Wooden House Interior Design Update


wooden house interior design

wooden house interior – Housing made of natural wood is warmer and more comfortable than analogs made of bricks or blocks. The same type of log walls quickly get bored, so the owners want to diversify the design. To get the original interior of a home wood interior, you need to use finishing technologies correctly and find a suitable style.

wooden house interior design

Interior design of a wooden house

Photo gallery: interior design of a house from a bar from the best designers

Inexpensive and affordable material helps to quickly build housing. Interior finishing is carried out after shrinkage and filling of cracks. The natural texture, painted with a special protective compound, looks beautiful. It is allowed to use unusual combinations in the of a simple wooden house interior design. In the bedroom, one wall is left from a bar, and the opposite is pasted over with wallpaper.

wooden house interior design

Living room of a wooden house in Russian style

wooden house interior design

Antique interior decoration

Any experiments are possible in the living room. The combination of wood with decorative plaster enhances the external qualities of both materials. A smooth board on the ceiling looks harmoniously with a textured surface. The wild stone in the interior of the house from the bar adds fresh notes to the space. 

wooden house interior design

Space-saving wooden staircase to the second floor

In two-story buildings, a staircase is installed between the tiers. The classic design is safe for children and the elderly. Screw solutions look spectacular, save useful squares, but to exclude a fall, you need a protective railing. In a wood room, forged metal models look beautiful. If the space is stylized in antiquity, then instead of the usual steps, rough bars are mounted.

wooden house interior design

Classic staircase between floors in the interior of a wooden house

The successful design of a wooden house depends on quality lighting. Natural light sources are often insufficient for living spaces. If there is a tension structure in the room, then multiple points are installed around the perimeter. Lamps with lampshades on long legs are placed on the ceiling beams. 

wooden house interior design

Wood Kitchen

modern wooden house interior design

The laconicism of a modern style can be realized in a structure made of wood. So that the house does not lose the quality of natural raw materials after finishing, you need to choose the right building materials. The interior space should not resemble a village hut. The work is carried out after the final subsidence of the building.

wooden house interior design

Wood trim bedroom with stove

wooden house interior design

Pseudo-Russian style: stove decorated with tiles


If there are defects and irregularities on the surfaces, then drywall plates are used. The universal solution is suitable for finishing the ceiling and walls, creating additional partitions. Installation is carried out on a lattice made of a metal profile. 


Popular raw materials from natural raw materials are often used in the interior wood house design in a modern style. The material is suitable for cladding rooms with high humidity:

  • toilet;
  • bathroom;
  • kitchen.

Standard sanded planks are very thin, so chipping is common. Smooth lamellas on the locks have an attractive design and a variety of textures and shades. The block house looks and feels like wood, but less capricious in its care. 

Wall panels

The building material is ideal for interior decoration in a modern style. The panels receive the characteristics of the raw materials from which they are created:

  • wood;
  • bamboo;
  • glass;
  • skin;
  • plastic;
  • MDF.

Installation is carried out on a metal frame in which communications are hidden. Options with 3D coating look spectacular. The embossed plaster layer harmoniously fits into the of a wooden house living room design in a modern style. Thanks to the abundance of textures, shades and patterns, you can choose a solution to match the furniture, picture.

wooden house interior design

Wall panels in home design

Glass panels are highly resistant to temperature and moisture. The material is often used to create designer aprons in the kitchen and photopanels in bathrooms. Stone veneer does not differ externally from natural counterparts, but it is lighter and more flexible. The wooden house interior ideas in a modern style benefit from using slatted models as decor. 


The material is rarely used for interior wood house inside decoration made of wood. Decorating zones or elements helps to recreate the spirit of the design direction. The plaster has many textures, shades, is resistant to mechanical damage. 


The popular type of finish does not hide the beauty of natural timber. Before applying the material, the surfaces are polished and tinted. Minor flaws are hidden under a special cord, which will further improve protection against drafts. Ceilings and walls are painted with a colored antiseptic or water-based paint. Pros of using a coating:

  • protects against mold, fungi;
  • does not interfere with the breathing of wood;
  • emphasizes the texture of the material;
  • creates a spectacular background.

