100 Pictures of Beautiful Small House Designs

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beautiful small house designs pictures – Having a dream home is certainly everyone’s dream. Especially, the type of simple minimalist house that is now in great demand.


In addition to minimalist or existing designs, not infrequently there are also those who choose to make a house with their own design or according to what they want. Usually making your own design like this will be assisted by experts such as architects.


However, if you already have the design you want, you can propose the design. By proposing the design of the desired house shape, it will provide its own satisfaction and pleasure.


Well, if you haven’t found the right design for your home, here are pictures of the latest beautiful small houses designs this year that you can use as references. Read more!


beautiful small house designs pictures

beautiful small house designs pictures

Flat Roof

beautiful small house

The first house design that can be your reference is a flat roof, which is widely applied to house designs this year.


Because the shape of a house that uses a flat roof will display a simple but elegant house shape.


This design also gives the impression of a minimalist and modern home. Usually, flat roofs use a variety of materials, and the most popular are concrete slabs or ducts.


Both materials are coated with a leak-proof coating material such as carpet coating, asphalt coating, or other similar materials.


To use a flat roof, you can use materials such as metal plates without joints.


Although the roof of this house is flat, it can guarantee the same quality as other roofs, and of course without leaking.


The form 2-storey house

beautiful small house

The form of a 2-story house can be the next design If you want to build a house on a fairly narrow area, this 2-story house can be your choice.


The advantages of the 2-story house form can provide a more optimal function of the room and your house will look bigger. In addition, this design will also create a beautiful small house design image.


The shape of a 2-story house will usually make the yard look wider and give an effect that makes the house look more attractive.


Wood Design

beautiful small house

Wooden designs can be the next form of beautiful small house design drawings. A house with a wooden design can be an inspiration to build a minimalist house.


Wood, which is a natural insulating material, can be a building material that can prevent heat conduction. Houses that use this material are also more economical and environmentally friendly.


In addition, wood can form a sturdy and strong house and does not require much maintenance. Designing a house with wood can be a form of beautiful small house design suitable for you.


Type 21

beautiful small house

The type 21 house is the smallest and minimalist house type of the existing house type. Usually this house is about 6×3.5m² in size with a land area of ​​between 60m² and 72m².


This house usually has a house area of ​​​​21m² only. Type 21 house can be a simple but elegant house for you.


This tiny house is usually reserved for those who live alone or recently married.


The type 21 house only has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 carport and 1 multifunctional room including a kitchen, dining room as well as a family room.


Even though it has a small size, you can design this type 21 house into the dwelling you want. With a small size, you will find it easier to design exterior and interior designs for your home.


For example, by using a large window in front of the house or using a gable roof with a sideways direction as shown above.


That way, this type 21 house design will be a simple but elegant house shape that suits you.


Type 36

beautiful small house

Type 36 will be an option for a simple but beautiful home model. Type 36 houses are usually used in small families with one or two children.


If you want to build a house with a limited cost, you can design a house with type 36. Although it is not too wide, a type 36 house can be a simple but elegant house shape as you want.


You can design a type 36 house using a gable roof to give a minimalist impression, or walls made of natural stone and soft colored house paint.


With that type of house 36 will be an attractive modern minimalist home design.


Type 45

beautiful small house

Type 45 houses are usually 6×7.5m² or 8×5.6m². Type 45 houses are often built on 96m² of land. House type 45 is suitable for you who already have a partner because usually this house has 2 to 3 bedrooms.


You can also design a type 45 house with a monochrome model by combining white paint and a dark asphalt roof.


In addition, you can add incorporation of natural stone to become an interesting accent.


Because type 45 houses usually have a larger yard than type 36, you can arrange your yard with medium-sized trees and some beautiful ornamental plants.


A type 45 house can be a simple but beautiful house model that you can design. For those of you who want to have a larger number of rooms, you can build a house into a 2-level form. That way, your house will look wider and bigger.


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Type 70

beautiful small house

The type house 70 can be the next home design. For those of you who have a larger income, a type 70 house can be the right choice for you.


This type of house can be a simple house model but looks luxurious, because this house is quite large with a large enough land area to create a garden to a swimming pool.


You can even add a garage if you feel the carport is not too big.


There are many designs that you can apply to type 70. One of them is like the picture above as a simple but elegant house shape.


You can add a gazebo in the backyard with a garden path that matches the paint of your house. You can also add trees to give a more interesting impression.


House Size 6×9

beautiful small house

A house size 6×9 can be a simple but elegant house. Because a 6×9 size house can give an elite impression to be the shape of your dream house but still with a minimalist concept.


The form of a simple house measuring 6×9 is the most sought after size by the public. This house usually has a house plan of 3 bedrooms on 1 floor.


