Country house interior design: trends, rules, styles

interior design trends

Country house interior design trends

In order for a country house to become an ideal home for the owners, it is necessary to create a high-quality interior design in its premises. In this article, we will talk about current trends in cottage interior design and the most current architectural styles. And also about the main principles of decorating hallways, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, offices.

interior design trends

Interior of a modern country house Source

Modern tendencies

Interior design should be not only stylish and comfortable but also modern. Today's architectural fashion trends do not just happen. They correspond to the current way of life, which includes all the advantages of modern life. To get an up-to-date interior that will not become "morally obsolete" for a long enough time, you should adhere to a few simple rules.

Light and space

All rooms should be as spacious and bright as possible. Small rooms can be visually enlarged using certain design techniques.

  • Finish the walls and ceiling with light, non-textured materials, and choose a dark contrasting color for finishing the floor.
  • Use, whenever possible, glossy and mirror surfaces in finishing and decoration.
  • Avoid massive textile curtains, instead of which you can use blinds or roller blinds.

interior design trends

Roller blinds on the windows Source

  • It is advisable to think over the layout open, that is, with a minimum number of dividing partitions. This allows for large multi-functional rooms with good lighting.
  • Lighting should be multilevel so that every corner of the room can be illuminated. Point or linear light visually expands the space, and this is its main advantage.

interior design trends

Multi-level lighting of a country house Source

Open plan

In modern country houses, the daytime zone is usually planned as a single space with overflowing zones. Recently, even sleeping rooms and home offices have become more and more multifunctional. With an open plan, the interior design of the cottage turns out to be quite light in perception and free in the mood. There are several basic options for combining functional areas in one room.

The most common option is to combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen. If you combine all this with the hallway, you get a spacious studio.

interior design trends

The interior of the house with an open plan Source

Often, cottage owners prefer to have a separate living room, but at the same time combine the kitchen and dining room.

interior design trends

Design of a kitchen-dining room in a cottage Source

For families in which it is customary to cook a lot, the most convenient layout will be in which the entrance hall, living room, and dining room are combined, and the kitchen is designed as a separate room.

interior design trends

Isolated kitchen in a cottage Source

The bedroom can be combined with a library or study. These options are ideal for creative people.

interior design trends

Study in the bedroom of a country house Source

If the house has long corridors, it can function as a library, dressing room, or gallery. In wide corridors, you can equip additional recreation areas.

interior design trends

Library in the corridor of a private house Source

Indoor interior design

The principles of decoration and decoration largely depend on the purpose of the premises. But at the same time, the general style of the whole house is also not of the least importance.

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Living room

The living room is the "face" of the cottage. It is designed for joint recreation of all family members, as well as for receiving guests. It must be big enough. This is usually the largest room in the house. The layout of the living room must meet the needs of the occupants.

interior design trends

Living room in the interior of a country house Source

It is advisable to arrange the living room so that its windows face the south or east side. In this case, it will be well lit and warmed up by the sun's rays. The windows in it should be wide enough, preferably panoramic, with access to the terrace or backyard.

interior design trends

Living room with panoramic windows Source

The style for decorating the living room is chosen individually. It should reflect the character of the owners. It is the interior of the living room that opens up the widest possibilities for the manifestation of taste and artistic preferences.

interior design trends

Original living room in a country house Source

There are no special restrictions in decorating the living room. Rather bold design solutions can be used here. However, we must not forget that the owners of the house and their guests will spend a lot of time in this room. An interior that is too bright may not be very comfortable for a long stay in it. The most optimal design option for a living room is decoration and furniture in calm, harmonious colors, with bright accent elements that can be easily replaced.

interior design trends

Bright accent and living room interior Source

Recently, it has become very relevant to highlight one of the living room walls with some contrasting colors. This wall is decorated with paintings, photographs, bookshelves, etc. The advantage of this design move is that to update the interior of a room, you can simply change the color or decoration style of this accent wall.

interior design trends

Accent wall in the living room interior Source

Dining room

Regardless of whether the dining room is a separate room or part of an open seating area when designing it, you need to be especially careful about the color scheme. Colors affect appetite in different ways. In order to get the most "appetizing" interior, you need to use red and brown shades.

interior design trends

Dining room interior in a country house Source

For supporters of proper nutrition, and interior in light, but bright enough colors of citrus and greenery is more suitable. It is better to administer such colors in dosed form, in the form of drawings or individual decorative elements. You can choose any pastel shade as the background color. If the dining room is large, you can use a black glossy background, which also emphasizes orange, yellow, or salad blotches well.

interior design trends

Dining room with salad elements of the interior Source

For people looking to lose weight, dining in shades that suppress appetite will be ideal. It can be done in gray, blue or purple. Food is rarely gray or blue, so these colors do not increase your appetite.

