9 Inspirational Japanese House Designs Suitable for New Families, Minimalist and Fresh at One with Nature

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japanese house designs

The following Japanese house design inspiration may be very suitable for those of you who have a new family. This house design is also very suitable for those of you who like natural elements inside and outside the house. Of course, it will make your house cool and fresh!

Building a house with a design from another country will always be interesting. Especially with buildings that are typical of that country. For example, Japan. This country has distinctive house buildings, both exterior and interior. Japanese houses look more minimalist with designs that can combine traditional and modern looks very well.

Japan is very famous for its architecture. It’s no surprise that even though Japanese houses seem minimalist, they still have good quality. If you are interested, Japanese-style houses can take advantage of various floor levels, angles, and the contrast between open spaces and comfortable corner spaces. Not only that, the Japanese house style also makes the house appear simpler and seems friendlier.

The concept of this Japanese house is also closely related to the love of nature, where there are usually plants in the house which will give a comfortable and fresh impression. So, for those of you who want to have a home design that is comfortable, simple, fresh and at one with nature, this Japanese style home design is very suitable. Come on, check it out!

Japanese House Design Inspiration

japanese house design inspiration

1. Japanese Style Concrete Box House

japanese style concrete box house

Inspired by the works of Tadao Andi, a couple from Houston, Texas, built their dream concrete house. The combination of traditional and modern design can be seen from the ratio of materials made from wood and concrete. Even though it looks like a modern house, you can still see the Japanese touch in this residence, right?

The inspiration for this Japanese house design looks simple. However, special skills are needed to build a house design like this.

2. Japanese Style House with Wooden Accent

japanese style house with wooden accent

This Japanese-style wooden house aims to have clean air surrounded by gardens. Unique Japanese heritage house design, not only that. The Japanese style house model with wooden accents provides residents with simple and practical comfort. A Japanese style house with wooden accents is equipped with a garden if your land area is sufficient.

The increasingly radiated Japanese accent becomes stronger and more beautiful for the residents. A Japanese-style house with wooden accents gives a warm feel to a residence.

3. Gandare House Japanese Style House

gandare house japanese style house

Even though the house doesn’t look wider on the side, Gandara House looks striking with its impressive facade. Even though the exterior looks modern, the use of wooden materials that are very Japanese style can be found in the interior.

Apart from that, one aspect that makes this house look comfortable to live in is the perfect natural lighting in the room.

4. Modern Japanese Style House

modern japanese style house

Apart from the exterior, the interesting thing about modern Japanese house design inspiration is the interior which combines traditional concepts. If you are interested in Japanese-style design, especially in the interior, then you can use tatami or lesehan or both, it will be even better.

A room that uses this interior will be neat and appear spacious. You can also use this room as a family room. Lesehan will bring you closer to fellow family members and will accommodate more people. Tatami will give a unique and fresh impression.

5. Contemporary Sloped Roof Japanese Style House

contemporary sloped roof japanese style house

Contemporary design house with glass. The two glass doors and windows of this house are clear and sunlight has been transplanted. Including a sloping roof can help drain rainwater. This house was designed by the architects very well.

Japanese style houses are now widely known. Moreover, various types of Japanese houses are now less traditional and mixed with modern minimalist.

6. Japanese Style House with Box Design

japanese style house with box design

Some houses in Japan are on hills, like this box house built on a hill. This is a simple house that focuses on useful areas with plenty of room for family members.

This design looks simple, but can have a lot of space for rooms or even other spaces. This design is suitable for young couples who want to have a house that looks simple but has lots of space.

7. Eco Friendly Japanese Style House

eco friendly japanese style house

Japanese culture is closely related to love and appreciation for nature. The best way to strengthen relationships is by bringing nature into the concept of the home. Well, Japanese houses generally place typical plants in them such as bonsai or bamboo. You can place typical Japanese plants in your house as interior decoration with natural elements.

Tips include adding typical Japanese plants such as bonsai or small bamboo to emphasize the impression of a Japanese-style house. By using shoji doors or sliding doors in Japanese. Being called Shoji is a common right in every Japanese interior design. It is usually made of translucent rice paper framed by wood.

As time goes by, there are now many more modern versions made using glass panels for ease of maintenance. Most importantly, shoji does not block natural light and can provide a lively sensation to your residence. On a side note, sliding doors can save space in a tiny house. The atmosphere of the house will feel more comfortable and cool.

8. Japanese Style House with Cement Material

japanese style house with cement material

Even though it looks simple, if you look closely the facade of this house has a unique texture and makes it look different. With a very modern appearance, this residence also does not use Japanese house walls which are usually made from special paper.

Even so, you can still feel the comfort of a Japanese house based on the dominant choice of wood materials. Don’t forget that you can decorate the front yard of your house with various plants. Japanese-style house design really has a natural theme. You can add small plants to your house. Don’t forget to always maintain cleanliness so that your house is well maintained.

9. Japanese Style House with Pool

japanese style house with pool

The sound of roaring water can create a meditative atmosphere that has a calming effect. A pool as a complement to this Japanese style house can provide calm in harmony with the zen concept adopted.

Many Japanese people, by nature, love and live in harmony with nature. Japanese homes demonstrate a strong connection to the wonders of nature by bringing them indoors. You can start by adding traditional Japanese plants. Like bamboo or bonsai to provide a sense of calm from the greenery plus the sound of splashing water flowing in the pool.

You can provide ornamental fish to add beauty to the pond. You can also choose wide windows and let the unlimited beauty of natural views into your room.

So, that’s the inspiration for Japanese house design. For those of you who like tranquility and nature, this Japanese-style house design is suitable for you to use as a reference. So, have you made a choice? Or still confused? 

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