In addition, you can design a 6×9 house with various accents such as a small garden in the front yard of the house, natural stone on the wall and so on.


Light Garden Design

beautiful small house

The next house design carries the concept of a rear garden design using LED lights.


Often times, the garden is part of the exterior design that can make the house look attractive, including the garden behind the house.


The garden behind and in front of the house is usually enhanced with a gazebo and various trees. As for those who apply designs with lights that can beautify the page.


You can apply these design ideas to make your home more memorable. Replacing home garden lights with LEDs can be tried by placing them under the rocky road leading to the house.


Carving on the Wall

beautiful small house

Carving on the wall can be the next design inspiration. Carving on the walls of the house can be a great choice, especially if you are a fan of ethnic and traditional style dwellings.


Carving on the wall can be a simple but elegant house shape that gives a distinctive accent. You can also customize the design with various Javanese, Malay or other carvings.


Minimalist House

beautiful small house

The latest example of a simple house that can be a design for you is a minimalist house, which is often used as a favorite type of house.


You can apply this design starting with neutral colored house paints such as white, beige, brown or earthy tone colors. After that, use a large window and place it in one place close together.


You can also give a firm accent and place hanging ornamental plants. Make sure all exterior designs are given the same color for maximum design results.


Cool House Designs

cool house designs

Home is a place where we take a break from our daily routine, gather with loved ones, so it’s only natural that you also want a comfortable home. In addition, the house can also be a matter of pride, especially if you live in a cool house with an attractive design.


Therefore, you also need to have a different concept in building a cool house. However, a house with a unique design has its own special features which are certainly very interesting to behold by the eye of the beholder.


To create a unique cool house, there are lots of designs available ranging from contemporary designs, futuristic designs to rustic. But for those of you who are confused about what kind of home design you want to apply, don’t worry, this time Lians will give you some inspiration for your version of the dream house.


Cool house in the shape of a cloud

cool house designs

This cool house, which is designed to resemble the shape of a cloud emoticon, displays the playful side of the residential owner. Consisting of two floors, this house is made of three main elements, namely wood, glass and concrete.


The interior of this cool house itself is dominated by the natural color of the wood, namely brown. Meanwhile, red is used as a wall color for the kitchen room in the middle of the house.


In order for a cool house to feel more alive while adding a natural element, there is an L-shaped swimming pool that can be used every day. The garden area also feels cooler.


Horizontal cool house

cool house designs

You can also use this cool home design for your dream home. The application of different materials in one building, namely steel, concrete and glass will make this horizontal house have a modern but homey impression. You can also see how designers take advantage of plant landscapes so that they can provide their own added value.


Cool house with a tropical impression

cool house designs

This cool house has an accent in the form of a tropical exterior, but can be applied in an urban environment, thus making the atmosphere of this modern tropical house memorable like a beachfront inn.


This cool two-story house uses bamboo which is classified as an environmentally friendly material and raw concrete that has industrial accents. Not to forget, wood accents are present through the deck around the pool and palm trees that grow to shade the house.


Contemporary themed cool house

cool house designs

Modern living is indeed the most loved theme today for cool home designs. This contemporary style house design is no exception.


The use of large opening windows in various corners gives a strong modern impression to this cool house. You can also see how designers use color schemes in the form of white, black, and gray that give a modern impression.


A cool house with a timeless modern industrial rustic theme

cool house designs

This cool industrial house that has a modern, masculine and minimalist impression can also be your next choice. Like the three-story house above. By using unfinished wood accents combined with neutral colored concrete walls to create a modern, minimalist rustic impression.


For the interior itself, usually the contents of the house have iron or steel elements in the furniture with a choice of cool colors such as gray, black or other neutral colors. And don’t forget the smooth exposed layer of cement without having to be given a finishing layer. In addition, open space without restrictions is also an important element of this cool house.


Update Small Home Design Images – 3D & Village

Best Tiny Houses - Small Home Design Images & Plans

Are you looking for simple house pictures to be used as design inspiration? You really have to follow the trends that are developing.


The architectural design of the house is always developing over time.


Currently, there are many variations of designs that can be imitated. Starting from designs that put forward the impression of minimalism to even the classics.


Also not infrequently people who want a simple home design. Besides being easier, it’s also definitely cheaper.


Simple doesn’t mean that it doesn’t evoke every pair of eyes, but it’s still attractive with a concept that’s not too complicated.


Find inspiration from this simple house image, come on!

simple house design photos

Modern, but Economical – This simple house image is suitable for you to make inspiration if you want a modern design with limited funds.


The design is very interesting to imitate, the embedded elements feel right and produce a beautiful combination.


