9 Open Kitchen Designs Facing The Garden That Can Bring A Fresh Aura. Far From Stuffy Impression!

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open kitchen designs facing the garden

An open kitchen facing the garden is often applied to contemporary housing. In addition to providing a refreshing aura, residents will feel free and far from the impression of being stuffy. Come on, find the design of your choice here!

Property People, determining the design of an open kitchen facing the garden may require careful consideration.

The reason is, some people believe that the kitchen is one of the critical rooms because it is in that area that food preparation is carried out.

That’s why it’s good this room is made a little closed.

However, considering a number of advantages, there is nothing wrong with making an open kitchen facing the garden.

Especially if you have large enough land in the back area which of course can maximize the best socialization space for the family.

In addition, the expanse of the garden with several plants will make the mood of the residents of the house awake, right?

If you are confused about choosing an open kitchen design facing a garden that you want to apply in your home, we provide some inspiration below.

9 Open Kitchen Designs Facing the Garden

1. Open Kitchen Facing a Minimalist Garden

open kitchen designs facing the garden

The minimalist style in the open kitchen has remained a prima donna in recent years.

Therefore, choosing the style and design is worthy of your consideration.

You don’t need a lot of furniture, but the design that your stretcher is able to accommodate minimalist concepts such as garden size, kitchen layout, and plant selection.

Pay attention to these points carefully so that the open kitchen remains functional.

2. Natural and Classic Style

open kitchen designs facing the garden

Combining natural and classic impressions in an open kitchen overlooking the garden is very possible to be carried.

Moreover, gardens are not only synonymous with artificial grass because you can also choose coral and plants in small but pleasing pots.

Don’t forget to add a little natural impression with the selection of chairs and decorations made of wood, yes.

3. Narrow Open Kitchen but Feels Fresh

open kitchen designs facing the garden

You can imitate the design above if the land you have is very limited.

Generally, narrow open kitchen designs that promote a refreshing aura are widely applied in subsidized housing.

Choosing mini elephant grass is the ideal option, especially in relation to the open roof and easier maintenance.

4. Kitchen with Hanging Plants

open kitchen designs facing the garden

In order to give a slightly different look, hanging plants and vines can be the best option compared to other types of plants.

Moreover, this option is suitable to be applied if the garden has an open roof as in the picture above.

In addition to easy maintenance, the kitchen area will feel spacious.

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5. Embrace the Rustic Style

open kitchen designs facing the garden

A modern touch with an interesting combination and an emphasis on natural style is a solution for those of you who live in urban areas.

You can apply this to the design of an open kitchen facing the garden in the dwelling.

You can also add a distinctive rustic aura by bringing wood elements to some elements.

6. Open Kitchen Facing Tropical Garden

open kitchen designs facing the garden

The idea of ​​an open kitchen with a tropical feel accompanied by a large garden is often promoted by residences in cool areas.

Usually, low-lying areas often apply this design, especially if the residence is large enough.

Relax, you can also imitate a kitchen with a tropical feel with some adjustments.

In addition to a variety of plants, you can also add a unique shape chair and a small table as a place to relax to beautify the garden area.

7. Modern Style

open kitchen designs facing the garden

An open kitchen overlooking a modern concept garden is often found in luxury homes.

This style will create an airy impression with some additional contemporary elements.

For example, adding a bean bag or simple kitchen furniture with a charming appearance.

8. Open Kitchen with Dry Garden

open kitchen designs facing the garden

A dry garden behind the house will look harmonious when faced with a simple open kitchen.

In some moments, the kitchen will be much more “alive” and homely looking.

Designs like the portrait above are worth a try for you minimalist homeowners who want to take advantage of every land.

9. Warm Kitchen and Garden

open kitchen designs facing the garden

Placing a dining table in the kitchen area can be an option that is worth trying when dealing with an open garden.

This will offer a different sensation when eating food and it is not impossible to add family harmony.

Later, the warm aura that radiates in the area can be transmitted to other areas.

To be more leverage, add some decorative lights around the kitchen so that the area looks more attractive.

Those are some design inspirations that you can apply, Property People.


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