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What is English interior style?

The English style is strict and conservative. Here, even the smallest detail radiates luxury and sophistication. And this means not only the facade, but also the interior decoration. But to get a house in the English style, it will take a lot of financial costs. 

interior english style

Bright living room in English style Source

Interior Design

Houses in the English style have the following characteristics:

  • Mandatory zoning of the premises. The house here is not simply divided into rooms with different meanings. But most of the rooms are also subject to division into separate functional areas.
  • Even though the house may have several floors, the rooms in it will be small.
  • Everything is symmetrical. The rooms themselves, windows and doors in them are all arranged symmetrically. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian inside plan.
Living room interior english style

Chandelier of an unusual shape in the interior of the living room Source

  • The windows in the dwelling are always large. Frames are necessarily made of natural wood. Most often they have a light shade. To demonstrate their adherence to ancient traditions, many modern Englishmen deliberately do not replace old window frames of their natural wood with new plastic models. This allows you to preserve the original appearance of the building.
  • For the decoration of premises in an English house, wood, natural stone, wallpaper with floral ornaments or with a striped print are used.
  • The English style does not tolerate contrasts. Everything is done in a calm scale. The predominant ones are white, blue, red, green, terracotta, purple. Golden tones can sometimes be used.
Ornaments interior english style

Floral ornaments in the design of the room Source

  • There must be a fireplace in the living room, on which a shelf with family heirlooms is installed, photos in beautiful frames, candlesticks.
  • In addition to the main lighting (chandeliers), additional lighting (candelabra, floor lamps) is also used. The light should be uniform throughout the room.
  • When choosing furniture, preference is given to classic options. It can have elements of other styles – bronze and brass inserts, carved decorations. Upholstery of upholstered furniture is mainly made of genuine leather or fabric with a small pattern. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian Balcony Ideas.
interior design english style

The use of wood in the design of the room Source

  • The textiles are predominantly natural. The British prefer monochromatic fabric or decorated with a strip, a cage, or small ornaments.
  • Large paintings and mirrors in carved frames, all kinds of figurines and vases are used as decor.
  • The arrangement of furniture and decorative elements in the room is strictly thought out. There is no chaos or negligence here.
Home interior english style

The use of English style in home decoration Source

Choosing a color for the English style

To make the room cozy, 3-4 basic shades are used in the English style. They can be bright or muted. Most often you can find such combinations:

  • Brown, deep green, brick.
  • Sand, dark brown, beige and chocolate shades.
Traditional interior english style

Colors traditional for the English style Source

The subdued colors of the decoration have become a typical feature of the English-style house. In this case, the rule always applies: if the windows of the room face the sunny side (south or east), then cold paints are used when decorating: gray, blue and green shades. For the shadow side (west and north), a warm color scheme is applicable: sand, chocolate, orange. You can also read other articles: Modern Scandinavian House Floor Plans.

Less often, you can find interior design in light colors (light gray, snow-white, beige). In this case, the furniture upholstery will have a pattern that is combined with the wall decoration.

Kitchen interior english style

Kitchen decoration in white and olive colors Source

Such an interior can contain many patterns. They are all medium-sized. Most often they use geometric prints (stripes, squares) or floral motifs that look very romantic. Also, the British are sensitive to shades of red. They can be seen in the colors of carpets and other home textiles. Snow-white wardrobes are popular in this style.

interior english style living room decoration

Large living room decoration Source

Selection of textiles and accessories

An English-style house is always filled with beautiful textiles. Indoors, you can see curtains, pillows and other decorative elements made of dense, heavy fabrics – velvet, tapestry, damask. At the same time, the colors of fabrics and upholstery of upholstered furniture must necessarily look harmonious. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian houses projects.

interior english style decorative pillows

The use of decorative pillows in the interior Source

The maximum amount of textiles can be seen in the bedroom:

  • for windows choose massive curtains, mostly straight cut;
  • the dressing table should be covered with a lace or embroidered tablecloth;
  • the bed has a quilted bedspread and many decorative pillows;
  • a small sofa or chair with pillows is placed next to the window.

