14 Pictures Of Small 3 Bedroom House Plans

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3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

Small 3 Bedroom House Plans – Looking for modern house map inspiration? The 3 bedroom house models and plans below can really be used as inspiration for your dream home. The design is small and definitely not crowded!


Home is an integral part of our life.


This is where we spend almost half of our lives with the people we care about.


Therefore, it is important for us to pay attention to the house plan so that it is comfortable to live in together.


This time, we will discuss 3 bedroom house plans.


Examples plan below match  really for you who already have or are trying to build a family.


Small house design, far from the impression of being cramped and cramped!


Let’s take a peek one by one!


3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

1. Small House Plans with Parallel Rooms

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

The house plan above is devoted to families who respect privacy.


High bulkhead separates the house into two parts, namely the bedroom and other recreation areas.


Just like a triple room house plan  in general, this one floor plan also combines a dining room , TV room and kitchen.


2. Luxury House Plans with 3 Bedrooms with an Area of ​​140 Square Meters

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

Friends of Lians planning to build a wider house?


Then, 3 bedroom floor plan above can  ya be a cheat.


In addition to 3 rooms, the small house above is equipped with a spacious terrace, chic kitchen  and adjoining dining area.


Not left behind, his house is also equipped with a special work room .


The bathroom is built into the master bedroom.


As for the second bathroom, it is placed right in the middle of the second and third rooms.


3. Spacious Triple Room Type 45 Residential Design

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

There are many ways to make a small home look comfortable to live in.


One of them is to make the room wider than other rooms in the house.


This is due to the fact that everyone spends more time in the bedroom.


That’s why the room must feel comfortable.


In the example of the house plan above, the architect reduced the size of the kitchen and flanked it between two spacious rooms.


As a result, each bedroom can be equipped with a private bathroom .


4. Residential Design of Many Rooms Without Insulated

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

One way to make the dwelling look wider is to arrange the division of the house divider.


Like the small house plan picture above, for example.


The living room which doubles as the TV room is combined with the dining room and faces directly into the back garden.


Then, the room is separated by a glass door.


Not only that, the use of white that dominates every wall also makes the house look more spacious and clean.


In order not to be pale, add color in the house.


You can add brown color to the wood and colorful accents given by the wall decor.


5. Simple 3 Bedroom Small House Plan Type 36

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

This 3 room house model can be the perfect inspiration for those of you who have teenage children and live in limited land.


The room is divided into 3, namely the parents’ room, the first child’s room, and the second room.


Pay attention to the placement of cabinets that go into the wall.


This trick can save bedroom space, so residents of the house can tuck in other furniture.


If you are a couple who are just starting a household, this type  36 house  plan is perfect for you!


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6. 2-Story Residential Plan with Multiple Rooms

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

For a 2-story, or  multi-level house , you can choose to place the room on the top or bottom floor.


In the example of the house plan above, two rooms are placed on the second floor while the main bedroom is positioned on the first floor.


Its position is right behind the living room.


This one floor plan can be applied to those of you who plan to build more than one floor with a small theme.


7. Small House Plan Size 7×9

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

It is difficult to build 3 rooms in a narrow house.


However, don’t worry just yet!


The small 3 bedroom house plan above can be a solution.


The small house design in the picture relies on 2 main bedrooms equipped with a private bathroom.


Meanwhile, the guest bedroom is built right in the middle, with a position facing directly to the bathroom.


In order not to look cramped, the dining room is separated from the kitchen and positioned at the end of the spacious TV room.

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8. House Plan Contains 3 Rooms with the Same Area

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

In the small house plan above, there is no difference from the area of ​​the room.


Usually, a house that has more than 2 rooms has 1 or 2 spacious rooms and 1 smaller room.


However, you can equalize the room area by reducing the amount of space in the house.


The plan above does not include a gathering room.


Only the living room and dining room are in the middle of the room, that too without a partition.


9. House Plans with Spacious Children’s Rooms

3 bedroom small house plans with pictures

The next 3 bedroom house plan design is right for those of you who want to pamper children.


The size of the children’s room is bigger than the other 2 rooms.


Because of the sufficient area, you are more free to decorate a child’s room .


Not only that, you can also place 2 beds if your children are twins or not much different in age!


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low budget modern 3 bedroom house design

low budget modern 3 bedroom house design

Minimalist home design with an economical budget is an alternative solution to get a decent residential house.


Not infrequently, those who are creative can issue an economical budget with various innovative steps to save costs and materials.


A beautiful and comfortable house for a family to live in is everyone’s dream, besides that it is a matter of pride and happiness when you have succeeded in owning the house you have always dreamed of.


To have a dream house, of course, not a little budget is spent, even people are willing to pay off the house for years to get a dream home.


Moreover, if we ourselves provide home and room design ideas, it will certainly be a satisfaction in itself, so that the dream house is in accordance with its own style.


Where today, the minimalist home design style is one of the house concepts that is a home style that is much-loved by people today.


The simple and simple design is one of the reasons the minimalist house design concept is in great demand by various groups.


So a minimalist house is created, because it is efficient in the use of materials and land and has a modern appearance, and almost no complicated shapes.


In other words, every detail in a minimalist home design always has a certain function for the building itself that shows the aesthetics of every corner of the room.


So that the house with this design is built with a budget that is quite economical and keeps away from the word wasteful both from the use of materials and materials.

low budget modern 3 bedroom house design

low budget modern 3 bedroom house design


low budget modern 3 bedroom house design


low budget modern 3 bedroom house design

Hopefully the article 3 bedroom small house plans with pictures is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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