26 Examples of Japandi Style Kitchen Design

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japandi style kitchen design

japandi kitchen design – japandi style residential interiors have different characteristics from other interiors. Among them are the form of boxes in almost every part of the interior, natural materials, minimalism, and the use of sliding doors. An interesting part of japandi style housing to discuss is the clean kitchen space.

In general, this clean japandi kitchen feels comfortable, clean, modern, and natural. This japandi style clean kitchen is more concerned with function than aesthetics. No wonder you will only find kitchen utensils and essential furniture such as stoves, refrigerators, laundry facilities, rice cookers, and electronic ovens in a clean kitchen.

This clean japandi style kitchen is suitable for those of you who don’t want to be complicated and prioritize the function of the kitchen itself. For inspiration, Lians will share 26 japandi style kitchen design that you can imitate!

japandi style kitchen design

1. Clean kitchen with paper windows

japandi style kitchen design

Those of you who like to watch samurai or japandi films with ancient backgrounds are certainly familiar with shoji doors or paper-lined windows. In a modern-day city, paper windows are very unsafe because they are easy to break into. Instead you can use paper as a window curtain. The feel you get will be as natural as a paper window.

2. Modern industrial touch in the kitchen

japandi style kitchen design

You can find the use of wood in this clean japandi kitchen in the form of floors, tables, and ceilings. The size of this clean kitchen is not too wide and is only filled by the kitchen table as well as a dishwashing place that connects to the dining table.

Because the furniture is few and there are no cutlery, such as plates, spoons, and forks scattered about, this kitchen area looks very neat. Thus, you can add a comfortable chair and turn it into a family room. Very minimalistic and looks slick, huh?

3. Clean japandi kitchen with open shelves

japandi style kitchen design

Open shelves or wall shelves can create the impression of a clean, spacious and clean kitchen. The appearance is also suitable for a clean japandi kitchen. Instead of using wall shelves to make the house look neat, this kitchen uses open shelves hanging from the ceiling. At first glance, this open shelf reminds us of the appearance of a bar table where the shelf is used to place glasses.

4. Clean kitchen that blends with the dining room

japandi style kitchen design

A clean kitchen that is integrated into the dining room is not something that is foreign. The unification of these two rooms can be said to save space. You can also combine the dining room with the family room as an alternative. Still applying the key to a clean japandi kitchen, this kitchen model feels minimalist and comfortable.

The use of wood materials is uniform for all parts from the floor, tables, chairs, and cabinets. They all have the same color. Large square windows allow sunlight to enter this clean kitchen area.

5. Semi-traditional style in a clean japandi kitchen

japandi style kitchen design

When you see this japandi style clean kitchen model, you will definitely remember the kitchen model in a traditional japandi house. The use of wooden furniture to the dark brown wood floor material with an unpolished finish will make it look old-fashioned. Likewise with japandi vintage-style cooking utensils. The cabinet door uses a layer of paper. Feels like going back to the past with a more modern atmosphere, huh?

6. The kitchen is clean and tidy even though there is a lot of furniture

japandi style kitchen design

Are you someone who actively cooks in the kitchen and likes to collect a variety of cutlery? In order to maintain a clean impression, you can arrange the cutlery on floating shelves and wooden cabinets or cabinets equipped with glass doors. A clean kitchen will still look clean and tidy japandi style!

7. Using concrete walls

japandi style kitchen design

A clean japandi kitchen doesn’t always use wood for the entire area. If you live in a new building that uses concrete walls, don’t hesitate to combine it with wood materials, such as blockboard.

The trick is to cover one part of the wall with a high and wide wooden shelf. This shelf can be used to store kitchen utensils and cutlery so that the clean kitchen area is completely empty without furniture.

8. An elegant impression of japandi culture in a clean

japandi style kitchen design

kitchen A clean japandi style kitchen with natural and traditional nuances can also look elegant. Want to know how? Use proper lighting. Instead of using white lights and placing them on the ceiling, you can try using yellow lights and placing them in several corners of the room. This yellow light will make the wood material in a clean japandi kitchen look golden and more elegant. Read alsowhite kitchen designs.

9. A clean, minimalist japandi kitchen

japandi style kitchen design

The next japandi style clean kitchen model is very minimalist with a rectangular cabinet design equipped with a simple frame. In the middle of this clean kitchen there is a square kitchen island with a japandi teapot as decoration. Lighting with the right lamp wattage makes this kitchen feel comfortable and warm.

10. A clean japandi style kitchen with dark shades

japandi style kitchen design

Want a clean japandi style kitchen with a darker, more masculine feel? Easy. You can still use wood, but replace it with dark gray or black and then combine it with white. Add lighting in the form of square lanterns that are hung from the ceiling.

11. The dominance of wood and rattan in a clean kitchen

japandi style kitchen design

In addition to wood, a natural material that can be used for a clean japandi kitchen is rattan. This rattan material is used as a kitchen cabinet door in the form of a wicker. This rattan wicker will make the inside of the cupboard free of moisture because air can get in and out of the wicker hole. For a unique look on the other side, you can use marble for the surface of the kitchen island and a layer of paper to cover the cooker hood.