To decorate a house in the English Gregorian or other style, use:

  • vases and candelabra;
  • family portraits or photographs in beautiful, often wooden, frames;
  • porcelain dishes;
  • mirrors in massive carved or gilded frames;
  • collections of small dolls or porcelain figurines.
interior english style home library

Interior of the home library Source

The fireplace becomes an integral part of the English home. In the past, it had its own function – it was used to heat the room. Today this need has disappeared, so it is made exclusively for decorative purposes. The fireplace makes the room more comfortable, bringing in notes of calmness and tranquility. For modern fireplaces, it is no longer necessary to specially build chimneys with a complex structure. Therefore, the use of new systems is completely safe and environmentally friendly. You can also read other articles: scandinavian barn house plans.

interior english style, Living room in English style

Living room in English style with fireplace Source

Examples of interiors

House designs in the English style involve small rooms. Today it is just a tribute to fashion, but in the past it was done so that it was easier to heat them in the cold season. There is always a free and spacious transition between the kitchen, dining room and living room. They can be separated from each other by an arch or transparent glass door. But the door to the bedroom or study is always large and massive, made of natural wood.

interior english style, Geometric and floral prints in the interior of the room

Geometric and floral prints in the interior of the room Source

Living room

The living room is a place for relaxation, meetings of the whole family and friendly gatherings. Therefore, it must be comfortable. The climatic features of Great Britain have led to the fact that the presence of “warm” interior details becomes an important condition in the local dwelling. First of all, there can be no English-style home without a fireplace. In addition, there will be high-backed armchairs in the living room. Such furniture in the past protected people from drafts. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian Style Balcony.

A large sofa and a dining table are installed in the center of the room. Another important element, without which it is impossible to imagine an English house, are the high open bookshelves. Sometimes they occupy absolutely the entire surface of the wall. In addition to books, all kinds of decor are installed on them – porcelain objects, photographs, small vases, candlesticks. Scattered pillows can be seen on the armchairs and sofas. On the table are openwork napkins. If we talk about the color scheme of living rooms, then beige, dark red and honey tones prevail here. You can also read other articles: scandinavian homes exterior.

interior english style, living room interior

Combined lighting options in the living room interior Source

The floor in the living rooms of English houses is made of dark wood or laminate with a large cage. This allows you to make a room with a small area visually wider. Walls can be covered with wallpaper, fabric or panels that are varnished. A large light carpet is chosen for the floor. It can be decorated with floral patterns. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house.


The English style is associated with luxury and aristocracy, so the bedroom must have a huge bed. Furniture with beautiful carvings or a canopy, which is installed at the headboard, looks exquisite. Beds are usually chosen from natural wood in dark shades. Nearby are bedside tables with small lamps. You can also read other articles: Types of risks in construction projects.

interior english style the bedroom

The use of the English style in the arrangement of the bedroom Source

An abundance of fabrics will give a special atmosphere to the room: massive blackout curtains decorated with draperies, checkered rugs, pillows of different sizes, a bedspread with a small floral pattern.

Wallpaper here is often used light with a pattern in the form of flowers and leaves, like in the Provence style. Light laminate or parquet is laid on the floor. There must be a carpet on top, the design and colors of which are in harmony with the colors of the walls. You can also read other articles:  How to Soundproof Your House.

interior english style the bedroom

Square print in the design of the bedroom Source


The room in which the hostesses spend a lot of time should be comfortable and give a feeling of peace. Here you can put a chair with a high back, traditional for this stylistic trend. In addition, there may be a comfortable small sofa. Typical of such a kitchen are a kitchen island, an arch-shaped doorway and beams on the ceiling. You can also read other articles: Shelving ideas DIY.

