Kitchen Feng Shui Rules for Determining the Best Layout

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kitchen feng shui rules

Are you building or remodeling a kitchen? Come on, try to learn the best layout according to the teachings of kitchen feng shui . In the science of feng shui, there are several aspects that can be used as guidelines for determining the best kitchen layout. The goal is so that the kitchen can channel positive energy in the house.


Feng shui teaches that the kitchen must be able to channel positive energy to the occupants of the house to provide health, happiness and prosperity. Therefore, applying feng shui to the kitchen through a balanced and harmonious interior is one way that can be done. Here are some kitchen feng shui rules.


Determining the Best Kitchen Location Based on Kitchen Feng Shui

The first thing to pay attention to is the best kitchen location according to feng shui. First, the location of the kitchen should not be in the middle of the house. This is because the middle part is considered the heart of the house and should be filled with the family room, which is the area where all residents gather and chat.


Try to place it at the back of the house because according to feng shui teachings, if it is placed at the front it will bring bad luck to the occupants of the house. This is also related to the aesthetic value of the house because it is less beautiful if the kitchen is at the front.


Separating Water and Fire Elements in the Kitchen

The second feng shui is the separation between two elements that collide with each other, namely the elements of water and fire. Don’t face the kitchen directly with the bathroom. This is related to the nature or elements of the room where the kitchen has a fire element, while the bathroom has a water element which is not very suitable when combined.


Apart from space, the placement of furniture and decorations must also be considered because many pieces of furniture should not be combined because their elements are different. For example, the dishwasher and refrigerator should not be placed close to the stove.


This is because the dishwasher and refrigerator have a water element, while the stove has a fire element. However, if your house has limited space, you can place flower vases that have different elements.


Make sure the house has maximum lighting

Lighting and air are important elements in feng shui. Therefore, you must ensure that the kitchen is equipped with windows and/or ventilation pathways. Good lighting and air can also make the occupants of the house feel at home and comfortable. If the kitchen window capacity is insufficient, add lights to keep the kitchen bright and have good energy.


Keeping the Kitchen Area Clean

One of the trivial things taught by feng shui is kitchen cleanliness. Something clean gives positive energy to the surroundings. Considering that the kitchen is where the household’s food is made, make sure to keep the kitchen clean so that good energy continues to radiate.


Pay attention to the cardinal angles

According to the teachings of feng shui, the cardinal angles symbolize various elements. North represents water, south represents fire, wood for the east, and metal for the west. Therefore, in the placement and direction of items and doors, you must pay attention to the cardinal angles.


An example is a stove that should face south or east. This is because the elements are suitable and can bring positive energy. In addition, do not place the stove in the corner of the room and face west and north because the elements are not suitable.


Other furniture must also be placed according to its elements so that it provides good and positive energy for the kitchen and especially your home. You can call a feng shui expert to check the placement of furniture in the kitchen or all areas of the house.


Best Kitchen Interior Colors According to Feng Shui

Interior colors can also influence the feng shui of the kitchen. There are several rules you can follow to maintain energy balance in your kitchen. Starting with cooking furniture which can use bright colors so as not to give a gloomy impression.


Then for the kitchen walls, it’s a good idea to determine the paint color based on the position of your kitchen. If facing south, choose a typical fire color, such as red, orange or yellow. On the other hand, if you face north, use calm colors such as blue, black and gray. Then for the west you can use white and gray. Meanwhile, for kitchens facing east, you can use wood colors such as green, brown and light blue.


Decorations to Increase Positive Energy

Another kitchen feng shui science is the placement of decorations or decorations that can increase positive energy. One of them is a plant that can radiate positive energy that is good for the residents of the house. Place flower vases and fruit holders in your kitchen between the stove and refrigerator to prevent two different elements from clashing.


Not Under Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Stairs

According to home feng shui, under the stairs is the worst place. The reason is, under the stairs is a place with minimal air circulation and little lighting. If you have a two-story house, don’t place the kitchen below the bedroom and bathroom. This is because the heat of the stove below brings negative energy to the room above.


This is information about kitchen feng shui that you can consider when building or renovating a kitchen area. There’s no harm in applying feng shui so that positive energy can continue to be present in your home. 

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