interior design trends

The blue color in the interior of the dining room Source

The dining room, as a place for family and festive meals, can become the compositional center of the interior of a private house. It can be decorated in an original and stylish way, even if it is combined with the living room and kitchen.

interior design trends

An interesting solution to the dining area Source

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When decorating a kitchen, you must, first of all, take into account that this is a technical area that requires a moisture-resistant and heat-resistant finish. At the same time, it should immediately provide a place for installing all the necessary kitchen equipment. In addition, it is very important to initially correctly distribute the kitchen space so that it is as convenient to use it as possible.

interior design trends

Option for the correct layout of the kitchen Source

The kitchen design is developed taking into account the planning solution of the house. If the project provides for a spacious kitchen-dining room, you can “play” on the contrast of these two adjacent territories.

interior design trends

The contrasting combination of kitchen and dining room Source

If a little space is allocated for the kitchen in the common guest room, its design should organically fit into the overall interior picture. To do this, it is done in discreet shades.

interior design trends

Small kitchen in a country house Source

The kitchen is an open-plan home that can be separated by a sliding partition. In this case, it becomes possible to change the design of the guest area, simply by covering the kitchen part of the room with a screen.

interior design trends

Kitchen with a sliding partition Source


The bedroom is an intimate area, which should not be entered by strangers. If you wish, you can create a completely extraordinary interior in your bedroom, even if no one except the owners will like it.

interior design trends

Original bedroom interior Source

However, most of the bedrooms are decorated according to the general scheme - without "flashy" finishes, with the use of soft colors and the most comfortable furniture. This is how a calm atmosphere is achieved, conducive to a good rest. To prevent the bedroom from looking too boring, it can be endowed with one accent decor element. For example, bright curtains will complement the pastel palette. Original bedroom interior Source

interior design trends

Bedroom with bright accents Source

For people who tend to be very overworked during the working day, it is recommended to use soothing green and blue shades in the interior of the bedroom.

For those who have a hard time waking up sutra, it is better to add yellow or orange colors to the bedroom palette. In order not to disturb the harmony of the sleeping atmosphere, you need to use muted shades of yellow and orange. Another option is the extremely dosed use of bright colors.

interior design trends

Orange color in the bedroom decor Source


The children's room is a multifunctional room. Here the child sleeps, plays, studies, and all his things are stored here. Therefore, competent zoning is necessary for the interior of the nursery. A place for games is usually located in the center of the room, a table for the study is at the window. The bed and furniture for storing things can be placed in the part of the room remote from the window. However, the issue of zoning can be solved in a completely different way, the main thing here is to ensure the comfort of the child.

When choosing flowers for a nursery, it is important to take into account the age of the child, and with artistic content - his taste. The younger the owner of the room, the more bright elements and expressive drawings should be in it.

interior design trends

Children's room interior Source

For teenagers, a restrained range with the addition of dark shades is more suitable. Adult children do not need to decorate rooms, they do it themselves well. It is enough to make a high-quality finish and supply comfortable furniture.

interior design trends

Interior of a room for a teenager Source


In most cases, hallways are designed without natural light. Therefore, it is so important to think well about artificial light in them. The color scheme in the hallway can be any, but it is better to avoid too dark tones, as they "eat up" the space, which is not very much in ordinary hallways.

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The modern design of the house allows you to apply the most unexpected interior solutions, but there must be a certain logic in it. The hallway can be quite stylish and original, but it shouldn't be brighter than the living room. In addition, it is better to make it in the same style as the living room or just neutral in style.

interior design trends

Entrance hall in a country house Source


This is a room in which people spend a little time, but a lot depends on the quality of its design. It should be functional and relaxed. There are many options for high-quality bathroom design. For example, it can be done in natural woody tones.

interior design trends

Bathroom in a country house Source

Recently, bathroom interiors with rich contrasting color schemes have become relevant. To smooth out the visual loss of space that occurs when there are bright colors in the interior, it is worth installing large mirrors in the bathroom.

interior design trends

Bright bathroom Source

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Interior design styles

The architectural style is the basis of any interior. Recently, designers have less and less resort to a thorough recreation of a particular style. Light stylization or combination of several styles (eclecticism) becomes relevant. Nevertheless, professional design projects of houses and cottages, as a rule, are created with reference to the initially chosen style.