The living room interior in a wood house design inside looks good in natural colors. Colorless antibacterial composition keeps natural shades indoors. The more tones applied, the more intense the final result. The type of coatings ranges from silk matt to glossy sheen. 

wooden house interior design

Gray looks great on a wood background

Floor finishing

The material for decorating the floor in the home interior wood work design should be practical and beautiful. A huge variety of shapes and textures of laminate flooring allows you to find the best option for decorating rooms in a modern style. The tile is suitable for rooms with high humidity. To protect your home from the cold, you need to lay the lamellas after the thermal insulation. 

wooden house interior design

Authentic handmade rugs in design

wooden house interior design

Making a beautiful kitchen

wooden house interior design

Living room turning into kitchen

Ceiling wood house decorating ideas

In the interior of a house from a bar, decorative inserts from beams look harmoniously. The original combination of natural shades and natural textures creates a feeling of comfort. The smooth surface of the lining of different colors helps to visually correct the flaws in the structure. Correct direction of the boards can widen a narrow room. 

wooden house interior design

Modern design of the attic area

In the bathroom and in the kitchen, experts do not recommend leaving the ceiling area unattended. Increased humidity and an abundance of steam will gradually destroy the natural material. To help protect surfaces:

  • veneer panels;
  • tension structures;
  • laminate.

wood and stone house interior in the Russian style

The national trend in interior design harmoniously combines traditional elements and modern methods of improving comfort. The interior of a wooden house from a bar in the Russian style has recognizable features:

  • solid wood furniture;
  • wrought iron decor;
  • painted elements;
  • carved shutters.

Natural materials are used to decorate the space, so the design is considered one of the most expensive. Textured raw materials are used for finishing floors, walls and ceilings. Warm woody shades are welcome, especially aged options. A stove or a stylized fireplace is often installed in a living room in a wooden home interior. The surface is decorated with tiles, bricks or whitewash plaster. 

wooden house interior design

Interior with a functional Russian stove with a warm stove bench

Textiles are an important component of the interior. Short curtains with embroidery on the windows are made of cotton. Tablecloths and lace napkins are required on furniture. Carpets help to visually separate areas. The massive bed with high legs is covered with a bright bedspread. Fringed pillows with repeating motifs. Also, the design of a wooden house in the Russian style is difficult to imagine without ceramic dishes.

wooden house interior design

Fireplace in the wall, stylized as a stove

Modern household appliances in the kitchen are hidden by wood-look panels. The TV can be disguised as a painting or hidden behind cabinet doors. Forged chandeliers with several arms, lamps under lampshades are required. 

wooden house interior design

Tiled fireplace

The abundance of details in the design of the national trend often cuts the look with variegation. The pseudo-Russian style in the interior of a wooden house looks more modern and practical. Folk motives in the decor are harmoniously combined with luxurious baroque furniture or neoclassical symmetry. 

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small wooden house interior design

In a compact structure, you need to use the available squares correctly. Small dwellings often consist of one room. Competent zoning will get rid of clutter, will allow you to use the space ergonomically. A rack, bar counter or sofa is installed between the living room and the kitchen. The sleeping place can be placed under the ceiling, and the vacated area can be converted into a storage system.

wooden house interior design

Entrance hall in a small wooden house 

The design of a small wooden house is visually magnified with reflective surfaces. A huge mirror on the wall will replace the window, allowing the light to be better distributed throughout the room. Furniture with glossy panels will make the room look bigger. Space with low ceilings will be corrected by vertical cladding with lamellas.

wooden house interior design

Loft-style kitchen for the interior of a private house

The interior of a small square wooden house is not cluttered with unnecessary things. The less detail, the lighter the space. It is better not to hang the walls with carpets, colorful paintings and numerous photographs. Furniture should serve several functions. When decorating, they use light natural shades. Lamps are distributed according to zones, leaving the center for the chandelier.

wooden house interior design

Central lighting and two auxiliary light sources

wooden house interior design

Living room with fireplace on the ground floor

Chalet style wooden house interior

The chalet is an alpine hunting lodge that looks nice, cozy and warm. The popular design does not have strict frameworks, it can be easily transformed to the requirements of the owner and the features of the structure. Natural materials are used for decoration:

  • untreated wood;
  • wild stone;
  • rough brick.

Ceiling beams create a monumentality effect in the room, therefore they are suitable for spacious rooms. If the housing is small, then imitations from thin boards are used. Panoramic windows or large blocks with several sashes are welcome. Walls can be decorated with both wood and textured plaster. There is always a warm natural laminate on the floor. 

wooden house interior design

Second floor: an abundance of space

A fireplace is an important element of a living room interior in a wooden house. A traditional massive hearth is located in the center of the room or next to one of the walls, revetted with rough stone or brickwork. Hunting paraphernalia is used as a chalet-style decor; an animal’s skin is casually thrown onto the floor. Chandelier, lamps are made of wrought iron.

wooden house interior design

Chalet-style bedroom

A huge bed of polished solid wood, decorated with carved patterns, is installed in the bedroom. A large pile carpet is a must-have part of the sleeping area. Smooth walls give the room a homey feel. The atmosphere of calmness in the space is achieved by soft light of lighting fixtures and curtained windows. 