The classic English interior is distinguished by the use of light shades. Therefore, they choose gray, white, cream, light yellow and various pastel colors in the decoration. The emphasis here is on bright curtains, beautiful towels, bright tablecloths. There will be traditional pillows on the sofa and armchair.

interior english style, Making a kitchen island

Making a kitchen island in the English style Source

When choosing a material for decorating a kitchen, you need to take into account that it must be safe and reliable. High-quality materials will help create an interior that will delight its owners for many years. It can be natural stone, marble, wood. Carvings and shiny gilded fittings are used to decorate furniture. You can also read other articles: Indoor ornamental plants.

To create an “antique” effect in the English kitchen, choose snow-white cupboards with glazed doors. Additionally, there may be a built-in buffet here. Its functions are storing useful kitchen utensils and displaying beautiful, expensive dishes. Shelves and cabinet doors with glass inserts offer views of antique porcelain cups and saucers, wicker baskets. This allows you to achieve originality and comfort in the room. You can also read other articles: soundproof room.

interior english style, Furniture for the kitchen and dining room

Furniture for the kitchen and dining room in the English style Source

The walls in the kitchen are decorated with paintings. They can be painted on landscapes of rural hinterland, hunting scenes, images of animals. Various antique utensils, tea sets, jugs and copper pots are used as decor.

If the area of ​​the kitchen allows, an island can be made in its central part. It is surrounded by high-backed chairs covered with cloth capes. The working surface is mainly made of granite or other natural stone. You can also read other articles: l shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens.

interior english style the kitchen

The use of natural stone in the interior of the kitchen Source


From the very threshold, guests of the English house will be able to feel the love of local residents for antiques, so the passage to other rooms is often draped with massive curtains. The hallway in such houses can have a different area. This is a huge spacious hall or a miniature room in which the necessary minimum of furniture is located. You can also read other articles: Small Garden Inspirations.

But, even in a small hallway, a large mirror, a bench, a wardrobe and a shoe cabinet, an umbrella stand and a hanger are placed. Furniture is decorated with stained glass, carvings, panels.

interior english style Hallway

Hallway in an English house Source

When choosing furniture, the British strictly ensure that its shade is in harmony with the decoration of the walls. It can be light or dark wood. It is almost impossible to overload such a hallway with accessories. Exquisite table lamps on the table for hats and gloves, a porcelain floor vase will be appropriate here. The walls are decorated with paintings in carved frames or small family photos. You can also read other articles: intricacies of building structures.

interior english style Simple hallway

Simple hallway decoration Source


In the child’s room, it is important to divide into functional zones: for sleep, play, study. The color scheme consists of shades traditional for this style: cream, beige, pale pink or blue. They are allowed to be diluted with bright colors: red, burgundy, green, brick.

Floral patterns are used in the little princess’s room. For the boy, they choose the image of the sea or adventure. There may be a large number of shelves and pull-out cabinets. You can also read other articles: Interior design trends.

interior english style room for a child

Decoration of a room for a child in the English style Source


Since the English style implies luxury, it is desirable that the bathroom has a large area. It is important that furniture does not interfere with free movement. And to achieve this in a small room is simply impossible.

Tiles in contrasting colors, for example, black and white, will look good here. In some English houses, the bathroom walls may have wood paneling or moisture-resistant wallpaper with floral designs. You can also read other articles: frank lloyd wright houses for sale.

interior english style Bathroom

Bathroom interior in an English house Source

They choose a large, cast-iron bathroom in a retro style. It is installed on metal legs of an unusual shape. It is unacceptable to use modern technology here. You can also read other articles: homebase fence plants.

modern english interior design

modern english interior design


The English style in the interior of the house is pompous and majestic, so many people do not like it. However, it is difficult to imagine something more cozy and homey. Arrangement of premises in this style requires significant financial costs. However, the result can please anyone. You can also read other articles: Great Classic Houses ideas.


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