All the main interior styles used in domestic low-rise construction can be divided into three areas:

  • classic styles
  • ethnic
  • modern

Classic Styles

Classical styles of architecture and interiors were formed by the elite of European countries in the 17-19th centuries. These styles include classicism, baroque, empire, and others. They all have their own individual characteristics. Thus, classicism is characterized by the austerity of forms, restraint of colors, spacious rooms, regular shapes, a large number of stucco and sculptural decorations, as well as ornaments and columns.

interior design trends

Classicism in the interior of a country house Source

Empire style, as a more "advanced" version of classicism, is brighter and more festive, but at the same time, it retained its laconicism and gravitation towards correct symmetry.

interior design trends

Empire style in the interior of a country cottage Source

Baroque is more dynamic and filled with all kinds of decorations. This style demonstrates wealth and luxury without any restrictions. He allows all kinds of liberties in design.

interior design trends

Baroque cottage interior Source

Classical styles are also divided according to the countries in which the transformation of the original classicism took place. Thus, the main areas of architectural classics are considered to be French, English, and Scandinavian classical styles. In Russian country houses, the English version is more often used with its color harmony and massive fireplaces in the living rooms.

interior design trends

Interior design in the English style Source

Until recently, the modern classic style has been the main one for designers who develop projects for both city apartments and cottages. In recent years, it has been supplanted by new architectural trends. But if the traditional classics are "refreshed" with newfangled designer accents, you can get a very modern and attractive interior. This option is ideal for those who are not ready to give up the comfort of classically decorated premises.

interior design trends

Modern classic interior Source

Ethnic styles

Styles that are based on the traditions and customs of a particular national culture are called ethnic. There are many such styles. The most popular ones are Scandinavian, Egyptian, Japanese and Arabic. In any ethnic style, a maximum of natural materials are used, and any of them is suitable for a modern beautiful country house, especially if it is adapted to the modern realities of suburban life. But ethnics in architecture is so unique that it is mainly chosen by creative and rather courageous people.

The Scandinavian style is quite simple and minimalistic, therefore it goes well with modern interior elements such as household appliances, heating radiators, etc. It is characterized by an open floor plan, large windows, light shades of decoration, and furniture.

interior design trends

Scandinavian style cottage Source

The Egyptian style is characterized by a lot of sun and sand. That is, the prevailing colors are yellow, muted orange, ocher. The furniture is stocky and heavy, simple in shape, without decoration. The main distinguishing feature is the Egyptian ornaments on the walls, textiles, dishes.

interior design trends

Interior of the house in Egyptian style Source

The Japanese style is generally ascetic in itself. Any unnecessary item can spoil it. Therefore, it is very difficult to adapt it to the modern lifestyle. But Japanese motives in interior design can be a great tool for creating original home decor.

interior design trends

Japanese-style cottage interior, Fence Plants Source

The Arabic style is beautiful for its richness and oriental character. It is suitable for those who like to fill their interior with furniture, decorations, ornaments as much as possible.

interior design trends

Arabic style interior Source

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Contemporary styles

Modern interior styles are the opposite of classic styles. They have no embossed surfaces, they were replaced by smooth glossy surfaces. No, also patterned prints, art galleries, and shelves with small decorative items. But there is a play of colors and textures, functionality, perfect order. There are a minimum of decorative elements, and instead of natural materials, glass, metal, and plastic are used more. The modern design of country houses and cottages, if applied correctly, looks very impressive.

There are many contemporary architectural trends. For all their common features, they also have differences. For example, constructivism, which is popular today, is distinguished by the presence of broken lines, which serve as a decoration. Open spaces of houses in this style are not divided into functional zones. As an accent, you can hang a large painting made in bright clean colors on the wall.

country house interior design

Beneath we examine the Country house including what makes this style home and its outside and inside plan highlights. 

country house interior design

country house interiors

Taking motivation from the Countryside, these houses show a more loose, lavish, and rural viewpoint. 

country house interior design

Reflecting upon the European-style engineering, the ranch-style homes accompany a bundle of comfortable far-reaching chateaus that are particular in look and convey the appeal of polish and immortality. 

country house interior design

Nation Architecture and the stylistic theme is as yet motivated by the developers and fashioners across the world with their excessive outsides and sensitive, delicate insides.

country house interior design
country house interior design

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Constructivism in the interior of a country house:

The modern art deco style, which is a variation of modern, is suitable for people who want to live fashionably and stylishly, but at the same time do not want to plunge into modern minimalism, which is rather cold in the mood. In the art deco style, there are not only straight lines, but also curved lines. It allows the use of embellishments, but their function should be performed by exclusive interior items. For example, these can be vases, figurines, or lamps, made to order or purchased in an expensive salon.

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Art Deco in the interior of a country house:

For lovers of rich colors, there is easy and casual pop art. This style is created with glossy bright surfaces, neon lighting, a combination of incongruous colors, and low multifunctional furniture. To emphasize the origin of the style, you need to hang posters, posters, and photos of fashionable actors and artists on the walls.

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Pop art in the interior of a country house:

The most popular modern style is hi-tech. It combines minimalism, progressiveness, and originality. It is characterized by such features - strict geometry, open spaces, modified furniture, a lot of glass and metal. The color scheme is made up of background from a black and white palette and bright color accents.

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High-tech in the interior of a country house:

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Materials and technologies existing today allow creating a wide variety of interiors in houses. When developing an interior design, you need to remember that the artistic content of the house will characterize its owners in a certain way, and also that all rooms should turn out to be not only beautiful but also comfortable.