that the room looks more spacious.

3. Kitchen next to the garden

simple village kitchen design

If you’re looking for an open kitchen design, the model above can be your inspiration!

The kitchen is placed next to the garden with windows and maximum lighting.

This makes the kitchen brighter while creating the illusion of a cleaner and more spacious room.

Another advantage of an open kitchen is that cooking fumes will not enter the room.

4. Concurrently Laundry Room

simple village kitchen design

Still discussing the open kitchen design, this time the room doubles as a laundry area.

However, don’t worry about the kitchen getting unclean!

The washing area in question is only the placement of the washing machine.

Laundry activities can be done in the garden or open area next to the kitchen.

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5. Chocolate Kitchen

simple village kitchen design

If previously we discussed simple kitchen designs in the village with shades of white, now we move on to other colors!

The choice of brown is a good idea for any room, including the kitchen.

This color includes neutral, so it is easy to combine with other colors.

The combination also looks smooth, does not make the kitchen look tacky or messy.

6. Wooden Kitchen with Backsplash

simple village kitchen design

Beautify the kitchen by combining two beautiful elements, namely wood, and ceramics.

This combination never fails to make the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing.

Wood elements are used in kitchen cabinets, both kitchen counters, and countertops.

While ceramics are seen on the backsplash, adding a unique accent to the kitchen.

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7. Traditional Kitchen

simple village kitchen design

The last simple kitchen design is inspired by the traditional kitchen concept.

Most of the kitchens are built using cement material with wooden utensils like kitchens in the village.

Windows made of bamboo are also present to sweeten the appearance of the kitchen.

Simple but interesting, right?

9 Simple Kitchen Designs For Small Houses

simple kitchen design

Check out the inspiring simple minimalist kitchen design below for a modern, stylish, and charming kitchen look! The designs are easy to imitate!

There are many reasons why a minimalist kitchen is superior to other designs.

One of them is the fact that proves that a minimalist kitchen is easier to clean and maintain.

In addition, a minimalist kitchen looks chicer and in line with the interior of a small house that seems simpler.

The minimalist concept will help display a clean and spacious kitchen.

The simple minimalist kitchen design below is the proof!

Come on, let’s see one by one!

1. Gray Minimalist Kitchen

simple kitchen design

This simple gray minimalist kitchen design is an excellent choice for a long kitchen space.

This kitchen is built with a combination of built-in cabinets.

The walls are covered with ceramics and wood materials that decorate the tables and countertops.

For this one design, make sure the kitchen room is equipped with an adequate lighting system.

Maximum lighting will support activities in the kitchen well.

2. Efficient Minimalist Kitchen

simple kitchen design

An efficient kitchen design is suitable for those of you who are active in carrying out daily life.

This kitchen relies on the empty space in the middle of the room to place a small table and chairs.

The interior is built with a modest theme, or in other words not adventurous.

This efficient kitchen is not filled with too many utensils and furniture.

3. Minimalist Kitchen Complete with View

simple kitchen design

Actually, the kitchen doesn’t need a good view.

However, if your home is blessed with a beautiful environment, why not?

Install large windows that face directly out.

This window will not only pamper you with a natural panorama but also as a gap for sunlight to enter the house.

Natural light will make a minimalist kitchen look more spacious and warm.

4. Simple 3×3 Minimalist Kitchen Design

simple kitchen design

Confused about how to organize a 3×3 kitchen at home?

Just look at this one design!

This minimalist 3×3 kitchen design accommodates every inch of a narrow kitchen, increasing the efficiency of the room.

Wall-mounted cabinets save other space that can be used for placing items or other kitchen furniture.

To make it look not empty, you can install ethnic patterned wallpaper.

5. Blue Minimalist Kitchen

simple kitchen design

Who says minimalist design can only take advantage of monotone colors?

The proof is the minimalist kitchen design above!

According to Pantone, last year was the time for blue to triumph and be trendy.

The use of navy blue as above can be a reference for the kitchen in your home!

6. Corner Kitchen

simple kitchen design

Don’t have space for a kitchen?

Why not just take advantage of a narrow corner at home?

The angle that can be used is the one that has a width of approximately 2 meters with an adjustable length.

Install the kitchen table against the wall, complete with equipment.

Meanwhile, you can store kitchen utensils on wall shelves to make them more organized.

7. U-shaped kitchen

simple kitchen design

The next simple kitchen design can really be imitated for those of you who live in a supermini apartment or house.

Most of these houses are equipped with a U-shaped kitchen.

To make it look bright and not too crowded, install windows that face outward.

This trick is also able to bring natural light into the house.

Combine it with a patterned tile floor to make the design look more attractive!

8. Kitchen with Sticking Table

simple kitchen design

Here’s another simple kitchen design for a super narrow residence!

This design uses an open dining concept, so the main dining table is in the kitchen area.

The use of a duo of white and gray is used to reflect the impression of a clean and contemporary kitchen.

To increase the aesthetic value of kitchen interior design, use a modern-style chandelier instead of wall decoration.

9. Simple Minimalist Kitchen

simple kitchen design

This last simple minimalist kitchen design is infused with a bright and warm lighting system.

The design is inspired by the Scandinavian house concept which reduces the amount of furniture in the house.

As you can see, the kitchen looks neat and all the utensils are stored in a cabinet, so the room doesn’t look flashy.

The all-white room is reinforced by blue accents brought by the chandelier.

Shiny kitchen cabinets and wooden wallpaper on some corners of the walls also complement the room beautifully.

Hopefully, the article simple village kitchen design is useful. If you have difficulty designing interior designs, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!