How to make a garden in 6 easy steps & 12 plant designs

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steps for how to make a garden

Your minimalist home will look more beautiful with the presence of a garden. Learn how to arrange a garden in the limited land you have and know what types of plants are suitable for a minimalist garden.

Various types of lush plants and colorful flowers make the house look beautiful and comfortable. As a home decoration, gardens are also able to bring fresh air and natural scenery.

steps for how to make a garden

Designing a garden in a minimalist home is a challenge in itself. Because, you are required to have high creativity in creating a minimalist garden with limited land in order to display a beautiful home page. You have to combine your imagination, creativity and taste. Then, how to create a minimalist garden on limited land? 

1. Measuring and Defining Land

The first thing you have to do in designing a minimalist garden is to know how much land will be used. This will later affect the concept or theme of the garden and the types of plants that must be displayed.

There are no specific rules on where the location is to create a garden. However, the best area to beautify a minimalist home with a garden is on the front porch of the house. You can take advantage of the front corner area of ​​the home page.

2. Determine the Theme of the Garden

At this stage your taste buds are needed. However, if you have trouble deciding on a theme for your garden, you should adjust it to the overall theme of your home. You can use a tropical garden theme, or a Balinese themed garden.

The selection of the concept is also influenced by the pattern of media placement of plants. There are two types of media, namely by planting directly into the ground and through intermediary planting media such as pots.

To present a broad impression with landscape contours, planting directly into the ground is more suitable. While the use of planting media such as pots will have a stronger function and character for vertical or stacked gardens.

3. Formal or Informal

In the science of designing a minimalist garden, the concept of formal and informal gardens is known. The two concepts have differences in displaying the character of a park. Especially in terms of media selection and plant types.

For a formal minimalist garden, the design emphasizes more symmetrical rules that seem rigid. The types of plants that are installed are usually fan palms using large ceramic pots. Meanwhile, informal designs are usually not themed and prioritize the natural side and function of the garden itself.

4. Selecting the Plant Type

For gardens on small land, avoid putting too many different types of plants. Instead of creating a minimalist beautiful house, too many plants will actually make the house look cramped.

Do not forget to pay attention to the uniformity of the color of the flowers or leaves. The green color reinforces the beautiful impression. Meanwhile, a garden with a variety of colorful flowers can bring the impression of joy and enthusiasm.

To create harmonization, it would be nice if the placement of plants is done according to the grouping. Grouping can be done based on the use of the same pot media or the same color type.

5. Don’t Forget Drainage

The garden area will be more exposed to water spray because it is important to build good drainage channels so that your antique house is not too often wet and muddy. Drainage must always be connected to the sewer of your home and residential complex.

Make drainage holes lower than the surface of the garden to make it easier for water to absorb and fall. Nowadays, there are many materials and designs of drainage covers with modern, unique, and attractive models. Make sure the drainage is not blocked by any objects so that the water flow remains smooth.

6. Watch the Sunshine

The presence of sunlight is an important element of a minimalist garden because it is needed to keep plants alive. However, there are some plants that should not be exposed to too much light. Therefore in the arrangement of the garden pay attention to the direction of the arrival of sunlight is very important.

Plants also need enough space to breathe. Therefore you should not fill your garden with too many plants.

4 Front Home Garden Designs

So, so that you can have an idea what kind of minimalist garden you want to create, here is providing inspiration for garden designs in front of the house.

1. Vertical Style

Front Home Garden Designs

This is the right style for arranging the front garden of the house in a narrow area. The vertical garden method is indeed a favorite of many people, because it tends to save space and can be varied with many models.

An easy example is having stacked pots (like the picture above), pots nailed to the wall, or wooden walls with vines.

Not only can it be applied in homes such as homes, you can also use the vertical garden method if you live in an apartment. Just try it!

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2. Simple Patio

Front Home Garden Designs

Patio is an outdoor part that connects several rooms in the house. Sometimes, this patio is also used as an outdoor space to relax. Generally, the patio is in the middle of the house, but you can imitate this concept to be used as inspiration for arranging the front garden of the house. Instead of using grass floors, patios generally use gravel or natural stone floors.

You can put chairs and a small table to relax which can also be used to receive guests informally. For a green accent, you can leave the front end of the patio for grass and place some potted plants. Minimal maintenance and multifunctional too, right?

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3. Rock Garden

Front Home Garden Designs

Creating a garden does not always have to include grass. If you tend to be busy and don’t have much time to tidy up your front garden (but still want to have a green garden), you can try the stone garden concept.