In the interior of a wooden chalet-style house, the kitchen is often combined with the dining room. The apron area is faced with bricks or the wood is protected with heat-resistant glass. The work surface is practical to clean and has an attractive appearance. The massive rectangular table is surrounded by chairs covered with fleecy fur. Lighting is mounted in ceiling beams, each niche and shelf is highlighted.  

wooden house interior design

house interior design with wood in the hallway

Attic wooden home interior design: photo

The purpose of the attic space depends on the construction of the roof and walls. The room may contain beams and rafters, bevels and slopes, which must be correctly played in the design of a wooden house. To hide irregularities, use drywall, block house. If you need to focus on technical features, then the wood is covered with an antiseptic.

wooden house interior design

Modern design of the seating area for the attic

In the attic, a bedroom or nursery is often organized. The bed is installed under a bevel, thereby saving useful squares. If the size of the room allows, then additionally equip a storage system. The dressing room is separated from the recreation area by a rack, a screen or a sliding partition.

The interior of the wooden house of the attic room can be converted into a billiard room or living room. There is a bar counter near one of the walls, and upholstered furniture near the other. If the floors are reliable, then the isolated room is suitable for sports activities. Additionally, you can store equipment for leisure and hobbies here.

wooden house interior design

Attic bedroom

It is better to organize an office in the interior of a wooden house in the attic. A secluded room is provided with enhanced soundproofing. Bookshelves and boxes for storing office supplies are mounted along the walls. The workplace is provided with high-quality lighting. The table is placed next to the window, a chandelier or a system of spotlights is installed.

wooden house interior design

Attic, lined with wood home decoration ideas

If you transfer communications, then the attic will be converted into a bathroom. The damp area in the attic is provided with good thermal insulation and ventilation, and is tiled. A full bathroom with jacuzzi and toilet will fit into the wooden house design interior. In the area under the roof, you can install:

  1. washing machine;
  2. drying unit;
  3. ironing facilities;
  4. baskets for dirty linen.

If you make changes at the design stage, then in the attic they combine the kitchen with the dining room. Modular furniture will add functionality to the space, and lighting will correct the imperfections of the attic. A dining area is located under the bevels, and a workplace is located near one of the walls.

Attic windows improve ventilation and increase the quality of natural light. In the design of wooden houses, panoramic solutions visually blur the boundaries between housing and nature. Models of an unusual shape are often used:

  • a circle;
  • corner;
  • asymmetry.

The interior of a house from a bar: possible stylistic directions and photos with examples of design

Wood buildings can be designed in any design direction. Minimalism harmoniously fits into the interior of your house from a bar. Natural material quickly rots, ages, so the surface must be protected with siding, drywall or wall panels. In a space without unnecessary decor, the effect of air movement is created.

The bedroom is made in a romantic Provence style. The center of the room is a bed under a light canopy. The beams under the ceiling go well with the walls painted to look like old plaster. The abundance of textiles on the windows, furniture brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the design.

wooden house interior design

Provence style for a bedroom in a wood wall house design

The interior of a living room in a wooden house interior decoration attic can be made in the loft style. Ceiling structures are left; for finishing vertical surfaces, wall panels for brick are taken. Due to the nature of the room, it is better not to use dark shades. Light colors visually increase the space.

A laconic Scandinavian style naturally looks in housing from a bar. Horizontal wall cladding will visually expand the room. Wood-like lamellas are painted, creating the effect of a careless whitewash. In the room, the contrasting combination of a white background and dark furniture is played up. A bright single accent will dilute the sterility of the space.

The classic style looks advantageous in the house interior woodwork designs from a bar. The surfaces are covered with wall panels for a natural board. The ceiling can be hidden under the stretch structure. Strict symmetry is visible in every detail – from the location of the lamps to the pattern on the furniture. In a two-storey building, a staircase with a decorative lattice is relevant.

wooden house interior design

Classic interior for the living room

wooden house interior design

Russian stove and hanging chair-cocoon in one interior

wooden house interior design

Kitchen, work area and living room in one space


The wooden house interior design ideas does not have to be in the national style. The design of the space depends on the owner’s habits. The annoying log walls can be easily hidden under panels with any texture or covered with paint. Correct zoning will allow you to make the most of the available square meters.

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