Such as the use of exposed brick walls and the many openings that can make the house brighter.

simple house design image

Modern minimalist – Minimalis house is one type that provides a balance between price and beauty.


This is the reason why many people like minimalist designs.


The architectural design is firm without much detail. Very suitable for people who really like simplicity.

picture of simple house design

Minimalist Type 36 houses are in great demand by young couples or small families with one or two children.


The size of this house is not too big and tends to look simple, but it can still be elegantly designed with the right touch.


For example, given a modern touch with added a touch of nature using rocks.

simple house design photos small

Minimalist type 45 house is perfect for a small family that is starting to grow, because this house can have up to 3 bedrooms.


In contrast to type 36, this type of house is usually designed with a wider yard.


To make the building feel more spacious and maximal, you can build it into 2 levels.

simple house planning images

Industrial Minimalist – Tired of minimalist home designs that feel monotonous for a long time? It’s time to give it a different touch.


Examples such as this simple house picture; minimalist design combined with a touch of industrial style.


Industrial style can be realized by using exposed materials and metal on some home exteriors.

beautiful small house designs pictures

Natural Minimalist – Minimalist design can also be combined with a natural style through the selection of materials that are certainly close to nature.


For example, by adding a touch of wood or natural stone to the exterior of the house.


To make it feel more natural, plant lots of ornamental plants in your yard.

beautiful small house images

Diagonal Flat Roof – In this year, many design houses began to implement the design flat roof or a flat roof .


This type of roof is further divided into two types, some are horizontal and some are diagonal.


There are various types of roofing materials, the most popular of which are concrete slabs or not.


Compared to other types of roofs, flat roof construction  is easier and less material is used.

beautiful small farm houses pictures

Modern Village House Pictures – Imagining the image of a simple house in the countryside, certainly cannot be separated from a traditional village house on the edge of a rice field.


Generally, houses built on the edge of rice fields are designed on stilts to provide extra comfort and security.


However, it doesn’t always have to be traditional, give it a modern touch like the picture of this village house.

beautiful small house photos

Urban House – This simple house image carries an urban design that is beautiful and comfortable to live in.


This house is beautifully designed with a large garden, although the house itself is relatively small.


The minimalist design looks harmonious combined with a wooden terrace shaped like a gazebo.

beautiful small house pictures

Wide Window – Lately, replacing some of the walls of the house using glass is becoming a trend.


In addition to being able to give the interior a wider appearance, the use of glass partitions instead of brick walls in general can make the dwelling seem more luxurious and modern.


The advantage that can be obtained by using glass partitions like this is that the construction costs are cheaper.

small and beautiful house images

Container House – Have you ever thought about building a house out of containers? The container house project has actually been done a lot,  lo !


Houses made of containers can give a unique and different look from most houses.


Regarding the cost of construction, container houses certainly require less costs.

small home design images

Minimalist house painted white – This one-story house has an exterior with white paint , a minimalist style can be clearly seen in this residential site. 


In addition to being painted white, some of the walls and pillars of the house apply natural stone which is not bright in color.

small home images

The combination of several colors on the facade of the house – This latest minimalist house image shows a house with a combination of several colors on the exterior. 


There are dark gray, light gray, white, and orange colors, as well as natural stone applications that beautify the facade of the house.

small home picture

Luxurious House with Pyramid Roof – Occupancy can look more luxurious with a pyramid roof or a shield roof than a gable roof.


This minimalist house image shows a house with a luxurious design, there are lights and decorations in front of the house.

small home pics

Rest House-Style Residential – This design shows an image of a modern minimalist house that is also in the style of a resort or vacation home.


If the land is large, you can design a house like this so that it looks more luxurious and modern.

small house pic

Two-story minimalist house – Here is a picture of a minimalist 2-storey house for those of you who want to have a beautiful multi-storey house. 


There is a carport and balcony in this light brown-painted house, this residence is suitable for the millennial generation.

small house photos

Two-Story House with Garden – This minimalist 2-story house with a garden can be an inspiration for those of you who really want green open space. 


You can place large or medium-sized trees in the garden to make the house look more beautiful.

small house design photo

Modern Minimalist House – This design shows an image of a modern minimalist house with a stacked gable model, it turns out that the gable roof can also look cool. 


The garden that is presented in front of the house beautifies this dwelling, especially coupled with the design of the fence and door of the house.

small home photos

House with a Minimalist Design – The image of a minimalist house with a box or cube shape, many architects design a minimalist house like this. 


The shape of the design is like basic geometric shapes such as squares, circles, or triangles.

small house design images

Minimalist house with a large yard – This is a picture of a modern minimalist house with a large yard, perfect if you have a large area. 


