Update your residential atmosphere to be new again with 6 trendy wall paint color ideas!

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blue yellow wall paint
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It’s like new again!

The appearance of the house greatly influences the mood of its occupants. Apart from the arrangement and selection of furniture, the color of wall paint can also be a determining factor in whether a residence is neat or not.

Wall paint colors are increasingly varied and follow existing trends. It’s not surprising that many people are confused about choosing the right color. No need to worry, here Gmboel reviews some contemporary wall paint color inspirations that can be applied to the home.


peach wall paint
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This feminine color can make the appearance of your home sweeter and livelier. Moms can combine it with a touch of white on the decoration, furniture, floor, or windows and doors.

Because it is relatively bright, peach wall paint color can also create the illusion of a larger room so it is very suitable to be applied in minimalist homes. If Moms want to use this wall paint color, make sure to choose a paint product that can be easily cleaned when stained.


olive wall paint color
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Olive wall paint color could be an option if Moms don’t like colors that tend to be feminine. This color derived from green is softer and more elegant, so it can provide an effective psychological effect because of the calming nature of the color.

Moms can combine this color with red elements to make it more attractive and lively. Well, this wall paint color is most suitable for use in living rooms and bedrooms. Moms can also add various lamps with warm shades to make your home more comfortable.


mustard wall paint color
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The mustard color , which is currently trending, can also be an interior design color choice. So, Moms can use mustard wall paint color to keep it contemporary. If you feel that this wall paint color is too striking, Moms can combine it with white to give a neutral impression. Not only that, Moms can also combine this wall paint color with various decorations in contrasting colors, such as dark blue.

Dusty Pink

dusty pink wall paint color
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It doesn’t look dull, this wall paint color actually gives a luxurious impression to the room. The dusty pink wall paint color is most suitable for use in bedrooms because the color is very calming so Moms can sleep more soundly.


beige wall paint color
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Moms prefer natural color choices? You can really apply beige wall paint to the room. The color beige or cream is a derivative of the color brown which has a soft character so it can make the residential atmosphere warmer and calmer.

Not only that, this wall paint color can also create an elegant appearance in your home, Moms! For furniture, Moms can use sofas, tables, or decorations with touches of matching colors, such as dark brown, white, or dark green.

Blue Yellow

blue yellow wall paint color
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The combination of two primary colors, namely blue and yellow, is very suitable to be applied in the main room, such as in the living room, dining room or bedroom. Moms can also apply this wall paint color to the hallway area of ​​the house.

So that it doesn’t look tacky, choose softer blue and yellow wall paint colors, like the picture above. If you want to combine it with various decorative items, choose neutral colors, such as black, brown or white. This will still be able to highlight the impression of the blue and yellow colors, Moms.

So, are you interested in adopting one of these wall color ideas, Moms? 

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