Small Chair Design for Kitchen Desk

Small Chair Design – To overcome the limitations of land, the dining room in a minimalist home is often combined with the kitchen area. The counter table or kitchen island that is used for cooking can also double as a dining area. What is confusing is choosing a small chair design that fits and fits.

Well, for a small dining room with a table design like that, it would be very appropriate if combined with a high chair or often referred to as a bar stool. You can see some inspiration for small chair designs for kitchen desk in the reviews below.

Small Chair Designs

Simple & Colorful Small Chair Design

small chair designs

A small dining room can be more inviting with attractive colored seating options. The chair can function as a focal point even though the shape is very simple as shown in the picture above. If you choose this design, even a modern impression will radiate strongly.

Small Chair Design Fits The Table

small chair designs

If your counter or kitchen island is too full to be used as a dining table, this table design above is a very appropriate choice. In order not to seem monotonous, you should place the table in the opposite position from the kitchen counter.

Well, for the choice of seating, choose the size and design that fits the dining table. Give it an interesting touch by choosing a light color. See other articles: purple kitchens pictures.

Modern Geometric Small Chair Design

small chair designs

The design of the chair does not have to be exactly the same as the dining table in the kitchen. But there is at least one characteristic or feel in common between the two pieces of furniture.

For example the kitchen island which is full of modern and geometric nuances above. The choice of bar stool also falls on a simple design, full of lines, and looks very modern.

Marble Vs Wood Small Chair Design

small chair designs

Matching a granite or marble counter with a wooden high chair? No problem and just fit. Why so? Because the wood that is formed into a bar stool is still in line with the floor of the kitchen or dining room itself. The perfect combination! See other articles: japandi kitchen design.

Small Chair Design Contrasted with Interior

small chair designs

Unlike the bar stool designs above, this one chair is equipped with a backrest that makes people sit more comfortably. Even so, the design is still simple and attractive. That’s because the shape and color contrast with other interior decorations.

Small Chair Design Round Padded Seat

small chair designs

Don’t forget this! Not only a simple design and attractive colors, you also have to pay attention to the comfort of the chair you choose. In order not to get sore, you can choose a bar stool with a round shape and soft padding. You can see an example in the image above. See other articles: pictures of white cabinets.

Light & Dark Small Chair Design

small chair designs

The contrast combination between the interior, complementary elements, as well as the dining table and chairs in the picture above is very interesting. The interior decoration of the kitchen and dining room, which is dominated by white, feels more complete and colorful with dark accents on the choice of bar stool.

Not confused anymore, right, to determine your minimalist dining room seating design? We hope that the design inspiration we provided earlier can be useful for you.