Beautiful House Kitchen of the Year

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house beautiful kitchen of the year

house beautiful kitchen of the year – Who doesn’t want the house they live in to look stylish and in accordance with the times. Not only the core rooms, rooms such as the kitchen you definitely don’t want to leave. So, check your kitchen now and see, is this design trend in it?

Apart from kitchen design trends, in this review you will also find out-of-date elements that you can change. Let’s see the full review below.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Tuxedo Cabinet

house beautiful kitchen of the year

According to a design expert from a major property website in the United States, it is stated that homeowners have begun to dare to design a kitchen with a slightly odd style. One of them is a cabinet with a color pattern like a tuxedo shirt.

The tuxedo color pattern on the cabinet is none other than paint with two different tones on the top and bottom. The colors chosen by themselves have complementary types such as navy blue, light gray, and beige. Unexpectedly, this has become a trend and is getting more and more popular.

Hidden Equipment

house beautiful kitchen of the year

The next kitchen design trend is utensils and equipment that are hidden. It is said, homeowners really like it if the kitchen area looks beautiful and also neat without the presence of piled up items.

Because of this, more and more cabinet designs, cupboards, or storage areas are now designed with doors. Not only kitchen utensils and equipment, electronic items such as refrigerators and microwaves are now stored in closets so they are not visible.

Wood Panels

house beautiful kitchen of the year

The next design trend is wood panels for walls. According to a US property site above, these panels will look even more brilliant if they are painted with white paint. The panel will also be more pop-up when juxtaposed with other kitchen furniture. See other articles: pictures of white cabinets.

Metallic and Pastel Colors

house beautiful kitchen of the year

Stainless steel with its silver color is a popular choice for filling the kitchen, both by designers and homeowners. But now it’s not only silver that is popular but also gold or gold strokes. This very elegant and luxurious color is suitable when combined with rose and black colors.


house beautiful kitchen of the year

Now, let’s talk about kitchen design elements that are no longer trending. The first is granite.

Granite stones are often used as countertop or cabinet materials. Yes, this design idea is still loved because of its attractive appearance. However, brown granite and speckled motifs are now increasingly being abandoned.

Short Cabinet

house beautiful kitchen of the year

The next trend that has begun to be abandoned is the cabinet design which is quite low in distance from the counter top. This seems to be related to the habit of people today who like to hide a lot of things in the closet. Nowadays, many homeowners choose a cabinet that is located high enough because it can provide quite a lot of storage space. See other articles:  shop house designs.

Dark Wood

house beautiful kitchen of the year

White, light and luminous are design elements that are increasingly favoring owners for their kitchens. That’s why the use of dark woods is increasingly being abandoned.

How about your kitchen? Don’t miss the design trends above.

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