Paper Origami Wall Decoration Ideas to Make Your Own

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Paper Origami Wall Decoration Ideas – Just paper folding capital.

Surely you have been creative with folding paper or origami paper when you were in elementary school. Whether for a craft class or just for fun being transformed into an airplane.

Well, since almost anyone can do paper skills, why not use this technique to make a wall hanging out of paper?

To make wall hangings from paper can be said to be quite easy. Apart from being easy to get the material, how to make it is not too difficult.

Still confused about what model to make wall decorations from paper? Check below for model ideas.

Easy-to-Imitate Paper Origami Wall Decoration Ideas

paper wall decoration ideas

1. Heart-shaped wall decoration

paper wall decoration ideas

The easiest to make, but instantly changes the atmosphere of the room. This paper wall decoration requires only thick red origami paper cut into the shape of a heart.

To be perfect, fold the hollow part to create a 3D convex effect when affixed to the wall. Position it close to the table lamp, so that there is a beautiful light on your wall decoration. See other articles: best air purifying plants.

2. Paper rose flower wall hanging home decor ideas

The trend of paper flowers is nothing new in the world of handicrafts. Besides being created for bouquets, there are types of paper flowers that are intended to be wall decorations from paper, and how to make them is quite easy.

Well, if you’re curious about how to make it, check out the video above. In addition, there are also many other guides for making wall hangings from paper with other flower models.

3. Wall decoration from paper butterfly shape

paper wall decoration ideas

Butterflies can be a beautiful sight in the house, especially if there are many. Well, instead of trying to keep butterflies in large numbers, you’d better make wall decorations from paper butterfly models.

Determine the color you want to use, then cut the paper with a butterfly model. Fold, and stick the adhesive on the butterfly body and stick it on the wall. Arrange the butterfly shape to look beautiful on the wall. See other articles: bedroom geometric wall paint.

4. Wall decoration from paper in the form of clouds

paper wall decoration ideas

To make the cloud decoration, you will need a slightly thicker, larger paper in white. Cut it in the shape of a cloud, and stick it on the wall.

If you prefer to feel like you’re in the sky, try hanging the clouds with nylon rope.

5. Art Installation in the house

paper wall decoration ideas

Looks cool? Did you know that this paper wall hanging is made from tissue rolls?

To recreate this wall decoration, cut the used tissue paper in half and paint it with your favorite color, then bend it while adjusting the position of your art installation.

Tissue rolls are pretty easy to bend, and if you stick them on the wall they can make pretty cool wall hangings. See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Those are 5 paper wall decoration ideas that you can copy and try yourself to add to your wall decor. Which one do you like the most?

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