8 Pictures of Retro Kitchen Design Ideas

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retro kitchen design ideas

Retro kitchens have an interesting, fun, and also very funky design. Kitchen design ideas that carry this style put forward several elements such as vintage equipment, special colors, and also very distinctive decorations.

Are you interested in applying this style as a new touch for your kitchen at home? Here we provide a review of some of the elements that must exist in retro kitchen design ideas to add to your reference. Read more below.

retro kitchen design ideas pictures

Tiled Floor

retro kitchen design ideas

Ceramic floor in the form of small squares is very characteristic of a retro-style kitchen. Use ceramics with a combination of black and white to give a classic and timeless impression. If you want a more bold classic impression, just try using a combination of red and white.

Polka dot motif

retro kitchen design ideas

Give a touch of accessories to the kitchen with a polka dot motif in any corner that you feel is right. Even though the kitchen looks feminine, this one picture pattern really helps to give a funky impression that is unique with a retro style. Some choices of decorative accents that can be considered are tablecloths, curtains, and also seat cushions. See other articles: purple kitchen.


retro kitchen design ideas

As previously mentioned, the red color is also thick with a very distinctive style with a diner or a place to eat in America. Use this inviting bright color as the main color in the accent of the room. Don’t forget, match it with other elements in the kitchen that can provide contrast.

Old Equipment

retro kitchen design ideas

A retro kitchen is certainly not complete without the presence of vintage items. Instead of choosing very modern kitchen utensils, why not try choosing a stove to a refrigerator with an old-school design in sweet pastel colors? This element will certainly help change the personality of the kitchen room in your home. See other articles: japandi kitchen design.

Breakfast Table

retro kitchen design ideas

People usually spend their breakfast at a common design dining table. From now on, take advantage of the counter in your kitchen as a dining table. The trick is to add a stool or high chair that is the right size and of course, comfortable to sit on. An example of a counter dining table design can be seen in the image above.

Typical Wall Display

retro kitchen design ideas

A retro kitchen is also very distinctive with decorations in the form of displays in the form of posters in a pop style. Hang some small wall displays in the dining table area or other wall parts that are not close to the stove. Just look at how interesting the retro kitchen design above is. See other articles: pictures of white cabinets.

Padded Stool

retro kitchen design ideas

As we mentioned earlier, the use of stools is very common in a retro-style kitchen. The classic retro stool design is also very distinctive, which has a round cushion that is very soft.

Open Design Shelf

retro kitchen design ideas

Finally, use as many kitchen shelves as possible with an open design. This one thing can have an impact on the retro kitchen look that is thicker with a note: also use ceramic cutlery that has a very distinctive shape. See other articles: minimalist kitchen design.

Hopefully the retro kitchen design ideas we discussed above can be useful for all of you.

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