The combination of brown and white shows a contemporary minimalist home, this design can be an inspiration for you.

small design house images

Small Minimalist House – This residential footprint is not only small, but also minimalist, of course, to get around the limited land area. 


Minimalist design is a choice for small houses because it does not include decorations that make the house look too crowded.


beautiful small homes images

beautiful small homes images

Corner Type Two Story House – corner type house, it can be an inspiration if you have a hoek land. 


One of the advantages of the land in the corner is that it has access to a wider view and also access in and out.

small home design photos

Modern Minimalist Residential – A truly minimalist house is usually box-shaped, but you can include modern elements to make it look better.


This latest minimalist house image is also an idea for those of you who are interested in a modern minimalist design.

pictures small cottages

Mini Cottage with Classic Style – This wooden chalet house is so compact and can be the best residential choice for rural areas. 


The view of the front porch and flower pots in the window make this house very charming!

small home front design images

Minimalist 2-storey house with a small garage – The design of this minimalist 2-storey house is quite simple.


Not much decoration on the facade of the house, just a garden box in front of the 1st floor bedroom window.


The minimalist design, the dominance of white paint, and the open concept manage to make the house look bigger than it really is.


In fact, if seen, this residence is not far from the type 36 house.

images of small beach homes

Houses on the Beach – The beach in the morning and evening can indeed provide a very beautiful view. 


Seeing the sunrise and sunset, enjoying the waves, feeling the wind blowing are some of the things that we can definitely enjoy on the beach. 


Especially if we have a house on the beach, the warm nuances and the wind that blows will spoil our daily life.


small home design 3d image

small home design 3d image
Here’s a small home design 3d image that you can use as inspiration to build your home.
small home design 3d image


small home design 3d image

pictures of houses inside

small home design 3d image


small home design 3d image


small home design 3d image


small home design 3d image


small home design 3d image


small home design 3d image

tiny house design pictures

In addition, there is an innovation of a mini-size house model that saves a lot of space. This model is becoming a trend. The model of the house puts forward the aspect of saving land, so you can still have a home in the midst of limited land.

tiny house design pictures

simple houses

tiny house design pictures


tiny house design pictures


tiny house design pictures


tiny house design pictures


tiny house design pictures


tiny house design pictures


tiny house design pictures


tiny house design pictures


house design images


house design images


house design images

small modern house

house design images


house design images


house design images


house design images


house design images
beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


beautiful house design pictures


Pictures of Small Houses in Village

Small Houses in Village
Use of Wood Material – Pictures of small houses in the village, usually using wood, bamboo, and other materials. 
However, make no mistake if this small but luxurious house can also be found in the form of a villa or resort.
Small Houses in Village
Have a Wide Page – Picture of a small minimalist house in a village that has a large yard, usually the land in the village is wide. 
Do not be surprised if the distance between the house and the neighbors is quite far, each house has a large yard.
Small Houses in Village
In the form of a stilt house – The house model is small but beautiful, many houses in villages, especially outside Java, are in the form of houses on stilts. 
A small picture of a house in a village can be an option if you want to design a similar house in an urban area.
Small Houses in Village
House in the Little Forest – Picture of a village house made of bricks, many lo houses are in a small forest like this. 
Of course, it can be a small dream house in a cool village, maybe you are interested in having the same house.
Small Houses in Village
Traditional Style House – Pictures of small houses in the village in the form of traditional houses, in some areas there are still many traditional houses. 
Actually, you can design a small house model or a village house design for your residence in the city. 
Small Houses in Village
House with a dry leaf roof – A small house plan drawing in a village that has a roof made of leaves such as thatch leaves, straw, and others. 
This small house design can certainly present a different living experience, ready to live in a small house?
Small Houses in Village
Have Bamboo Walls – You can find a minimalist house in the style of a village house that has walls made of bamboo or gedek. 
Usually houses in villages have one floor because of the large land, so you are indeed difficult to find pictures of small 2-story houses in the village.
Small Houses in Village
House Near Garden – A picture of a small house in a village close to a garden or rice field, perfect if you want to be a farmer. 
small but luxurious house plans or beautiful houses in this village can also be used as lodging houses.
Small Houses in Village
A House with a Beautiful Natural View – Usually, pictures of small house designs in villages are not as complicated as those in cities. 
However, the design of the house does not need to be good if there is already a beautiful view like this.
100 Pictures of Beautiful Small House Designs
Beautiful Natural Atmosphere – Picture of a small house in a village with forests, yards, rice fields, and others, a beautiful atmosphere that is not found in the city. 
Maybe you think about moving from the hustle and bustle of the city to a village that is peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful.

Well, that’s pictures of beautiful small house designs that you can use as references. Hopefully the above information can be useful, thanks! 

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