How to Clean Your Freezer Without Turning it Off

How to Clean Your Freezer Without Turning it Off, Piles of Ice in the Freezer Can Be Cleaned Without Digging It Just Spraying This Material, Try It!

how to clean your freezer without turning it off

Do you know how to clean your freezer without turning it off?

How to clean your freezer without turning it off, we can do it quickly and easily.

Moreover, how to clean ice flowers without turning off the electricity is an easy ingredient and we can find it at home.

No need to pry it anymore, defrosting in the freezer can be very fast.

The result can be really clean with just the tools in this house.

Curious, right?

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the ways to clean up piles of ice in the freezer below.

Clean the Ice in the Freezer Without Turning Off the Power

It is known that frost will grow thicker when the refrigerator is kept on for a long time without defrosting.

Actually, there is no rule regarding the best defrost time. Just defrost it every time the ice has crowded the shelves and disrupted the storage process.

The defrost process is indeed a common solution for everyone in removing this layer of ice.

However, this method will be inconvenient when we have raw materials that are prone to spoil if they are not frozen.

That’s why we have to know an easy trick to clean the ice without waiting for this natural defrost process.

Because this natural defrosts process usually takes too long which risks melting the raw materials.

In this way, you also don’t have to pry off the frost again.

Because prying off frost, even using wooden tools, can risk damaging the wall lining inside the refrigerator.

How to clean your freezer without turning it off

We can clean frost with tools at home, including:

1. Spray with hot water

Who would have thought that you could melt ice flowers by spraying them with hot water?

How come?

Just hearing it may already make us confused.

But looking for ice flowers with hot water spray is very easy and fast.

  • The trick, try to boil the water first.
  • Then, slowly add the water to the spray bottle.
  • Then squirt hot water over the ice, focusing on the bottom and sides of the ice where it’s stuck to the freezer shelf.

This method is effectively used to melt ice flowers so that they are easy to remove without the need to pry them out with a hard object.

2. Use a hair dryer

You read that right, it turns out that we can also use a hair dryer to clean the ice.

After neutralizing the refrigerator temperature, speed up the process of defrosting in the freezer with a blow dryer or hair dryer.

The trick, turn on the hair dryer or blow dryer, and set it at the hottest temperature.

Then stand in a safe area, so that when you hold the blow dryer you don’t touch the water from the refrigerator drips.

Then aim the blow dryer right at the inside wall of the freezer.

The goal is to make the walls of the freezer warm so that the ice builds up easily.

3. Use a fan

You can also speed up the defrosting process by installing a fan directly in front of the refrigerator door.

A fan can circulate warm air from the room into the freezer cabin.

In this way, the defrosting process will take place more quickly. 

4. Thaw with a warm towel

The third way is to remove the ice flower with a warm towel. The trick, dip a clean towel into hot water.

Then wring it out carefully and put the towel in the freezer.

The hot steam from the towel will help melt any layers of ice.

Remove and reinsert the towels periodically to keep the towels warm.

The four methods above are a quick way to clean and defrost without you needing to turn off the refrigerator power.

In this way, frozen food and the various vegetables and fruits in it can last longer in cold temperatures.

Hope it is useful!