12. Bright and cheerful red color in a clean japandi kitchen

japandi style kitchen design

The country of Japan is also synonymous with the color red like the one on its flag. A clean japandi kitchen may look strange if it is completely dominated by red. Therefore, you should only apply red to some parts of a clean kitchen. For example, using a red cabinet. The rest, use dark wood materials. Don’t forget to add some typical japandi green plants such as bamboo or bonsai as decorations.

13. Clean japandi style kitchen with dark and light wood materials

japandi style kitchen design

Identical japandi style clean kitchens are usually dominated by wood materials for the furniture. In order not to look too monotonous, you can be creative with the color of the wood material. Try to include a dark brown wood material with a light brown color. For example, dark brown for the table and light brown for the cabinet door.

14. A touch of minimalist wood

japandi style kitchen design

Minimalist wood is one of the best references in designing a japandi style minimalist kitchen.

Decorative touches appear aesthetically pleasing and soothing in the home kitchen, especially in a narrow room.

In addition, you can also add a touch of vines, especially if you are a vegetarian.

15. Aesthetic in a narrow room

japandi style kitchen design

Limited space has become a natural thing about buildings in Japan, so it must be maximized properly.

Therefore, you can also apply a minimalist kitchen design combination that fits perfectly in a narrow room.

Meanwhile, the use of kitchen accents approaching the glass can produce a more flexible atmosphere.

16. Borderless atmosphere

japandi style kitchen design

A borderless themed minimalist kitchen design can be one of the best references that you can apply in an interesting way.

The borderless theme refers to the building of elongated kitchen cabinets with a combination of glass doors, resulting in a wider space.

You can also combine this minimalist kitchen design with a touch of a mini bar set to eat with your family. Read alsosmall living room design ideas.

17. A touch of wood with a high sky

japandi style kitchen design

To maximize the functional aspects of the kitchen, a touch of wood with a high ceiling is often applied attractively.

This design has a very high practical value, even though you can store various kitchen utensils neatly.

Meanwhile, you can apply the use of this kitchen with a futuristic combination of wardrobe and electric stove.

18. Minimalist Marble in a Clean Kitchen

japandi style kitchen design

In addition to ceramic accents, you can also apply a minimalist touch of marble to a clean kitchen design at home.

This marble with natural stone motifs looks very attractive, even though it produces an aesthetic touch from all angles.

You can also add a decorative touch to a clean kitchen with unique painting accents.

19. A traditional japandi touch

japandi style kitchen design

The japandi theme is one of the best references that you can apply in a unique and interesting way.

The selection of traditional accents looks aesthetic with a touch of wood even though there are various traditional kitchen utensils on the surface of the walls of the house.

The touch of wood creates a warm kitchen atmosphere to produce a variety of delicious dishes at home.

20. Classical traditional with industrial concept

japandi style kitchen design

Traditional combinations with industrial concepts are often one of the best minimalist kitchen design references that you can apply.

You can apply kitchen accents with an old color texture in an interesting way, even if there is a touch of green in it.

The form of wood in minimalist cabinets and shelves is the best reference to produce a timeless kitchen atmosphere.

21. Minimalism in a narrow room

japandi style kitchen design

A minimalist kitchen design in a narrow room like this picture can be the best reference for 2021.

You can also apply a combination of a multifunctional kitchen and dining table on the middle side, with adequate space.

You can apply a minimalist kitchen touch in this narrow space in an interesting way, both in a narrow house and even a studio apartment.

22. Minimalist colors

japandi style kitchen design

The combination of a colorful minimalist kitchen can be the best touch, even if it produces a very aesthetic color texture.

Not only for cooking, this kitchen combination also produces an excellent clean laundry room.

23. Minimalist wooden shelves with an interesting touch

japandi style kitchen design

The breadth of space is one of the mandatory inspirations to be applied at home such as a kitchen with this minimalist wooden shelf combination.

Besides looking attractive, the composition of the kitchen shelves is also very well designed, especially on the hanging parts such as glasses and other kitchen utensils.

To circulate the air well, you can also add windows with a comfortable open atmosphere.

24. A millennial-style japandi minimalist kitchen

japandi style kitchen design

Minimalist japandi design is always the best reference, even for millennials who like cooking activities.

You can also apply this japandi style minimalist kitchen design with a very interesting mural touch, even if it motivates you to cook healthy food. Read alsogirls bedroom ideas for small rooms.

25. Simple minimalist kitchen model

japandi style kitchen design

Simple but full of functions, it is a strong identity of a minimalist kitchen design that looks attractive.

You can also apply this minimalist kitchen model by combining an aesthetic touch by hanging various kitchen utensils at home.

Meanwhile, you can add white accents to increase the breadth of the space.

26. A clean kitchen is unique to an apartment

japandi style kitchen design

Not only for homes, you can also apply a clean japandi-themed kitchen for a very interesting apartment.

In addition to a good functional aspect, you can also combine a good aesthetic aspect with a millennial touch.

Hopefully the article japandi style kitchen design is useful. If you have difficulty designing interior designs, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

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