As the name implies, this park will be filled with rocks. In order not to seem monotonous, you can choose rocks with different colors and types. You can also use stone walls to complete the look of the garden.

If you don’t like rocks because they seem arid, you can replace these rocks with blocks.

Some types of block have a model with a gap for grass to grow. Maintenance is still easy, the garden will also look more beautiful.

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4. Container Gardens

Front Home Garden Designs

If the yard is only enough for the terrace, you can arrange the front garden of the house in this way: container garden. This garden style is suitable for those of you who have narrow land, but still want your home to look beautiful.

This container garden has a garden concept with “packaging”. In other words, you don’t need to plant grass or have large areas of loose soil. You only need a few favorite plants that are placed in pots.

With a concept like this, you can install tiles or wood parquet throughout the yard, then place some potted plants in the corner of the area.

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4 Indoor Garden Designs

If the garden in front of the house doesn’t really match your concept, here provides some inspiration for garden designs in the house that can be used as a reference.

1. Tropical Garden Merge with Living Room

Indoor Garden Designs

Although small in size, having a garden in the house located in the family room or dining room is a dream. Not only makes the atmosphere fresher but also makes the space more beautiful, even making you and your family feel at home for long.

A mini forest with tropical nuances can be a choice of garden design in the house, choose tropical plants such as ornamental bananas, agave, and palms that are easy to care for. To separate the garden and the room, use a sliding or folding door made of glass, because even though the garden is separated by a door, the two spaces still look together.

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2. Garden in the Workspace

Indoor Garden Designs

Feeling less productive at work? Try changing your workspace at home and adding elements of plants or creating a mini garden in the workspace.

Research by A&M University found that decorating your workspace with plants can increase happiness and productivity. But, if there is no more space to create a mini garden in your workspace, you can use wooden wall shelves and arrange beautiful plant pots. Guaranteed workspace at home will look warmer and fresher, like the stunning inspiration from Old Brand New.

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3. Vertical Garden

Indoor Garden Designs

Vertical gardens can also be an interesting choice of gardens in your home, you know. You can plant various types of ornamental plants such as orchids, cacti, paris lilies, ivory betel and other types.

Vertical gardens allow you to have as many plants as possible with minimal space. Not only that, a vertical garden can add beauty and uniqueness to your home.

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4. Minimalist Modern Garden

Indoor Garden Designs

If you want a minimalist garden whose function is only to cool, not to plant a lot of plants, this garden in the house can be your choice. Just give it one tree and include green grass under it. You can also enjoy the garden in the house and at the same time it can be used as a relaxing room.

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4 Back Home Garden Designs

You just have more land behind the house? Don’t worry, also has a choice of design inspiration that you can use as a reference when you want to create a minimalist garden. Here are the options.

1. Semi Open

Back Home Garden Designs

The lack of land does not reduce your limitations to be creative in creating a comfortable backyard. One idea that can be implemented, like Curbed’s recommendation, is to create a semi-open garden adjacent to the kitchen or dining room.

The room will be more functional and efficient. Choose matching colors on the cabinets, tables, and chairs so that the minimalist design will stand out in this semi-open garden. One thing that appears in the minimalist design of this semi-open backyard is that there are not too many plants and no unnecessary decorations, so that sunlight can enter freely.

2. Traditional Touch

Back Home Garden Designs

Even though it has a minimalist style, your garden doesn’t always have to look ordinary. You can add traditional elements, such as the use of stone, wood, Indonesian-style chairs. Add a pot or two of Javanese or NTB earthenware pots to suit your taste. Make sure your garden still has ample space for the sun to enter. 

3. Modern

Back Home Garden Designs

Even though it looks spacious and empty, this modern minimalist back garden still has a warm impression. The choice of brightly colored wood and concrete materials, dynamic furniture design, and the right choice of plants is the perfect combination. If you want to brighten up the corners of your modern garden, add a garden lamp that emits yellow light for a warm impression.

4. Compact Backyard

Back Home Garden Designs

A backyard garden with a concept like this is an example of a limited backyard area, but all things can be accommodated in it. If you don’t have a lounge area in the house, another alternative is to move the table and lounge chairs to the back area.

Use neutral exterior colors such as white, black, gray and brown and combine decorating the back garden with plants that vary from flowers, creepers, to vegetables and fruits of standard height.

That’s the article how to make a garden in 6 easy steps & 12 plant designs, hopefully it’s useful.


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